'Voters Are Reclaiming Their Power': Rep. Williams On Surge In Georgia Turnout | MSNBC 1

‘Voters Are Reclaiming Their Power’: Rep. Williams On Surge In Georgia Turnout | MSNBC


Rep. Nikema Williams discusses how Georgia's past history of voter suppression has made voters there even ore determined to see that their voices are heard, evidence of which can be seen in turnout records for the Senate run-off elections. Aired on 1/5/2021.
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'Voters Are Reclaiming Their Power': Rep. Williams On Surge In Georgia Turnout | MSNBC


  1. sounds like those senators that are trying to suppress votes in those community’s are racist and have no buisness in our senate or congress

    1. @Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones : Ignorance ? how so ? I’m not the one who accused those republican senators of supressing voters and being racist. As I have said, racist has now become the buzz word for anyone who won’t buy into the democrat / liberal alternative.

    2. @acab i : So you know for a fact that simply because they are republican, they are all racist ? Do you hear yourself ? I suppose you are ok with ending a prayer with Amen & Awomen too ?

    3. Yes they are, look at who their rusted on supporters are, boogaloo boys, proud boys, KKK, Q Anon, etc etc etc. What do the repubs do to disenfranchise them? Nothing. Yep, they’re racist.

    1. The Republican Population needs to Get smaller and Smaller..we Need a Total Democratic, Progressive Nation

    1. Packed or not who cares. The floater has been flushed and will finally disappear Jan 20th. That’s all that matters

  2. Reminder: Mitch doesn’t think Americans deserve an extra $1,400 to pay for rent, food, and medicine.

    Vote wisely, Georgia!

    1. @Soleil Honey to keep the american dream, they have to let people on the side of the road, there’s not enough for everybody and the more you’re greedy, the more you let people on the side

    2. Leftists think every country deserves handouts and Americans deserve open borders and welfare migrants.

  3. This is not about Democrats verses Republicons . It is Good against evil . Right against wrong ……..

    1. GOD has seen the republicans an on judgement day, will ask them why didn’t you hear the cries of the cold and hungry, the sick and oppressed, and turn a blind eye to mothers and children…but then it will be to late to reconsider

    2. I hope you enjoy Pedophile Story Hour at your local library, because that’s Leftism and Democrats.

    1. They are BEHIND by thousands of votes right now, with 91% counted, get ready for 4 years of GRIDLOCK, this runoff was RIGGED and trumps phone call proves it- the repugs have WAY too much at stake with this runoff to do anything but rig it, just an hour ago the Dems were thousands of votes ahead!

      51.4% 2,034,824
      107,190 votes ahead

      48.6% 1,927,634

      74,956 votes ahead


    1. I would wait, the results are final. I am praying for Warnock and Osoff. But i’ve been let down too many times. Election night was not good for my health.

  4. Perdue found it a problem on the person who leaked the tape “on a sitting president” but found nothing wrong for that sitting president to ask the Sec. of State to commit fraud, by adding votes that were NOT there! Wow!!

  5. Just to be clear. U.S. Congressional members, who INTERFERE with the Electoral College votes counting and/or confirmation on Jan 6th, will be in direct VIOLATION Title 10 of the United States Code. This malfeasance act is a federal Offense against the United States and it carries a PRISON sentence. If the Democrats control the Senate and House, then there’s no reason to not PROSECUTE VIOLATIONS under Title 10 U.S.C., after Jan 21st.

  6. I do hope Georgians know their own best and vote out the two corrupt so-called “republicans.” But I fear stupidity rules.
    A rumor says that people get the leaders they deserve.

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