1. @Abdo Thabeth two wrongs don’t make a right but only punishing one of the wrongs while ignoring the other one isn’t right either

    1. @John Martin Let’s say the daughter in Netherland has her bank account seized?
      That would send a message to Putin.

  1. “HOW IS THAT GOING TO BE RECIEVED BY HIM?” Why do they always ask questions as if we care about what Putin FEELS.

    1. @Nibiru12 Soviet Union broke up out of bankruptcy and governing failures, Ukraine decided to become its own sovereign nation in addition to other soviet satellite states. I believe that’s that. And before Minsk in 2014 there was the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances in 1994 signed by Russia and Belarus in addition to the US, Britain, and a little of China and France. Russia broke that agreement when it annexed Crimea. Russia started this invasion now as well and you hate to see it

    1. @Jeffrey Hershey lol konni is dead 💔 he does have other dogs still, but he never treated them as good as he treated konni.

    2. @Leonie Romanes he killed blondi😭 he tested the cyanide tablets on her to see if they worked before he took them. but yeah he loved her a lot. He did it so other people wouldn’t hurt her after he died.

    1. @Cn Wil Actually no lol The previous sanctions were about freezing $… These are to stop any NEW funds from coming in ;o)

  2. Even in North Korea their leader still lives affluently. Punitive sanctions will impoverish a country relatively which means they won’t be able to keep up military effectiveness. The only thing they’ll have is the nuclear capability. But as it is sanctions haven’t reached that level yet plus there are loopholes through China and India, you would have to sanction these countries as well.

    1. Together we stand and to support and donate for our friends and colleagues in Ukraine, please in anyway we can, during this heinous assault on their freedom, their independence and their lives. We are actively supporting our resilient team in Ukraine and are doing our to insure their safety, click on the Link to see more update of photos and videos of the invasions from Russian .Donate and Support Ukrainian now to save life. Visit: https://helpusukraine.com/b

    2. @hf84f409fuj fmru4uihg499 they can’t sanction india because this would mean losing a huge market… sanctioning China? the biggest exporter? Are you out of your mind?

  3. Every spouse, every mistress, every child, every boytoy, and those of every single oligarch, every single location where resources can be hidden from view must be targeted with the most severe sanctions imaginable.

    1. @Flusterette You’re admitting that no rational nation should have allowed themselves to be placed in a position where Russia could have economic leverage over them? That Russia should have never been trusted to conduct trade in good faith?

    2. @Max Heck since you are on that bent, sanction everybody, and everything. Elimanate the head players, the ones who send the soldiers to die, lop off the head, the body will fall.

    3. @Reformed Conservative His point is that USA has killed millions upon millions of people in the Middle east and have never gotten punished or condemned for it.

      It isn’t fair. If you Americans really care about peoples lives as u claim then first and foremost punish all the presidents who involved America in those wars

  4. Just like covid, stopping this war comes down to normal people choosing to act for the greater good, instead of for their own selfish interests. Normal people need to stop seeing themselves as separate from history. Whether we like it or not, each of us plays a role in driving world events one way or another.

    1. @Clint Coop No, there is a still a pandemic raging with many countries having their highest-ever numbers, like South Korea. You’re just not paying attention as you’re likely the type of person he is calling out, which is why you felt you needed to reply and make fun of him (but only succeeded in making yourself look more foolish).

  5. why aren’t just ALL the sanctions already in place? Is there something else horrid that needs to happen?

  6. Only if we as a society took green energy more seriously decades ago and accelerated the switch to green energy then no country would be reliant on another for their energy source. Every country independently supplying their own citizens with energy produced in their own country. Nowadays it seems as if international policy is made based on who has the most oil/gas which unfortunately put those countries in a disadvantage with ruthless dictators.

  7. what about the alleged four other daughters living in Switzerland with their former gymnist mother? Do they exist and if so, will they be sanctioned?

  8. I’d have to agree with Gen Zwack, we’ve seen only a sliver of the firepower that Russia has available if they should choose to mobilize it and use it. It’s a big country with units of all types spread across it.

  9. Putin only respects force. Ukraine exemplifies the fight for freedom. They are adaptive, creative, and caring–the embodiment of freedom and grit over oppression and tyranny. The world is in their debt for their heroic efforts. We should be helping them as much as humanly possible.

  10. The UN charter is flawed by the fact that Russia as a permanent member, an agressor on the world stage is entitled to holding veto power. This rediculous situation must be reviewed asap. The current situation simply makes the UN a “paper tiger”, unable to achieve anything constructive.

    1. Technically Russia shouldn’t even be a member. Their seat belong to the Soviet Union and the UN never voted on whether Russia should have that seat.

    2. 💯 so long as pooptin wars with the truth while waging war directly with Ukraine and indirectly with countries that are holding him accountable he should be tossed out

  11. This is why Europe and all westernized nations should be energy independent. Relying on other countries, as we’ve seen in the last 2-3 years is unreliable.

    1. Energy independence doesn’t work if you don’t have a wide variety of energy sources. No modern power grid can be sustained just on 1 type of power.

  12. Germany has to pay the price here, they went ahead with the oil and gas deal with Russia which was totally stupid.
    The spring is coming, household heating goes off, German Industry needs to shut down for several weeks, that’s the price Germany has to pay for trusting Putin.

  13. Something better would be to arrest his daughters as spys and put them in confinement and make sure Mad Vad knows how awful it is for them to be in prison with Ukrainian prisoners.

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