Watch 'All In' Highlights: August 12th | MSNBC 1

Watch ‘All In’ Highlights: August 12th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Wednesday's 'All In' featuring Mehdi Hasan

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  1. Make them sign a waiver denying medical care when they come to the hospital. Because it is their own fault

    1. So the police that opened the door and let them in at some entrances.should they be held accountable fir her murder also. Dam you people are so brainwashed by the propagandists. When will you wake up sheeple!!!

    1. Agree, I work at a large hospital in Canada..after more than a year of fighting the virus we are back to normal operations.. I would not want to start again. I feel for them.

    2. I feel for them and admire their dedication to their oath. Unfortunately the right could give zero f**ks for their oaths.

  2. Getting heckled isn’t consequences. Being legally held responsible is consequences. You should be held accountable if you threaten folks for simply doing their jobs.

  3. I’m reading about what conditions would have to exist to create this state of mass psychosis in a population and it requires a totalitarian government to be in place. That was the government of Donald Trump and four years of the failure of a country to end it by any means necessary.

  4. She wasn’t assassinated but killed by a defender of the Capital Building from an insurrectionist. Her death was justified and the officer is guiltless for doing his job.

    1. Maybe this should be the Spartacus moment for rank and file Democrats and people who despise Donald Trump and what he’s done and is doing to America.

    2. 1 less for world peace. Should of had an indoor gun range thefe wsfe lots of targets and when they heard the shot the rats scattered like a flo k of buzzardz

  5. Correction, there is no line that he wasn’t allowed to cross, there was no conspiracy he wasn’t allowed to promote.

  6. These ppl are allowed to openly subvert the will of the ppl with no consequences. Biden needs to get serious.

  7. I’m sorry but the charges against these animals are too mild. Try attempted murder and insurrection. If this was an insurrection where are the charges?


  9. Trump needs locking up now no more time wasting ,and let the rioters come and meet fire with fire Americans

  10. This guy (Djt) is still stoking the fires of the insurrection. Why isn’t he being charged with crimes against our Constitution????? Why is this being allowed. Who is representing the interest of American democracy. Aren’t these politicians beholding to us and the Constitution? Shut donald trump down. Haven’t you seen the damage he has caused. Some of it may be irreparable ☹️. Stand up for democracy!!!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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