Video shows wild chase following assassination of Haiti's President 1

Video shows wild chase following assassination of Haiti’s President


The plot to kill Haiti's President allegedly spanned multiple countries and involved highly experienced former military officers and months of planning, according to local officials. Yet the primary suspects in the case appear to have been unprepared for their fierce pursuit by Haitian security forces.
CNN has obtained exclusive information about the hunt for the killers of Jovenel Moise, a banana exporter-turned-politician who was killed in a hail of gunfire in the bedroom of his private residence in the leafy Port-au-Prince district of Petion-Ville at around 1 a.m. last Wednesday, according to government statements.
The Haitian President's body was found riddled with bullet holes, according to a local official tasked with documenting the crime scene, who also said Moise had suffered a broken leg and serious facial injuries. Multiple government officials described the injuries to CNN as signs of torture. Moise's wife, Martine, was wounded. She is being treated in a Miami hospital.
"In the blink of an eye, the mercenaries ran into my house and killed my husband," Haiti's first lady said in an audio recording released over the weekend. CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the recording.
But despite the abundance of bullet holes documented inside the President's home, not one member of the President's security detail or residential staff was hurt, according to authorities.
CNN's Matt Rivers reports.

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    1. @Deon Rudon well great because my expert question is why the hell would America care what Haiti does?

  1. First rule of assassination–kill the assassin. Group hired to to the job…all expendable.

    The real question is…what did killing the Haitian president accomplish…and who benefited from it?

    1. @2299mikey fake account fake comment. the elite in Haiti did all this so the haitian people think he’s the ennemy when he was not

  2. Those are what patsies look like people, pay attention to detail and the truth is right in front of your eyes.

  3. This will end up nowhere just like any other case – it will be covered up – put under the rug ! Nothing happened – nothing to see here ! Corrupt politicians , corrupt agencies play hand in hand ! Get rid of them all!

  4. Read “The Wish for Kings” by Harper Bazaar editor Lapham for the truth about politics in America

  5. A lot of this not making sense…..why would they trap themselves in a building where they could be trapped…makes no sense…..and again, where was his security

    1. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, at least inside the Tawainese embassy they could delay their apprehension. Thus, they were protected from the wrath of the Haitian police, until a diplomatic way of surrendering is found.

    2. Listen to the video. The security couldn’t do anything because the guy said it was DEA operation so they stand-by

  6. Wow these guys are a gang of bold-faced killers what a crazy situation but I don’t think they acted on their own there’s something bigger going on here

  7. Where were the president’s guards during the asassination? Did they try to protect the president..

    1. @ellen p Yhea right sure it was Antifa, The guy that was dressed like a Viking is definitely Antifa ok delusional person when you get actual proof of this send it to the my pillow guy so he can expose it.

    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN blah blah blah. It’s actually pretty sad how you believe all of the propaganda you see. How many times do you need to fall for this nonsense before you realize that your entire life is propaganda and lies? 5 years and nothing happens. Why do you think that is? Lefties are such clowns lol

  8. Who’s in charge to provide security for Haiti president, there’s no FBI or Secret Service agents, no one working undercover like special agents and intelligent branch in Haiti nothing not a damn thing, that country is disorganized, how come everybody wants to take over but they don’t know how to organize anything it’s unbelievable

  9. This really makes so much sense, these news media’s are diverting us from the real truth as to why the Haitian president was assassinated.

    1. @Jame Andy never open random link from YouTube comment . That’s how you get a Malware on your device.

    1. @Mandark Astronomonov Yeah, she “lost” by winning by 3 million votes. Only in Amerika, where the rules are rigged for right-wing fascists, could you “win” by losing by millions of votes. Republicans are totally incapable of winning an election straight up, without cheating, with everybody voting.
      …and still, _still,_ y’all complain (and try to overthrow the democratically elected president) when you lose by 8 million votes!!!

  10. Scary how foreign nationals could come in and know where to find and kill the Haitian president. There’s a traitor in side. Very sad

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