Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC


Watch highlights of Mondays's All In with Chris Hayes where he looks at the 'utter madness' of an infrastructure plan without climate spending following the scorching temperatures blasting the Pacific Northwest. Chris also talks with Bernie Sanders about unemployment benefits and inadequate wages in America.

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About All In with Chris Hayes:
Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold the nation's leaders accountable for their actions. Drawing from his background as a reporter, Hayes at times reports directly from the scene of a news event as it occurs to provide a firsthand account, digging deep and speaking with people who represent different points of view. Hayes brings the nation's officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.

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  1. This is unreal.
    You may not be interested in climate change, but climate change is interested in you.
    Adapt or die, is one of the creeds of my beloved Marine Corps.
    You don’t have to like climate change, but don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist. It’s time to adapt to the changing climate around us.

    1. @Korruption Kult I predicted this on my Facebook wall the other day. It won’t be long where the right will find a way to blame it all on Democrats. When what we need is to get to work if people want the world to be a place that their children and grandchildren not just thrive but survive.

    2. @David Hale Wow, and “they” have you ignorant of reality with your head stuck in the sand. Comments don’t get any more ignorant on this topic than yours.

    3. @David Hale This is you using a logical fallacy: “yet you say nothing about those countries that do nothing about pollution.” Of course, what other countries do is important and the US is one of the worst contributors toward Climate Change per capita and so has a responsibility to lead the way when it comes to change. Trying to distract with your argument is just that. Oh, and your stupid-*ssed comment about hating America? People here care about your offspring if you have any and that’s more than you can say. People on the left care about your future, your children’s future, and if you’re an American and that’s not loving America, then you don’t know what love is.

    4. @David Hale This entire comment is idiotic… if you actually spent time thinking about this instead of using talking points as weapons, you might be able to figure out why this comment of yours is so idiotic: “yeah thanks to shutting down the gas and oil pipelines. But I thought that alternative energy was enough.” You look like you’re skiing a slalom, bobbing and weaving.

    1. @John Edward its already too late, its only about delaying it, the climate change is already way too heavy

  2. It’s no longer climate change that’s the problem. It’s the climate the way it is NOW. That is terrifying.

    1. @N 827, let me ask you these questions:

      1) Is there a threshold of events that occur, that, when we cross them, would make you acknowledge the reality of climate change?
      2) If you haven’t drawn that line in your thought process, then why not?
      3) What are the premises you’re making that make you preclude the possibility of human-caused climate change?

      I’d actually like to hear your answer to these questions.

    2. @reality maybe we should all just support white nationalist and billionaires that want 0 regulations on the sh!t they build .. let all do that

    3. @N 827, are you a bot? I ask because your reply had absolutely nothing to do with my comment. Why don’t we stay on topic by having you honestly answer those three questions.

  3. I have no respect for Mitch McConnell….I am completely distrustful of him and his GOP congresspeople……I don’t believe anything he says. I don’t care about anything he does…I think he just lies, lies, lies with no concern for democracy or this country.

    1. @Shen Tsu I can see I must have touched a nerve. Things change in time, it’s not my place to give you a history lesson in to the political parties. And as for the camps, while that was 40 years before I was born and is a part of history, I don’t condone it as I don’t condone anything going on now. Like the detention centers with immigrants near the borders now. We as the USA tried to stay out of ww2 as a nation until we were attacked at pearl harbor. However with that said, we were secretly helping allies by supplying them before we officially entered the war. And since that end when we became who we are how. We have entered many wars which we had no place in starting. I can agree with you on that. However it is not one single party that has started them. It is both parties combined. There are many many war mongers on both sides. And I find it disgusting the amount of money we spend on the military, and giving money to corporations as well, all while saying we don’t have money to help American people. The infrastructure bill that they want to pass now is yet another example. Instead of increasing corporate tax. They want to privatize it, meaning companies give the government a loan to fix the roads. But the companies especially own the road for a amount of time. And the companies will make people pay tolls to use them. So that means the American people will pay a heavy toll in this bill if it passes. Both of our main political parties are absolutely horrible and all Americans need to rise up and stop these maniacs. And end this greed. Our government doesn’t work for people, it works for big corporations.

    2. It’s indisputable that Republicans despise the American constitution and its democracy, the idea that all people can vote is a nightmare for them, besides for the 2nd and 10th amendment, they have no use for the constitution and they would gladly throw it in a fire, because it does nothing but disrupt their evil plans.

    3. @Shen Tsu
      From top to bottom:
      1. Modern Democrats have next to or actually nothing but the name common with the origin of the American Democratic party (which makes sense since the origin of the name kinda proves it, by not adhering to an ideological belief since … well, ‘Democratic’ doesn’t mean Conservative or Liberal, it just references a form of governance)

      2. Welcome to the world of capitalism where folks who have money can influence others in politics, if you are against the KKK being able to do all of that, then you are against Capitalism, not Liberalism (which the Democratic party is more in line with than the Republican party)

      3. Yes, American presidents (specifically those of the Democratic party) has started tons upon tons of wars – yes, this is actual real criticism against them … the criticism becomes a whole lot valid though once you realise that whilst the Democratic party are the ones who have started these wars, it has _ALWAYS_ been the Republican party that has maintained them and kept them as part of their pro-war narrative – you don’t need to look far considering the idea of leaving Afghanistan is being treated as “We stayed for 20 years and what have we gotten out of it”, insinuating that the Right-wing side of American politics always saw Afghanistan as a good attempt at conquering them, not helping them

      4. Once again, a problem of party perception is involved here but so is the difference between objective reality and promoting a narrative to further an agenda; no one is questioning that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a racist who promoted, pushed, and created racist policy – congratulations, this is why things such as CRT is being pushed to be taught in schools so one can fully understand what policies and how Roosevelt’s actions still influence modern society – yes, it was horrifically racist, that’s kinda the point why it is condemned; that’s not something that happens on the right-wing side of American politics at all, racism and these things aren’t condemned which is why they are so central of a talking point to the GOP since they all have some degree of racists beliefs as they aren’t condemned for it

    4. @Shen Tsu You’re a parrot repeating one talking point while exposing your lack of historical facts and complete ignorance. Lincoln’s republicans freed the slaves. However the Republican Party abandoned Lincoln’s party before he was murdered. Lincoln was against the entire idea of the corporation. Republicans wanted to incorporate essentially to avoid tax responsibility and accountability that the average individual had. Lincoln spoke out against that. The party of Lincoln splintered. During the industrial revolution democrats in the north fought for minimum wage, child labor laws and regulations for safer work places. They also defended the women’s right to vote. One Republican however, Theodore Roosevelt also agreed with Lincoln about corporations that they shouldn’t have anymore entitlement than any other individual. Roosevelt also believed in protecting the environment and protecting people from industrial greed. He established the national park system. Roosevelt was a lone wolf Republican environmentalist also for fair wage, minimum work week and wanted a national healthcare system. Republicans on the whole didn’t agree with him. They wanted special treatment for the wealthy corporations. Meanwhile democrats in the south were still the anti-Lincoln party “Dixiecrats”. They remained anti-northern democrats as well as against the republicans until Nixon unified them. When in 1963 Kennedy was shot, his democratic VP Lyndon Johnson followed through with Kennedy’s wanting to eliminate Jim Crow laws and getting black people the right to vote in the south. After that occurred the Southern racist Dixiecrat Democrats united with the republicans under Nixon 53 years ago. The democrats of the old civil war vanished into the southern republicans that we know as today as dumb corrupt racists.

  4. The earth will soon look like mars, thin atmosphere and no life. Greed will destroy the human race.

  5. And here in Florida, our governor, Ron DeSantis is FORBIDDING cities to convert their fleets to non-fossil fuel vehicles. And, as always, love Bernie and his continued fight for the American people.

    1. @Kickback Relax I would buy all the Electric Vehicles I wanted if I were any City. I might even by a Fish Powered Car if someone.has one because the Law does not restrict any Fuel type, therefore any are good. The Law is not enforcible because it is written so poorly.

    2. @Michael Patrick only Racist attend Trump’s KKK Rallies , No Thanks , yeah there’s a difference alright , Americans vs Facist . . . .

    3. @Roy Gonzalez Americans are fighting the Yoke of Government Authoritarianism. Call it Racist if you want, Americans are backing President Trump’s message on non American Military Aggression, Biden cancels May American Troop.withdrawl from Afghanistan then starts bombing Syria Again.
      If Racists bring World Peace, sign me up. Grab a Sledgehammer, Smash a Statue, Improve Racial Justice and Minority Child Education one burned and Looted City at a time. Justice! Moron!

    4. @Michael Patrick I like how their savior Biden is literally helping Russia gain more power with their pipeline. But orange man bad

    1. Michigan turning into a tropical rain forest and the Pacific Northwest into a desert. Who woulda thought.

    2. @Lazarus Jones
      And according to science, this is RAPID change. It was expected to be far more gradual, and I believe they low-balled their predictions because of the climate-change-denial coming from the idiots who want to fight against actions to address this emergency.

    3. And if Reagan didn’t remove the solar panels from the White House, indicating that we had nothing to worry about and Carter was just being ridiculous. That was 1980… 40+ years ago. America could have led the way and instead we’ve essentially said “Burn baby burn.”

  6. Think about this… I kid working in McDonald’s making 7.50 an hour pays more in taxes than Bezos , Musk , and Buffet ,combined . Because they pay zero in taxes.

  7. Shout it out Bernie. No need for politeness anymore.
    Here comes the power black outs. Water will become extremely precious.

  8. All these so called politicians who attribute or watch this happen should be jailed for life so they can literally bake in prison,in these hot summers coming

  9. The republican party is an active and extremely dangerous coup and the democrats r either compliant of passive. This country is doomed unless we can find some smart and brave progressives

  10. And they laughed at All Gore. A shame, would’ve made a great president but we got shammed for the next 20+ years. What if?

    Save the silliness Republicannibals

    1. @Shen Tsu If you don’t understand the issues, don’t comment. Anyone who has an inkling about what’s going on knows the difference between weather and climate and weather also points to climate change issues. The confusion people have is that when it snows they say, “Hey, what about climate change?” thinking that they’re being brilliant and throwing a wrench in the idea that climate change is real. That’s them thinking that climate change will only result in heat. It will result in changing weather patterns and changing agriculture, etc.

  11. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    The constant lies, denials, deceits, delusions, gaslighting, dog-whistles, crackpot conspiracy theories, projectionism, Whataboutism, bogus victimhood, and hypocrisy of Republicans is disgusting and alarming. The Republican cult has poisoned itself with its own propaganda, choosing to live in a dystopian fascist Orwellian fantasy world. The Republican cult has been radicalized to such extent that it poses a clear and present danger to our society, our democracy, our country, and the world.

  12. “The heat dome has trapped the high temps over the USA.”
    Trump: “Can’t we just use an atomic bomb to get rid of it?”

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