Vaccination and the Homeless in Jamaica | TVJ News - August 24 2021 1

Vaccination and the Homeless in Jamaica | TVJ News – August 24 2021


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  1. Who will monitor them when they get the fever, aches and pains from the vaccine until they are well again. You can’t just inject them and leave them like that.

    1. The side effects don’t last very long and are not severe enough to warrant monitoring longer than an initial 15 minutes. Sore arm for a day or two and maybe tired the following day.

  2. They are homeless due lack of jobs which is ok.
    At least they are not homeless due to alcohol and drugs which is fucked up.

  3. Talk up Bro. Right!!! And now locking down the country. What the poor people is going to eat, they have to work the little money to feed their kids. Corrupt Government and selling out the country. People send the little money to they family and the family can get their money. Corruption going on in Jamaica.

  4. I hope they will offer them a hot meal before they administer it to them.

    Next thing u inject them on hungry stomach and them faint.

  5. I’m just curious 🤔 why are thinking about the homeless now that the J&J arrives. Are they guinea-pigs? 🐖

    1. People have always been thinking of the homeless, lots of charity agencies go around helping them with food and medicine. You haven’t been thinking about the homeless, don’t project that on to other people.

    2. @3376 are you purposely lying or you just don’t know better? America is absolutely still using and administering J&J

  6. Poor man said ” the covid can kill you but the vaccine wont” . To be poor financially is a crime, BUT! To be poor from the lack of information is even a greater crime, a crime against ones self.

  7. My grandmother always say “You can judge a country by how they treat it’s people”

  8. The homeless seem to be much more compliant with health protocols than many other people (delinquent and careless). Really pray that there will be less of them on the street that Almighty will make a way for them to use their gifts, their talents and for each of them to get a home.

    1. All you big idiot enuh, you know how much family some of these people have who dump dem, the homeless sound better than you, yuh nuh shame.

    2. You expect govt fi feed the whole world what happened to them family oono careless like want put people burden on others.

    3. You people aways talk about the government to this or that like it’s there money is been spent for every and anything, they are spending our money including yours and it be spend wisely. You have churches and other organizations who give these people food so think about what your saying before you make a fool of yourself

  9. All no homeless do not catch Corona del feel dem can trick every Body,,,,, dem only can fool some

    1. Dat me a ask from wen

      Suh wait how me never hear of madman or a homeless person ketch covid? Smaddy explain dat to me n dem expose daily ?

  10. The fact that an ID is needed to obtain the vaccine affects far more people than just the homeless. There are many Jamaicans who have residences, but lack any photo id or the ability to get one, and they should not be denied a vaccine for that reason, but accomodations made for them to receive one as well.

  11. First off, they need a home or shelter to stay where they can live…. not just shelter to sleep at night and then have to leave in the morning.

  12. Is that lady crazy? How just they be first in line? Yes they are humans, but we vaccinate at this time based on risk.

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