VP Harris Meets This Week With DACA Recipients 1

VP Harris Meets This Week With DACA Recipients


Vice President Kamala Harris met this week with DACA recipients after a federal judge ruled it was unconstitutional.

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VP Harris Meets This Week With DACA Recipients


  1. Is Kamala Harris the incharge of border crisis??

    When will she take care of that??

    After going to Europe??

    1. “I fly over the border all the time when I go to Cuba to give lap dances to the dictators” -Fugly Face Harris

  2. So we can assume that she finished the assignment that Joe gave her to stem the flow of illegal border crossings ?

    1. Amazing! Joe said there are no more people coming across the border anymore. What a transformation. It’s almost like they are flying them cov positive or not to middle America.

    2. No time for that, they are rushing to prevent actual refugees, the cuban people from coming over here and voting republican.

    3. She did what they wanted, where there was maybe 50 thousand coming over a year ,there now 188 thousand, crossing in one month.

    1. DACA ruled unonstitutional (seven days aago), Obama admitted he didn’t have the authority to do DACA… simple Googling will get you there…

    1. Our lives weren’t in jeopardy till trump and the republicans came out to show their full racism

    2. @Eric Jennings To them anything can be weaponized as RAYCISSSMZ HUWHITE SUPREMES BIGOTRY! This is all you need to know

  3. The Biden admin sure seems more interested in and prioritizes non-citizens than in citizens of any color….unless you are from Cuba and might vote Republican/anti-socialist in the future!

  4. 1.5 million homeless on the streets in the state of California, yet somehow this woman has found a home for all refugees. She’s incredible.

  5. They should run the other way when Harris comes near.
    She is the one dreaming …she dreams she is competent

  6. Let’s get as many democrat voters as we can into the country. They aren’t letting enough in.

  7. Kamala Harris says that the United States belongs to Illegal immigrants, and it’s their home, but the Supreme Court says different.

  8. Seeing a lot of non citizens getting more attention than actual citizens that need help. This administration was DOA. Trump left you with a great econmy and immigration policies, ALL YOU HAD TO DO JOE WAS LITERALLY NOTHING.

    1. Democrats care more for illegals than citizens. kacklin Kamaltoe hasn’t done anything in her first7 months.

  9. Southern border crossings expected to hit a record high this year of over 2 million people from over 150 different countries. We are being overrun and this administration is just letting it happen. Many of those coming do not care at all about you or this country. Expect a bad future.

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