Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 16th | MSNBC 1

Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: August 16th | MSNBC

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    1. The Afghans, if you’ve read ANY history on this war, have lost thousands upon thousands of men fighting in just the last few years alone. Know your history before making claimless snarky thoughtless comments.

    2. @dlee t Why is Biden killing people with Covid? How many people more will die from Bidens bad leadership? You voted for recovery, not murder.

    3. Many weren’t getting paid nor did they have the proper resources to fight the Taliban. Why would You slight the Afghanistan Army who were fighting the Taliban, other than to make a joke about Trump? The Afghanistan Army lost many lives attempting to stop the oppressive Taliban.

    1. @Honest Larry This happened on Trump’s watch. Did anyone forget that Trump set up these deals without informing the then president elect? Seesh you russian bots are easy to spot.

    2. @crazybongo5 The ‘deal’ signed between Trump and the Taliban was to have a ‘reconciliation plan’ in place with 2500 troops remaining to guarantee a safe exit guaranteeing ALL Americans be removed in a peaceful transition of government. Unless those Conditions were met, Trumps deal said we were NOT leaving Afghanistan.

      President Trump’s deal was exactly like Ronald Reagan’s deals. Peace through strength. No negotiating until all conditions are met.

      Joe Biden did not follow through on President trumps deal.
      He cut and ran and left thousands of Americans to die and be slaughtered.

      How come the fake news and Joe Biden has not explained these FACTS to the American people?

  1. We gave money to the corrupt wealthy there, just like we’ve done in the USA. Now, the Taliban has it all? What a nightmare!

    1. @Common Sense more like a painful lack of common Sense. Do you have any idea how completely ignorant you really sound? SAD.

    2. @Patrick Baer Trumped stayed assisting Republican Governor’s that publicly kissed his backside…and the louder they shouted his rhetoric the more they profited from him.

  2. The only people who made anything from this 20 years of war were the war mongers and military industrial complex!

    1. What in the world would you do if you didn’t have Trump to blame? What amazes me most is your favorite host is just now covering this story. She has covered up the truth for ten years and yet you blame the Republicans. Let me remind you Obama and Hillary were responsible for the massive weapons sent to the Taliban. Congress is still writing checks.

      Maybe you should be calling or writing your representatives. Oh btw…’s Biden who is hiding out and not commenting on this situation working out for you? Maybe once we are fighting on our soil you and Rachel may get it!

  3. All that money didn’t pour into that country,it poured into the hands of warmongers. And those houses,where built for them.

    1. Not one cent seems to be invested in agriculture, education, and obviously no technology! Hence, now what, eat, stay stupid, and techno denied! How possible the rapid desertion, unless the majority pretended, to all but Taliban! That was the clue, be ready to run back in! Realistically, why after 1/6/2021, we ought not to believe, Trump was also organizing an (**” anti-allie relationship”**), just like he was doing at home! Come on! Betrayal at it’s best, was well engineered again, by Trump!
      Lord, we have paid a useless, costly price! Help us to ride through the evacuation, without inhumane incident! Thanks! Amen and Amen!

    2. @Ayn Rand USA. The world. American continent. I have no borders. I belong to the human race . borders are for the divided. My universe belongs to all.

  4. Yup… Hardcore loss, meanwhile lives lost, billions of taxpayer dollars lost and also meanwhile many politicians were lining their pockets here in the u.s. .

    1. Don’t try to bring democracy if that same democracy is not wanted in your own country and is on the brink of collapse. They live in the 4th century and leave them there, it’s their land.

  5. Reminds of a certain someone apparently having a gold toilet… “corrupt chiq” would definitely apply…

    1. @Dana Lorraine Dodds ….let me finish…AND Obama, & Bush…face it ~ no matter which side of the table you’re on, we were ALL duped. They all lied to us. I remember watching the last of the troops leaving Vietnam … same scenario… ~ pass the Koolaid, please.

    2. @Tomi Dancingbird He promised to. And we needed to, but tRump was not brave enough and did not care enough to even make a plan. Might have made him look bad, retreating and all…
      The Taliban would have taken over then just as it did today. But so many American lives and $$$ would not have been lost. Biden made the correct move. It was bound to be sh*t show.
      At least President Biden is helping those who want to leave. tRump never would have bothered with them. We have more to do in helping our friends still there. But the War is over for us.
      If we keep a presence we can escort and transport out those who must leave. Taliban will not start up with our Military. We must do it soon, before they are executed. And that is already starting.

    3. @Karen Fitzpatrick not convinced on any of your points quite frankly other than the ending is overdue. See I kinda rode the earlier wave of ’yes we can’ coolaid back before the financial crisis, thinking that his holinees would actually bring change, a momentary lapse in good judgement on my part. Afterall in the long line of presidents there are but few who aren’t puppets. Joe clearly is, and his advisors, handlers, whatever you want to call them did him no favors by allowing him to carry through with a crappy plan. All speculation on what Trump would’ve done at this point is ridiculous as far as I’m concerned, particularly given I didn’t vote for the guy. Defend Biden all you want, but a crappy plan, plain and simple.

    4. @Tomi Dancingbird I’m not going to disagree with you. 20/20 hindsight IS pointless. Personally (and this is just my own opinion) I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. Didn’t trust either one. Thought she’d win and didn’t know him at all. Wanted Sanders, when Hillary won primary I stopped paying attention.
      When Trump won, debatable, it didn’t take long to really think he was too self centered and honestly too ignorant about how to lead in a Democracy to be competent. Obviously with all the lies, corruption and power grabs I lost all respect or trust in him.
      20/20 Election, or should I say post election, showed how truly mentally ill he is. Willing to do anything to take over American Leadership, because he’s too broken in his mind to see the reality that he lost.
      Biden at least is a sane and compassionate human being. He does have experience in how our political system works. My criticism of him is that he is too much a team player. I don’t think he has “handlers” but he may OVER consider everything his advisors say. And not be as firm a leader as we need.
      My preference still is behind Sanders and the Progressives. Honestly I’m sick of political games. I want the People back in power. Maybe the US isn’t ready for that. That’s just me tho…

    1. @Ryan McGowan cHumps original plan was to be out by May. He’s killed enough people since then. It’s 10 years past the time to leave them to their vices.


    3. That’s the difference between the left and right. The left support trump no matter what. If he did what Biden did they would back him 100percent. Not democrats , they don’t even try an candy coat they go straight for the jugular leaving blood in the water that the blood thirsty right, drinks up. And then democrats wonder why someone like trump ends up in office and they are left out in the cold.

    4. @E.A.W Tzipporah I know Trump doesn’t give a crap about people.The way he negotiated the release of 5000 cut throat Taliban prisoners at Guantanamo was disgusting! Now, they are blaming the murders of the Afghanistan people on Biden. There is nothing Trump and the evil GOP will do to remain in power. Nothing.

    5. @Greg Hamilton Trump makes a fatal mistake, therefore it’s OK if Biden follows through? Listen to the people on the ground. This is not a political problem. This is a humanitarian problem, and the US is making the choices to let school children be decapitated to follow through on campaign promises. What side of history do you want to be on? No one is going to look back at this time in 100 years and think it was the right decision, regardless of political climate at the time.

  6. I thought we left all the military guns etc. For the Afghanistan “army”
    I guess we need more detailed information on the Trump peace treaty

  7. This, while WE have hundreds of thousands of OUR OWN people, LIVING ON THE STREETS!!! Yeah, tell me that is right ! WTF ?

  8. America, British and the French teaches them how to fish for 20 years, and in one week they throw away the fishing line and begging for a fish. That’s mental slavery with deep rooted ideology.

  9. You cannot win the “hearts and minds” of zealots. They’ll try to make it look “normal” UNTIL they get the bi llions of dollars now frozen

  10. In a world where I was president, I’d choose Rachel Maddow as my top advisor. In fact, I’d cast my vote for her as president. She’s so intelligent and sensible. Imagine it.

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