‘Wall of moms’ shields protesters saying ‘leave our kids alone’ | USA TODAY


  1. This is going to get a lot worse! Tramp better watch who he keeps tromping on. “Mother bears” vote…

    1. Sal what changed or point have u made now it just show two mad people excited spitting out rubbish . Pls instead of commenting to insult use this platform to help or educate others. What is the world 🌎 turning to ?

    2. Jim Curram at times when we try our best by voting it doesn’t work for we know all politicians play the same cards so pls we need to start using such platforms like this to send out words of KINDNESS,UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSION and LOVE etc. at least we might change a Soul

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  3. could something like a 5-gallon bucket be put over those canisters? maybe a bucket and a brick? just thinking out loud.

  4. Ever since the Seattle chaz mess I wondered what kind of parents raised those ppl. This explains ALOT smh

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