Washington State Gov. Inslee: We Have A Permanent Emergency 1

Washington State Gov. Inslee: We Have A Permanent Emergency


Western states are being hit with extreme heat and wildfires. Washington state Governor Jay Inslee joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. I live in SW British Columbia and this is quite scary. We’ve been screaming this for decades yet even with all the evidence there remains a concerted effort to deny deny deny!!! We are doomed.

    1. Exxon and other dirty energy companies that knew about this for decades and spent millions on misinformation need to be held fully accountable for what is probably, without exaggeration, the greatest crime in all of history.

    2. @Lisa Ortiz
      I’m in Texas and the fossil fuels industries control our state politics and politicians. The QTGOP celebrate a complete absence of regulations or restrictions on environmental impacts. It’s absolutely ludicrous. Miles of trains also bring in coal from WY every day to burn dirty for cheap priced electricity. Meanwhile our self contained grid is on the brink of total collapse and the duhpublicans are working on voter suppression, guns galore and infringement on school curriculums and women’s rights.
      It’s horrifying..🚫🇺🇸🌎⚖️🕳

    3. I come from a Republican family and they only care about making money right now. They have enough but they want more. My parents have grandchildren and accept the fact of climate change and yet they still want more money and could care less about their grandchildren’s futures. Of course if you ask them they’ll save they care but they know it’s all talk because when it comes down to it they want policies that benefit them now and will never stop voting Republican. It’s grotesque.

    1. @Joni Beehive – GOOD FOR YOU! I dream of a day when I don’t have to be a slave to gasoline at the pump. Right on!

    2. @imacmill Go ahead. Fight over oil. I’m going to horde water. Once America’s dwindling water supply causes mass migration, how are they going to feel about Canada building a wall to keep out illegals?

    3. @Emeraldforest _go ahead, fight over oil_

      If you’re ‘of age’, you’ll be drafted to do the fighting.

      How much water do you think you’re gonna be able to stash away? I’d guess a year’s worth, if you’re lucky.

      The quickest way to lighten humanity’s load on the earth is via massive depopulation. Don’t be surprised if that’s what COVID-21/22 is gonna be all about.

    4. @PugglesMcWardog _you don’t hunt or fish, so you have no clue_

      I just thought about this again, and realized that your comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything I posted. So why’d you post it? I know why: you wanted to let everyone know how ‘special’ you think you are because you hunt and fish.

      It’s a common attitude of hunters and fishers…they think they hold some special place in the world. Well I’m here to tell you, snowflake, you’re not special, at all.

      And here’s a tip for you regarding hunting: stop ‘bragging’ about it, unless you wanna lose it altogether. There are about 300,000,000 people in the USA and about 30,000,000 deer, so if you convince the adult population to go hunting instead of buying factory meet, the deer population will be decimated within a few years or less. So keep your arrogant mouth shut about it, m’kay.

    1. I’m sure the governor means well however it’s already too late to make the changes that would have been necessary to save humans from Extinction.

  2. Scientists have warned about this for literal decades. Now look. It’ll get worse. Unsurprised.
    I’m sorry for the people suffering due to this negligence. It’s disturbing.

    1. Exxon and shell have hid their knowledge of their detrimental effect of fossil fuels on the planet for the better part of 50 years. They’ve spent billions spreading misinformation completely contridicting even the findings of their own scientists.

  3. yes I agree what he said is very true. if we do not pay attention our children and grandchildren and rest of the future will be far worst than we have it now

    1. That’s exactly the reason I’ve chosen to not breed… Every politician promised to make it better and lied. … To the point that it’s too late now to do anything that would matter. I didn’t want to make excuses to the next generations or worse… Lie to them.

  4. I’m with the Governor here, but we CANNOT invest in more Biomass burning. Getting out of bed with the Coal industry and climbing into bed with the Timber industry is not the answer. The answer must come from wind, solar, hydroelectric, and importantly nuclear.

    1. Timber burning is better than coal burning, because you have to absorb the carbin from the atmosphere before you burn it. I agree that it’s not a good permanent solution, but it can be a _part_ of one.

    2. @Werrf1
      What services does a chimney sweep provide-what hazard is being removed?
      Byproduct toxins by air and water drift % with wood burning?

    3. The country that cracks economically viable fusion power will write the rules for a century to come. Sure hope it’s us.

    4. Not nuclear. Mining uranium causes severe damage to the rivers around mines, and we still can’t safely store the spent rods, or convert them into something else dangerous. But I’m with you on the rest. If we invested in solar alone, putting panels on every available roof, starting with the poorest people’s apartment complexes and homes, and going up the economic ladder, we could free ourselves from Big Carbon in less than ten years. Of course, we won’t, because that would be giving away free power to millions… “Tut tut. Can’t have that.” 🙄

  5. I think he’s spot on, my city hit 109, I’ve lived here 30+ years and we have not hit that mark in nww ever

    1. Born in Seattle 1960, never been anywhere else, been watching it change for forty years, time is running short.

    2. @Dann Marceau IMO Seattle has been transformed into a lovely modern city. Seattle looks poised to have a great future. Does it have minor issues? Yes, but most cities do.

    3. @tw t Yeah, Seattle did a great job of allowing radical leftists to take over a chunk of the city including the police precinct, resulting in the tripling of 911 call response times. And that along with countless “mostly peaceful protests” eventually led the first Black (female) police chief in the city’s history to resign. Bravo! But that’s all minor sh*t and it’s all in the past!

  6. We are told every day, we need to do something for our planet and I feel guilty for living my small little life. I get angry because miljardairs fly into ‘space’ for 15 minutes and spend a f*cking amount of fossil fuel to reach their goal. I get angry because miljardairs buy mega boats only to spend only a few days on them per year. I get angry because miljardairs forget where they get their money from… from exploiting precious recourses and people trying to make a living.

    1. It’s classic blame shifting. The rich and multi national corporate conglomerates have very carefully positioned themselves to take advantage of the situation while also having the consumer not only take the blame for their consumerism, but they front the costs as well.

      It is not people that need to change. It’s corporations and government systems.

  7. I live here in Oregon 😔 💔 My kid is in Washington State and a first responder. She has had a lot of calls for patients who we’re having heatstrokes and some has died. It’s usually not a hard summer temperature wise. We have cooling centers here for the homeless that they can get into. 7 people died by drowning in our area in just one day. So sad. Now wildfires. 😖 We should “rake” the forests said the former President. 🤨 You know them trees, they just explode. 💥 🤡 👈🏼 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. There are scientists that say it is already too late and we are beyond the point of no return. Stephen Hawking predicated we would make the planet uninhabitable before we figured out how to escape a dead planet. Let’s pray for our children and grandchildren that they are wrong in their predictions.

  8. LOVE the analogy about how just adapting to this would be like just building more bomb shelters, instead of fighting the Axis powers.

  9. When the insurance company stop ensuring beachfront homes and the billionaires sell their waterfront mansions I will believe in climate change.

  10. When you don’t have a city 4th of July celebration on the 4th, year after year, because of fire danger, or when record breaking heat over 100° for 4 to 5 days kills in double and triple digit numbers when it’s supposed to be in the 80’s; or when backyard BBQ or social fires require permits…..it is pretty bad.

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