USA TODAY staff reads the Emancipation Proclamation for Juneteenth | USA TODAY

Juneteenth: USA TODAY staff reads Emancipation Proclamation.
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To remember Juneteenth, USA TODAY staff members read the Emancipation Proclamation.

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  1. “Searches back thru last year” huh….CNN, msnbc, good morning… etc not a one talked about “juneteenth”
    “Searches 2018” nope…..

    1. It’s sad that the democrat party of slavery, segregation, and war still exists today. And people fall for their lies.

    2. A republican wrote this but in the end human trafficking , and forced child marriage still exists in the US. Human trafficking is done even if illegal and it is legal many states to force children to marry an adult rapist.
      No I am not a leftist or rightist extremist tin foil hat nut , or religious cultist okay with hate or child abuse.

    3. This sad denial of 150 years of change isn’t working and it won’t get your orange toddler a single vote.

    1. @Monkey Wrenching you are young or ignorant and I can tell. There is no such person as a native American. It is an insult to the indigenous tribes. The original people who where here 1st were Navajo, Sioux, Blackfoot, Apache, Commanche and many others but they are not Spaniards like Amerigo Vespucci (god damn his soul) and America is not a country. It is a collection of two continents… Let’s get educated up in here.

    2. @Blackly
      There’s no such thing as an indigenous tribe they all immigrated here over the last ice age…..

  2. They got all that. Wake up and stop playing the victim. Life is too short and you’re missing out because of your own mind.

    1. God. America sucks at history. Do a little research please. I’m not going spoon feed you idiots either with a link. Actually read something, if you can, about the history of American political parties.

    2. @Joseph Dale the man that freed the slaves?? That Lincoln?? No way he was a Republican. Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton Kamala Harris Corey Booker Maxine Waters James Clyburn Hakeem Jeffreys Ilhan Omar none of these black folks would be Democrats if Lincoln was a Republican. So surely this is a made for TV lie

  3. Love how many dislikes this race baiting crap gets. Maybe whoever manages their social media will realize how dumb these types of videos are.

  4. Analogy…
    All men are created equal…
    We are all born with a set…
    The difference is …
    Some of us have balls…
    Others have bells!!!

  5. Powerful reminder. We had to proclaim these basic rights, and evidently we need to be reminded until equity is achieved.

  6. I owe money to people, in which I didn’t own slaves, to people that were never slaves, because Democrats wanted them slaves???

  7. Then about 150 years later some people in a ‘movement’ vandalized his Lincoln Memorial!
    Now THAT’S gratitude for you! Now they want to do away with the Alamo too! I say we line them all up against a wall &……! No protester, no problem!

  8. This is an excellent video expounding the history of Juneteenth! Well done!

    However, it’s inaccurate to say that all African-Americans celebrated Juneteenth. It’s really more of a Texas-based celebration than it is for other former slave states whose slaves were earlier emancipated. As a fifth-generation Black Mississippian who grew up in the county which had the most slaves than any other county in the USA during 1860, I can attest that I never heard much about Juneteenth until now.

    Nevertheless, this is a very well-documented and very rich story that needs to be told.

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. The only 2 Emancipations my church recognizes is this and the emancipation of humans not being allowed to consecrate relationships with animals.

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