Vaccine Skepticism High Among New Jersey's Black And Latinx Residents 1

Vaccine Skepticism High Among New Jersey’s Black And Latinx Residents


Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Dr. Shereef Elnahal, president and CEO of University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. Elnahal boasts commitment to combatting vaccine misinformation in communities of color. As lead of the state's largest safety net hospital, Elnahal also plans to mandate vaccines for its workers.

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Vaccine Skepticism High Among New Jersey's Black And Latinx Residents


  1. How tf they gonna mandate a emergency use authorization and the workers should make the job sign for the side effects liability with their mandate

    1. @Darco low , Lol…put down the bong stoner and proof read your posts. You’re the reason I tell my kids to stay away from drugs!

    1. @L XX Wow, folks that sounds just like the mentality of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the 1930s!

    2. @L XX How old were those patients and what comorbidities did they have? Statistically and given my age, I’m more at risk of being injured by the vaccine than by COVID. I’ll take a chance with COVID.

      Also, there is no science by consensus…I’ve lost all trust in the medical establishment, sorry. There are so many conflicts of interests that I feel that I can no longer trust what they say. I’m not an anti-vaxxer: I got all my shots as a child and some boosters an adult. It’s just that I will not take a MRna shot.

    3. @O S Science is the reason why people live as long as you do. You and your family members have benefited from science since the day you were born so stop pretending like you’re not a beneficiary of science. There is nothing wrong with questioning the government, but there is an issue with people like you creating conspiracy theories on matters you know absolutely nothing about. I wish you and the like minded could sign a waiver to never let another hospital treat you for an injury or sickness as long as you live because those very doctors are the people you claim not to trust. I’m 110% sure it won’t end well for you.

    4. @carocarochan The age of the patients in the hospital now with Covid is irrelevant because I could argue people the same age as them who are vaccinated are NOT in the hospital. Your comments are full of fallacies.

      You lost trust in the medical establishment? So that means if you or one of your family members had a stroke or heart attack, you would keep them at home and use your medical “expertise” to treat them. Anybody with common sense knows you’re just talking because you’re trying to win the argument.

    5. @L XX ?? I’m not trying to win an argument, I’m just explaining why I will not get vaccinated against covid. It’s a personal decision, based on how risk-adverse I am and also based on my past experiences in the medical system.
      I am ready to take full responsibilities for my actions, should there be any consequences.
      You may not agree with my choices and I have no problem with that. Let’s agree to disagree. Peace.

    1. @Jim River Do you not realize that the leaders of BLM have PUBLICLY SAID they are trained Marxists?!!!!!

    2. @my2cents2u idiota te ofende mas el o q la x? En el idioma Español generalizacion de hombres con mujeres termina en o no x estudia el Español ignorante. Ejemplos dueños, trabajadores, miembros, maestros……etc

  2. Until the FDA gives these vaccines their blessings, they are experimental.Thus the reason you are required to sign a waver in order to have it administered.

    1. @Tylorian “Most patients hospitalized at UC Davis Medical Center are people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine. Nationally, 97% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, as of July 22. Vaccines are highly effective at preventing COVID-19 infection and are also effective in fighting against the Delta variant.” – UC Davis health

    2. @Jennifer Armstrong ~ Saying ‘truth’ doesn’t make what you are saying true. lol For instance, the mutation that is being referred to as the ‘Delta Variant’ actually _is_ stronger. It is more transmissible, and it negatively affects the bodies ability to produce antibodies, which can produce a higher viral load. Not all mutations strengthen, but not all mutations weaken either.

  3. Most Latinos HATE the word “latinx.” Latinx is an artificial term invented by upper-middle class white academics, and as such represents both a type of cultural appropriation AND a privileged linguistic colonization of the natural organic form of the Spanish language.

    1. Democrats like to divide people up in to groups. The smaller they can break down a group then the more they can tailor their message of despair and that THEY are only people that can help them. They CREATE crisis then pawn themselves off as the solution to the problem.

    2. I’m Latino not Latinx and Joe Biden is the biggest disinformation there is Mr. you don’t get covid if you get the vaccine!

    1. Slow Joe and Kameltoe are originators of vaccine hesitancy. Democrats always blame Republicans for what they actually do.

    1. Race hustling is good business for the right reverend. He took a page from the Jessie Jackson corporate shakedown book and then took it to new heights.

    2. It’s not like the US government has medically experimented on people of color before oh wait! Now you’re experimenting on all and you’re upset people of color are skeptical 🤨

    3. @solkev6084 At least the msnbc sheep aren’t talking about Darwinism and unvaccinated black people


    1. Well you are told what to do. Do you wear a seat belt when you drive? Do you wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle? Case in point.

    2. @Louis Tully – good for you! And if you die – I won’t give a big rat’s bottom because that was your choice.

      If you take out an innocent person and use up a hospital bed . . . you’re a waste of space. Shame on you.

  5. The average age of US covid deaths is 77, if you are younger have no underlying issues you have an excellent chance of recovering from cv

  6. They are very smart to question ANYTHING from the Democrat party and the CHINESE OWNED BIDEN ADMINISTRATION

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