US Diplomats Urged State Dept. To Begin Afghanistan Evacuations Last Month. What Happened? 1

US Diplomats Urged State Dept. To Begin Afghanistan Evacuations Last Month. What Happened?


Rep. Jimmy Panetta, an Afghanistan veteran who serves on the Committee on Armed Services, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the steps Congress will take to get to the bottom of what went wrong in Afghanistan, and on his work to get Americans and their allies out of the country. 
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  1. Where was all the concern for women and children while, as innocent civilians, they were collateral damage in the past twenty years of fighting????

  2. At a guess it’s connected to what BIden said about how the afgahani government wanted to avoid giving the impression that they were aboit to collapse. Becauasw thay knew they were abut to cooapse and wanted to get out before the panic becamre general and the airport got shut down

    I’m just guessing of course but it fits what we know about thhe Afghaan governmeent now
    A Britt.

  3. Between how Lawrence O’Donnell is covering this, and how every other anchor is covering this, I’m getting whiplash.

  4. Should’ve started evacuating people ASAP! when Trump made the DEAL WITH THE TALIBAN FOR ALL OF OUR TROOPS TO BE OUT BY MAY 1, 2021 PERIOD!

  5. A lot of the Americans still there , are employed by private contractors , those very same private contractors , denied them the access to leave or be evacuated on time, or risk being fired or not being paid. So if you wanna blame someone blame those private companies who didn’t wanna lose any money for a month and made them stay.

    1. From 13,000 Americans can’t get to the airport to be evacuated good thinking Joe !! They’re getting more help from the British army there than the American armies…. What happened Joe ?

  6. Yes, I wondered why they waited till a week before the withdraw date to leave? Why wouldn’t that have started months ago?

  7. Very sad to think of all the courage and efforts made by our collective militaries.. to have administrators deal with this so ineptly… I liked Biden … but rather than stand on his own feet.., he escape goat the Afghan soldiers

  8. This whole thing was handled so terrible by the Biden Administration… Even the world news is reporting…. Many are talking about impeachment over it it was that bad !!

  9. Joe had no plans…. Joe drop the ball on this one…. And this could easily be the impeachment of Joe !!!

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