VP Harris Makes First Official Border Trip To El Paso, Texas | MSNBC 1

VP Harris Makes First Official Border Trip To El Paso, Texas | MSNBC


Vice President Kamala Harris visited the U.S.-Mexico border Friday, and Jacob Soboroff joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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VP Harris Makes First Official Border Trip To El Paso, Texas | MSNBC


  1. According to CDC they made the ruling on title 42 due to covid. It’s still in place because covid is still a problem. The CDC will determine when that can be lifted as covid cases go down in those South American countries. I’m sick of only hearing one part of a story.

    1. @Marc Lewis Masks work – that’s just basic science – not up for debate. So tell me, how many people died after saying home and masking vs going out unmasked? I’m sure you know the stats that you’re basing your claim on.

    2. @LLG Gunderson sorry to tell you but study showed mask didn’t help. And cloth mask were showed in studies to actually be very unhealthy for you.100% percent of people that I know that never wore a mask never got sick. And I know a lot of people. More people that stayed home and wore mask in my life has died than those that didn’t stay home and wear a mask. Study showed that staying locked up was the worse thing Americans could of done.

    3. @Billy Zee that person is not the threat. The real threat is you eating that fast food and not taking care of your body. Even elderly were able to fight the covid but they were healthy and strong.

    4. @Marc Lewis Please reference the study you say supports your claims because they are counter to everything the CDC and medical professional are saying. And using the experiences of people you know – even if you know a lot – to make a case against masks is very weak evidence since it’s an extremely small segment of the population. Imagine if the FDA approved a vaccine after only testing it on 20 to 100 people. No one would trust the results and with good reason.

    1. A quick Google search will prove that that quote was never said by him. That’s why he was told to go feed the pigeons. What was said was he told a black radio host if you can’t decide voting for Trump or for him then you’re not black. And what he was getting at was Trump’s racist rhetoric how could anyone that is of color vote for someone that has made such racist remarks, past and present. Majority of the black listeners agreed hence the 2020 election results

    2. B. T. Funny when people say that. It’s like a badge of honor to get banned. We destroy your world view with facts like there aren’t really 32 genders. Then you go practice actual fascism and get us banned while calling us fascists. By the way did you get your eunuch operation yet? Now go tell fat Susan to ban me.

    3. @Matt Thompson No, what you don’t understand is the difference between sarcasm, racism and lies. That was a lie made by New Norm. Exaggeration and irony is sarcasm. A racist statement would group an individual to an ethnic stereotype(s), as that false statement did. There’s no irony or exaggeration in that statement.

    1. The fact that you think there’s something wrong with her or is “off” is irrelevant to you being a Democrat. When people make statements like that it makes me wonder if they want people of that group, in this case Democrats, to think there’s something wrong with their political affiliation. You can have independent thoughts not related to a political affiliation.

    2. She’s the result of picking a candidate simply based on identity politics criteria. She’s in over her head.

    3. @A Fridge Too Far That’s not the reason why she was picked. Let’s face it no brown/black-skin candidate is ever going to be good enough for you. It must be awful living with that hate

    1. Kamala laughing at all this bitter white whine… again

    2. @Jake from statefarm
      Go ask Judge Joe Brown 🤭
      Watch the interview with Judge Joe Brown when he talked about Kamala working her way up into Politics 😯

  2. She didn’t go to the border! She went as far away as possible from the actual problem they created on purpose. Wake up

    1. WHY r u crying?? WE all saw what a mess this was during the Trump admin.. we dont need her to go down for a photo op! Biden needs to DO something

  3. Hey at least She knows where it is even if its a couple months late. Senile Joe is not sure where he is and besides they are far left in the party nothing to see there just ask MSNBC.

    1. WHO CARES?? we all know and SAW the scene down there.. I dont need her to GAWK for photo ops.. Biden needs to DO something

    2. Well, David the border at El Paso is the most dangerous place of the all… gee wiz! How’s the weather in Kansas Toto?

    1. WHY???? for a photo op??? we ALL saw it.. I dont need them to pay visits.. they need to DO something!!

    2. Over the last hundred years thousands and thousands of migrants came to work here the US desperately needs their labor learn some gd history!

    3. @Wisconsin Man you mean that wall that people easily got over with a cheap ladder from Walmart yeah please stfu

  4. After Kamala’s refusal to go in the first place I seriously doubt she went anywhere near where the problems are and I know they won’t be solved because they do not want them solved.

    1. going there to “stare” means nothing… Trump created the mess and Biden needs to fix it

  5. 1st trip in 3 months since being appointed to deal with the border. Wow. Talk about late for work.

  6. GOP: “Visit the border! We command the Vice President to do stuff.” (Vice President visits El Paso, which has had a connecting pedestrian overpass all my life to a Mexican city of over 1 million people.)
    GOP: “She was 800 miles from the border!” (Eyeroll. In two languages.)

  7. Mexico is the 51st state of the U. S. The new southern boarder is Guatemala. See we have no crisis at our southern boarder. AOC is smarter than Kamala !!

  8. Why bother talking to this guy, you know what he’s going to say? Oh, I see. This is confirmation bias for all those progressives and wannabe progressives who are MSNBC’s main viewership.

  9. Joe BRIBEN incited this humanitarian crisis which equals crimes against humanity!Arrest him!

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