Velshi: Breakthrough Infections Do Not Mean Vaccines Don’t Work 1

Velshi: Breakthrough Infections Do Not Mean Vaccines Don’t Work


Many are asking: “What’s the point in getting vaccinated if people are getting COVID-19 anyway?” This is an emerging mindset among the unvaccinated, since reports of so-called “breakthrough infections” have become more frequent. But there’s a difference between testing positive and getting sick. Vaccines are largely effective at preventing severe illness and death by creating antibodies that help fight the virus once it enters your body. They do NOT make you immune from the virus. And recent studies show that most COVID cases in vaccinated people are mild — if a vaccinated person develops symptoms at all. Breakthrough infections should not be taken to mean vaccines don’t work; but they SHOULD be taken as even more reason to get that shot in your arm. Because if everyone was vaccinated, there would be far less reason for the virus to spread, and far fewer people for it to spread between.

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Velshi: Breakthrough Infections Do Not Mean Vaccines Don’t Work


    1. I wish people thought rationally as you do. I hate that this decision is slowly becoming a class issue…

    2. God i wish you lived during polio……. i would love to see you and Tony and Damian all enjoying life vaccination free w/ all that great polio……. you guys would just love it.

    1. My supervisor took the vaccine few months ago and just a couple days ago she got severe covid with high fever

  1. Why no reports on the peoples who already had covid without the vaccine and if they got covid a second time they will have less severe symptoms too. If vaccinated or unvaccinated can still spread covid, there is no need to exalt the vaccine.

  2. O now since there’s a vaccine, testing positive and being sick are two totally different things again lmao. We’ve been saying that for 18 months

  3. Imagine finding a oasis in the middle of the desert with a sign that says, ‘drink at your own risks’ or drinking from your own mostly full canteen.

  4. I never thought that it would be possible to squeeze 15 pounds of pure HS into a segment of just 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Man, was I wrong!

  5. Anyone required to get the vaccine should get that in writing so they can take legal action later against employers and organizations.

    1. Yes! Brother yes! You may not be able to sue the jab manufacturers, but you can sue your employer if you have any bad side effects, after all they threatened you with losing your job if you didn’t get it.

    1. Right? What was Trump thinking? He should have listened to Fauci instead of trying to use his own simple mind.

  6. “Magic suit of armor like a superhero suit” who tf is this dude to be patronizing us

    1. @Horizon Eyes Still, this guy knows exactly what he’s doing by using that sort of language. He equates being unvaccinated to being poorly educated therefore chooses to speak to that group like children

    2. @ITS IN THE DOCUMENTS Reminds me of Fox News using “aggressive language”, because they know their audience is addicted to hate and outrage…

  7. I only get vaccines that are fully approved by the FDA. If I wanted to be a part of a clinical study, I would sign up for one. That seems reasonable.

    1. The drug companies got it made. Billions in tax payer money. No paying for volunteers and zero accountability.

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