1. Good, I am glad they were both captured. I’m glad they weren’t hurt, but at that speed, they could have killed someone else.

    1. ​@Helzer. Patrick You’re kidding right? People don’t pay attention to police sirens and fire trucks all the time.
      And at a high rate of speed? By the time they heard the siren, these reckless teens had already passed them.

    2. Ah well, they would just become a statistic. The ruination of two young juveniles is at stake here!

    1. This is beyond stupid, stupid is bumping your toe walking in the dark, this so reckless life threatening public malice. This should be given 10 years each no parole

    2. @1MicrosoftCPU and that’s just the reasonable sentence! I read a good comment somewhere. It said they should pay off their (expensive) crime with work. But no. They go to a little “JOOVY” and get consoled about mental health, and are let out free perhaps on curfew or something, after picking up some trash.

  2. props to the people who designed that car’s crash-resistance (airbags, columns and such). that was a pretty high drop right on the roof, and those kids could still run away!

    1. The actual car thieves are adults who recruit underage teens to pick up the vehicles because they get lesser penalties at that age. The kids don’t get much for the vehicle, but they bear all the risk. They are pawns in the organized crime system. It’s the adults luring them in who should suffer most.

    2. If they’re buckleed in it’s fine. Luckily it was a relatively slow skid to a slow drop off, definitely could have been worse

    3. I remember there was an auto manufacturer that didn’t include seatbelt in there vehicle. The way they built the a pillar. They did a demonstration where drop the car on the roof. And roof didn’t cave in. However due to the extra cost required people didn’t but the cars. The company went out of business. I think the manufacturer was Saab.

      This is off topic but you know how people say recycle recycle. But the chip industry started using recycled material for there chip bags and it was flop. So they had to go back to the original packaging. Guest why people didn’t buy the bags of chip. It was due to sound that the bag produced when ur holding it.

  3. “If man is fooling around, he’s a fool”. A commander in Finnish armed forces 😁

  4. Amazing passenger protection, going off a structure like that and ending upside down; these youngsters get a second life cuz the first ended right there.

    1. Getting chased by cops vs commuting to work. If I was on my way to work I’m staying in there for sure. 😂

    2. They need to get life- in prison. How would you like a 2,000 lbs car coming down through your sun visor?

  5. Can we give a shout out to the safety standards in car technology today? If this was a decade or two ago they most likely would have been majorly fucked up from that height.

    1. Yes. When my car was stolen, the police found it abandoned, but did nothing to investigate. The thieves had even left their jail release and bond hearing papers, personal effects bag, SNAP benefit statements, and other people’s license plates in my car. There was so much evidence to identify the suspects, but the police ignored it.
      If they ever do catch the perp, he’ll just get locked up again, and I’ll never get back the money I spent to fix their damage. We need restorative justice, not just because it’s less cruel, but also because it helps the victims of crime.

  6. They’re quite fortunate they got away uninjured considering the threat they posed to the hundreds of innocent people they passed on the road. I guess karma’s waiting for a better time to dish out what they deserve.

    1. @True Aussie I’m suggesting to put blame where blame is deserved. Criminals commit a crime and then fly off to avoid consequences. If they slammed into a family van, it’s the CRIMINALS FAULT BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW. Not because police were trying to apprehend them. What kind of skewed logic are you subscribed to? Criminal logical or criminal attorney logic?

    2. @True Aussie Police shouldn’t shoot back if criminals shoot at them right? Because the police may accidentally have a bullet land somewhere it’s not supposed to? Same logic of not chasing someone down who committed a crime. Criminals are criminals.

    3. @True Aussie Did an Aussie just say lay off the alcohol? Sounds like someone is pretending to be something they’re not.

    1. More by luck than by any ‘skill and care’ exercised by the police.
      Do US police not understand that if one chases offenders, said offenders usually RUN FASTER and less cautiously?!

    2. ​​@True Aussie

      That is what I thought. Shouldn’t it be enough to keep them in sight rather than right on their tail in traffic?

  7. Terrible to see that these fine outstanding teens were able to run away from this crash. I’m assuming that they were late to school/work or something like that..

    1. ​​@Filip dahlberg

      That was my thought.

      Don’t they have radios and helicopters these days?

    2. @Filip dahlberg Yeah . typical. Condemn the police. If none were following and these punks caused an accident. Then you would complain about police did nothing to stop them… Obvious what side of the law you are on.

  8. And the beat goes on and on…….give them each 10 years hard labor, maybe they’ll get smarter.

  9. I honestly believe we need harsher punishments. Don’t slap them on the wrist “they’re just kids…” a good 5 years will do the community well

    1. Sending them to prison for five years has 0 utilitarian value prison increases criminal behavior not decreases.

    2. ​@Chandelier

      True and the stigma when they get out.

      Food for thought: Does unemployment make someone more, or less, likely to engage in.

      What happened to the idea that paying your debt to society is enough? Why has is now become a life-long punishment?

  10. The company that made the car can now say with confidence that people have a better chance in their car than in someone’s else’s.

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