USA TODAY Network journalist covering protests gets arrested while broadcasting | USA TODAY

Dover Post photographer Andre Lamar was arrested on Facebook Live while covering protests in Delaware. Lamar was later released from police custody.

Andre Lamar, who has covered several demonstrations for The Dover Post since the death of George Floyd, was filming a Facebook Live when he was taken into custody. He was released more than an hour later without being charged.

The protesters are seen on the ground with their hands behind their backs, their signs nearby. Lamar can be heard on the video saying, "The police have arrested protesters. We don't know why they arrested them. They slammed them to the ground."

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  1. Wow! Cop said “You got no help. Best thing you can do is keep quiet!” Intimidating! 😡

    1. @JayKB don’t vote for either of the two headed beast don’t vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans they have been effing us over in this country for decades please look into voting any third party and if you don’t want to do that I suggest people write their own name and and show the two-headed Beast that you mean business

    2. He said “You’re of no help, the best thing is for you to be quiet”
      The officer was telling him that his screaming isn’t helping the protesters and that the best thing for him to do is be quiet and comply.

  2. This is just another video out of thousands on cops power trip some things never change hope we people got keep having maybe 1 day things change

  3. So besides in Minneapolis, also in Delaware there are animals disguised in police uniforms. What a shame

    1. Most cops I know are really good people but yeah you get a few bad ones … these guys are getting a directive and they have to follow orders and this tells you we don’t have freedom here in this country

  4. wtf!!! what is happening here the whole squad of police should be charged with a penalty for arresting a journalist!!! #WEMATTER

    1. Along with defunding ALL military weapons held by police, exempting SWAT teams. And abolish all police unions!

    1. @cesar castillo half of US territory actually looks like 3rd world country (hey Detroit [hello, Philadelphia])

    1. @John Smith neither dose america us media only shows what evil govment wants its actualy worse then china and yhe rest

    1. Actually, as much as I disagree with violence, it’s only the violence that brings about real change.

    2. @JayKB you do have a point there👍. It’s just awful to see this everyday now 😔 But, I respect your point💯

  5. Not a good look America, but you know I support Black Lives Matter because of these bad cops Americans people have in America.

  6. These protests should not be stopped. American need to clean out their system. It’s a high time

  7. who´s going to police the self called police of the world? welcome to the republic of wadiya, former usa.

  8. The journalists get arrested because the police suspect some of them are fake ones. Thats what happen in Hong Kong and some US politicians know better than anyone.

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