Video appears to show GOP state lawmaker telling protesters how to breach Oregon Capitol 1

Video appears to show GOP state lawmaker telling protesters how to breach Oregon Capitol


An Oregon state lawmaker who has been charged after he allegedly allowed protesters into the closed state Capitol building during a debate over Covid-19 restrictions is seen in new video appearing to give insights into how to access the Capitol, which led to a scuffle between protesters and police.
Rep. Mike Nearman, a Republican, appears in a 78-minute video in which he is speaking to an unidentified audience about steps to take to set up "Operation Hall Pass," according to a clip reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting that is posted on YouTube and says it was streamed on December 16, 2020.
It is unclear if he is aware he's being recorded.
At the beginning of the video, Nearman tells the people in attendance this will allow them to "develop some kinds of tools as far as knowing what the legislature is doing and how to participate in what the legislature is doing."
Later in the video, the Oregon state representative and the audience were discussing people not being able to access the Capitol because of Covid-19 restrictions. He then begins to detail how to possibly get access into the building and whom to call.
Early this year, in a statement reported by The Oregonian, Nearman said he was subjected to "mob justice," does not condone violence and said the Capitol building is constitutionally required to remain open to the public.
His lawyer, Jason Short, tells CNN that he appeared at the arraignment on Nearman's behalf. No plea has been entered, he said. His lawyer also did not have a comment about the video.

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  1. Ok, America. This one should be easy. You arrest him and put him on trial – then you play this in court.

    Surely this time you can do it.

  2. We have known this for a long time. This video was released in February but as usual, the privileged are special. He should have been locked up immediately.

    1. The video was released, but he still had plausible deniability. Y’all need stronger coffee

    2. I’m sick of hearing Biden can’t do anything cause the GOP are blocking it. He’s an employee. They can just sack him.

    1. @Michael Williams funny cause we’ve never been a democracy. I think your last brain cell died on that last hit off the crack pipe. Nice try though.

    2. @Wild by Nature McConnell needs voters just like democrats need the illegals votes which they’re trying to do still

    1. @D Squared two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

  3. And the attempted coup continues as long as these people aren’t held accountable democracy loses.

    1. @Ethan Early the deep state? Haha, what’s so deep about it? Are you saying all those agency are inept or don’t exist? C’mon, dogg, let’s stop playing this stupid game.

  4. *This is exactly what the republicans at the US capitol are afraid of in the 1/6 investigation.*

    1. @Walter Grace I bet you sprinkle meth on your meth every morning dont you? Use Renolds Wrap as its stronger than the generic. And cut the grass, or your mom’s gonna have the internet shut off.

    2. @wolfman02 Don’t feed the trollbots. If the user 1) doesn’t have a real profile picture and 2) doesn’t even have a video uploaded, then they PROBABLY aren’t real, and if they are, they’re hiding behind a fake account.

    3. @Christopher Huff every morning? Haha, mornings are for people who sleep. I like to call it my rocket crystals, to the moon! And jokes on you, Chrissy boy, my mom cuts the grass!

    4. @Walter Grace you seem to confusing the increased police budget.. which was vote for unanimously by Republicans and democrats for a payoff.. it was to increase security.. you may want to double check your bias before you spout out dangerous stuff like that. Payoff..really?

  5. That’s why every single meeting they go to should be recorded and sent out live hold them all accountable

  6. These types of traitors must be purged from our government. They will cause our downfall.

  7. The calls are coming from inside. Traitors are now actually in official positions of power everywhere

    1. @Ryan Browne the left knew how trump got into office, and no one on the right did anything about it. That was the big problem.

    2. @Ryan Browne lol, there is NO evidence Hillary colluded with russia, but there is evidence of trump and his campaing people who did, its in the republican senate intel report and Muellers report.

    3. @Ryan Browne that was the right, Ted Cruz talking about Dr. Suess, and so on and the government didn’t pull any books that was states.

    4. @Mike Hall if you’re referring to Trump extorting the Ukrainian president, yes, that actually happened. Saying the 2020 election was stolen is fantasy. See the difference?

  8. All of “Florida” politicians of the GOP should be looked at very carefully… starting with Rubio, and Scott, and company !!! .

  9. I simply CAN NOT BELIEVE that he’s been INDICTED, and yet still holds his seat! REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE! NOW!

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis Really the gang of BLM rioters that shot David Dorn were far right, really?

  10. Republicans have a funny language— Where there is an “investigation” they call it “mob justice” or “witch hunt” and when there’s an “insurrection” they call it “tourist on vacation” or “patriots”………

    1. ​@Ryan Browne, me too. I hope you aware of this. Many trumpers may end up very disappointed in the future because he lies to you and his base over and over for 4 years. That’s why trumper’s reality is different than everyone else. Or die hard supporters may end up in jail because just like Capitol insurrection, 550 trumpers are facing indicts and may convict. The worst is 5 trumpers died at Capitol insurrection and 2 Capitol police men committed suicide a few days later. GOOD LUCK that the future news won’t hurt your feeling.

    2. @Ryan Browne … I damn sure hope Biden responds to Russia and especially Putin, when face to face time comes. I’m still embarrassed at what Trump did in Helsinki!

  11. “What was he thinking there?” He was thinking our laws don’t apply to him or his colleagues, so he can do whatever the hell he wants and get away with it, regardless of the blinding evidence. It’s only going to get worse until these people are held accountable for their actions.

    1. @John B so you’re saying Trump got scared by SCOTUS? He should be. The IRS too. N RICO just woke up and narrowed his eyes at Trump.

    2. @Harold Moore Oregon the land of nonstop fake peaceful protests, the government there bows to antifa nonstop, they got away with attempting to set the federal courthouse on fire after blocking the NG as well as police inside and the prosecutor just drops cases. Let’s not forget the endless nights of fireworks, lasers blinding NG and police, and it’s still going on yet the press just ignores it so no one seems to know.
      There is no proof whatsoever that anyone was going to be violent. And the video of people attempting to go in did not show anything that was outrageous being done. It was overdramatized. It is a fact that representatives in Oregon’s government are violating the people’s rights to access the building as well as government officials that work for us! We the people are not the government despite what Joe said. We don’t work for them, they work for us period. Whatever happened to “it’s the people’s house”? So either y’all have some short term memory loss or double standards because I remember specifically hearing people scream when the “people’s house” in DC was blocked off due to real actual violence over the summer last year, people screamed the people’s house should be open.

  12. Meanwhile Manchin’s still harping on about seeking “bipartisanship” with these fascists!!!!!

  13. Don’t you just love how these conservative legislators, refuse to step down when confronted with their corruption.

  14. the irony of that one guy wearing a “blue lives matter” shirt while simultaneously fighting the police officers trying to kick him out

    1. I was wondering the same thing as the peaceful protesters burned the cities down for months on end.
      Boy I must be missing something.
      You idiot don’t even go there

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