Watch 'All In' Highlights: August 16th | MSNBC 1

Watch ‘All In’ Highlights: August 16th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Monday's 'All In' featuring Mehdi Hasan

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    1. I agree,there are so many countries that can take people in,if we all take part and bring the, somewhere,anywhere but in the talibans hands

    2. @PATTY PERRY true but I’m having second thoughts. I don’t think it’s a good sign they are trying to evacuate everyone.
      Is a normally a good sign. Not really.

  1. My heart breaks for the people in Afghanistan. May those fleeing for their lives, find safe harbor. My prayers are with them all.

    1. @Bryan Sounds like Conservative Republican talking points. NONSENSE! Trump should have withdrawn years ago, but never did!

    2. @kpax45 He campaigned on it! This is what happens when you allow The Orange Orangutan in the White House. Nothing of substance actually got completed, well…he did give himself and his sycophants a nice tax package.

    3. @kitty kyou have to be paid to say something so ignorant… if you haven’t noticed your senile pedophile president is the cause of all of this all of the blame lies on Joe Biden

  2. I feel for those scared in Afghanistan, but what has the USA been doing there the past 20 years? Why did the USA become responsible in “building a democracy” when they were only supposedly there to eliminate Bin Laden in retribution for 9/11?

    1. Ummm the last 20 years those Afghan citizens weren’t living in fear of the Taliban.
      Now look at them.

    2. The 20 years, is all those people waiting at the airport to leave because they know democracy is better for all people. The rest are still stuck in the past . We need to get the women and children out of there, screen all the men coming out because they obviously can’t be trusted. I know true freedom loving men are there. But after this, we can’t take any chances. I hope it is understood.

  3. Afghanistan government and military did not put up a fight against the Taliban. Therefore, they deserve all that they will get.

    1. WRONG. They were dependent on America to keep their word to keep our Afgan support staff safe. They were promised a life in America, & through COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE OF BIDEN’S PLAN, THEY WILL ALL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. Apparently u don’t know, against Biden’s staff & reason, he withdrew troops BEFORE trying to evacuate civilians. His advisers told him what did happen was totally possible. Historic damage to our reputation with both allies & enemies. It cannot be OVERSTATED!

  4. To all those who say thoughts and prayers, they mean nothing without action, just like with the mass shooting problem we have in the states. Practice what you preach, I’m tired of empty words.

    1. Like those mass shootings in democrat run cities.
      Biden has turned Afghanistan into Chicago.
      You want crime to stop in the USA. Quit voting democrat

    2. @Censorship Is real Suburbs and smaller cities saw a rise in crime as well, not just cities. Amarillo, Texas is a great example of one of those smaller metropolitan areas.

  5. Taliban had no air support… not having air support is not an excuse…but I do agree that morale was low…and taliban brokered deal with official and tribes at the local, district, and provincial level to sweep the country…

    1. Exactly
      It would just happen again if we went back. They proved they will just wait.
      Its a civil war and all the UA can do is make things worse

  6. Sorry but our troops were there for 20 freakin yrs!!!! Afghanistan troops you would have thought would have LEARNED SOMETHING!!!

    1. Exactly. Plenty of empathy but this was inevitable, whenever it would happen. Afghanistan did not even attack us on 9/11; it was ALWAYS a distraction. But it is effing time for us to get out. I support Mr Biden’s decision.

  7. Exactly what I’ve been saying! People ask to hear from Biden but no one is asking to hear from the Afghan President who fled his own country?!

    1. His opinion became irrelevant when he tucked tail and ran. I think he’s probobly hiding somewhere. The most hated man on earth today. Cowardice.

  8. Congress should have been more mindfully open. Congressman Barbara Lee’s assessment prior was correct, and presently is “ON POINT.”

  9. I see a similar situation, near my home, where religious zealots feel they have some right to limit our freedoms and tell me and my neighhors how to live…in Colorado.

    1. As long as you are not hurting someone else or infringing on their freedoms you should always be able to live freely. It should be that way around the world.

  10. Why dont they fight for themselves? Because the men have little to worry about. It’s the women who will suffer.

  11. This prompts a visceral reaction. We care about people. But they didn’t want to die fighting the Taliban. They wanted the USA for 20 years to die fighting their war. And they wanted us to pay for all of it with taxpayer money and the blood of our children.

  12. ohyeshuharekrishna — reminds me of my reading of the ancient history of The Mahabhaharata war: these people figured in that war: for a few minutes. . .

  13. The Men Shouldn’t Have Ran….
    They should’ve stayed and fought for those little girls…
    Instead they shame themselves and ran after the planes…
    Their President Ran…
    Biden Is These United States President.
    Go Joe

    .you can’t please another country..

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