1. It was originally reported that two missiles struck the farm in Poland, was that accurate or did just one S-300 missile strike the farm?

    1. It is definitely not Ukrainian missile, because Ukranian missile is self-destroyed if it doesn’t hit another (russian) missile. In opposite situation can you imagine how many Ukrainian missiles can strike Ukrainian land! NATO shows weakness by not properly reacting (not defending Poland from russian attack and accuse putin) and it is not good, since putin will take advantage of such cowardness and escalate the war conflict. Putin has found the method how to intimidate the democratic world.

    2. @Eriztono Qarzwoss Firstly, yes, it’s not just possible but common. On each missile there’s the warhead + whatever rocket fuel is left, and this was clearly old air defense tech so who knows how effective it was at taking out its target in the air. Secondly, they are still investigating where the explosion came from. It may not have come from the missile(s). Could be something that got hit by the debris. Any massive object hitting the ground at terminal velocity can cause a shockwave of energy and heat that causes stuff around to burn and potentially explode. If the missiles were still intact while they hit, it would have been a lot more obvious and there would have probably been more than 2 dead.

    3. ​@Peezie Forestem No. Look at the photo. It is 5B55. Russia don’t even have launchers for this type of rocket (S-300PM/S-300PT). Russian S-300PMU2 and S-400 are not able to use 5B55. They are using 48H6 instead. Let alone the range between Poland and Russia is 900km, the range of 5B55 is 80km. Let alone nobody will use SAM for missile strike since SAM rocket is MUCH more expensive and much harder to produce.

    4. @Peezie Forestem m8 thats not how missiles work when air defence ones incercepts an attacking missile it doesnt bump into it and they countinue flying together or whatever air defence missiles get as close as possible to the enemy missile and then explode to disable it what happened is ukranian air defence missile missed/overshot or whatever

  2. I would like to look at a map and see how populated that area is and what the chances of a missile hitting farmland would be. That would be interesting.

    1. @Deez Nuts Do you have any idea how astronomical it is to use a S-300 missile for anti-air to land right into two people on a very low density region of Poland?

      Nevermind that the S-300s have an operational range of 15-90 miles… and can be switched to go into Surface to Surface missile capability, ergo why they’re also used as short to medium range ballistic platforms.

    2. @KGS _71 The same reason MH-17 crashed in Ukraine via erroneous fire, maybe? … At first everyone thought Russia shot it down. Russia tracked the missile from Ukraine, Ukraine blames Donbass Novorussian anti-air SAMs.

      Ironically, Ukraine sentenced the people responsible for the MH-17 crash… and days later this happens.

      Call me crazy, but this is way too much to be a coincidence.

    3. @Aleksandr Nevermind the range of most S-300s for anti-air are between 15-90 miles… unless retrofitted with ballistic missiles which it can fire.

    4. @VerveTech air defense missiles chase their targets, they don’t just magically go faster than their target. They chase and intercept so it makes perfect sense it was going that direction.

      If you know literally nothing about the subject then stop talking about it

    1. @Laydaddy runs yo lunch money goofy Umm.. Hey bot! Its confirmed.. It wasnt Russian. I know you do your job, just as Goebbelers are doing. But seriously, atleast 1% objectivity?

    2. @nerzhul it’s never been confirmed what are you talking about? You mean your fake news channels that you instantly believe instead of looking at independent sources it is a Russian missile because Ukraine said it wasn’t there’s also this means we are gonna have to wait for the investigation to be over but the coordinates theory seems valid right now because it makes perfect sense if you have half a brain you would understand but it’s obvious you do not we have never confirmed it was Ukraine missile sleepy joe only said it was likely to be Ukrainian also there is no way you can take sleepy joe seriously he can barley walk up stairs and mumbles his words

    1. @UnWorldly Consciousness And she deserved it. You tubes comments are full of those silly comments. Did she know those people?

    2. @Thor Nil doesn’t matter have u never felt empathy for someone u didn’t know? If not ur probably some sort of sociopath

    3. @UnWorldly Consciousness No… I do not read People magazine. I can fell “that’s very unlucky” but I will not post some fake condolence about it. Does that poster even know if they were men women, old or young? NO… she just posted some silly condolence that means nothing.

    4. @Thor Nil damn ur on the wrong side of a dumb argument, u just come across as hateful, again regardless if they really mean it or not u don’t know so why not just leave alone

    5. @UnWorldly Consciousness There is no argument you are defending a stupid behavior, I am not arguing. You can enjoy the stupidty of others, it is your right. I don’t that’s all.

  3. Imagine living in the middle of nowhere on the borer of Ukraine and Poland on a farm your whole life and you end up getting blown up by a random missile. Sad and truly unfair

    1. @Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND* Many Russians are/were against the war. Same as any other country. If I was Russian I wouldn’t hide it. Only thing you’ve done is quite obviously state you’re a chickenshit and if you happened to be Russian you’d hide your heritage because you’re spineless.

    2. @John Wick co ty chlopie gadasz?? Kazde zycie jest tak samo wazne.what are u talking about?? Each life is extremly important:/ imagine your kid is dying..you dont even want to hear that 20mln people died this year ( somewhere).

  4. But what I’m asking is, how did a missile that was launched towards Russia head exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction?

    1. @David Paz he probably didn’t know, and made a quick decision to blame the russians, because for the past 8 months 9 times in 10 it is the russians. And don’t lose sight of the fact that Zelenskyy never asked the russians to invade or to launch so many missiles into his country.

    2. @VerveTech you haven’t been in the military, you don’t know how missiles work, stop acting like you do. Watch actually professionals from the military talk about it. They all say it was possible that a Ukrainian Missile was launched to intercept a Russian Cruise Missile and it missed, traveling longer and then hitting Poland.

    1. @Lefty Mike No, I mean if Ukraine did it, then no WW3. If Russia did it, then big potential for WW3.

      In summary, the rest of the world who are still living cares who fired the missile because it could lead to a WW3. It wouldn’t matter whose guilty Russians or Ukrainians if we’re dead too.

    1. @Jensen I feel like you didn’t watch the video. They are using cold war era missile defense systems, which are notoriously bad. In an ongoing bombardment it’s not as instantly know what happened. Fact find before you post.

    2. @Brian Ticas Had NATO supplied adequate numbers of NASAMS Ukraine would not be forced to use outdated Russian missiles that are clearly unreliable.

    3. Anything major happened in the war ukrainian government quickly points the finger at russia without definitive proof so they get more money from nato and america

  5. When everyone thought it was Russia, it was horrendous.
    NOW, when we think its Ukraine, it was simply an accident.

    1. It was Russia that launched a missile attack on Ukraine so Russia is responsible, Ukraine should involved in the investigation as in any AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION

  6. They can’t be that intelligent then. Zelensky is saying that it absolutely did not come from Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @Action many Russophobes here in NYC. But luckily most of them are gay and transexual. Normal people know the truth. Russians are great people!

    2. Zelensk plan all of this to start ww3 he has nothing to lose, but still people treat him as the last born of the world.

  7. Well isn’t that predictable AF, like how Ukraine blamed Russia for nuclear blackmail for shelling ZNPP that is in Russian control or how Ukraine blamed Russia for destroying their own pipelines

    1. Zelensky is a puppet . His trying his best to get others involved . F clown .. shoots Estonia than shoots his own nuclear plant now shoots a nato member

  8. Question…. Since when does an air defense missile cause a crater this large?
    This explosion must have been massive to leave that hole in the ground.

  9. Got to admit at the beginning of the war Zelenskyy sounds like a hero, but lately, he sounds like a desperate man, trying to draw NATO, and the US into a direct war with Russia BECAUSE he know the longer Pulin drags out this war Ukraine will lose since a day will come when US/EU weapons will stop coming and his army will fight Russia with brooms and sticks. No one wins in war. Great leaders always find a way to find peace.

  10. Perfect timing that the missile is fired during the two day meeting of G20 on 15-16 November in Bali, that G20 heads of state immediately call for emergency meeting.

    Zelensky: “Any casualties in this war are responsibility of Russia because Russia began this conflict.”
    Well then, that means you can fire all the missiles you want into Poland and it will still be Russia’s fault… Great way of dragging other nations into a war!

  11. When you have two targets but only one missile: (coordinates of Kyiv: 50.4501° N, 30.5234°E, coordinates of Lviv: 49.8429 ° N, 24.0311 ° E. Coordinates of the landing point of two missiles in Poland, as a result of which two people died: 50.4501° N, 24.0311° E.)

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