Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: June 28th | MSNBC


Watch the top news stories and highlights from Monday's The Beat with Ari Melber where he discusses the Trump Organization’s response to the news indictments are coming. Ari also talks with Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen. The Beat' airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.

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“The Beat with Ari Melber” covers politics, law and culture on MSNBC nightly at 6pm ET, anchored by Emmy-winning journalist and attorney Ari Melber (@arimelber). The Beat focuses on original reporting and in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests, and was nominated for a 2020 Emmy in the Outstanding Interview category.

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  1. “INDICT ALL,” unequivocally, without a doubt; that man, 45th is totally responsible for the state of the
    USA’s aroma today!

    1. @Romeo When you do, the racist Democratic Republicans of yesteryear are yhe racist Republicans today. Your point is:????

    2. @Cecile King biden policy JUST NOW smacked down by United States courts because they are racist. That’s today’s democrats. Nothing new. Just bigots in the democrat party.

      “YOU AINT BLACK” – president BIDEN

      YOU ADMIT THAT DEMOCRATS HAVE A RACIST PAST THEN “STOP” in 1965 what took them so long? Huh BIGOT OF

  2. I have trouble believing that Trump is still on the street! He is responsible for 5 people being killed never showing any responsibility let alone show remorse!

    1. @Daryl Clifford the reason I said it was a loaded question is because it’s difficult if not impossible to state a reputable news source here in the United States( being 99% of the media is biased and corrupt) without stating who to ignore. Trust in the media is at a all time low, it was 26% last I checked. All the media no matter left or right biased lies and spits misinformation. I live in a country where the leadership backs an athlete that disrespect our national anthem when she’s competing for a spot in the Olympics to represent our country. This same leadership is fueling a civil war, You’re 100% correct. For a while I was getting news from your country Australia, and I’m not kidding. Most news sources affiliated with mainstream media are comedy.

    2. Add to that the thousands of COVID victims, here alone in the US, that didn’t have to needlessly die.

    3. @Kevin Willis do you mean covid that was most likely leaked from the Wuhan lab in CHINA that was performing gain of function experiments that was funded by the nih under fauci leadership? Do you mean the pandemic that was caused by CHINA that Trump ended by initiating warp speed that enabled the vaccines to be created and put into people’s arms in the shortest amount of time in history? Do you mean the thousands of lives lost due to the corrupt media and social media when they banned information on hydrochloraquin because Trump mentioned it as a treatment which is now found to be very affective against covid? Yeah, yeah that covid.

    1. @Ankathreen Hoffman Trump is NOT the AntiChrist BUT is the Great Deceiver the BIBLE warns us of !!! If he were the AntiChrist then only JESUS would Stop him !!! He is however a Delusional Madman Who Thinks Himself god !!! Definitely NOT the MESSIAH his conned Narrow Minded Followers believe he is !!! Demon Trump is the SPAWN of SATAN and will be defeated !!! We must UNIFY with the Love of GOD in HEAVEN and the Teachings of JESUS !!! Those Narrow Minded Followers and Domestic Extremist Terrorists and Cult Addicted RINOs of Trump will have to face Reality and realize they are GUILTY of IDOL WORSHIP to the false god in Florida !!!

  3. Finish trump already, we want him in prison. You got our permission because we are tired of hearing him, just do it.

    1. @David Hale; MSNBC, is undoubtedly one of the finest and most accurate program on the air waves, so yes of course they will professionally cover current events. Your sick criminal psychopath will be getting locked up soon, so he too will pass. You are truly a gd ignorant fool festering with confirmation bias.

    2. @Guy North I’m actually enjoying the slow death Trump and the GOP are experiencing as the charges pile up and the truth comes out, while every red hat wearing MAGA supporter slowly but surely gets all their trust in Trump undermined.
      If you’ve ever been lied to by someone you trusted implicitly, you’ll know how they are starting to feel and what that will result in – a certain kind of hatred for Trump and his acolytes. – A most enjoyable slow sure death to their movement whilst their mouths fill with bile. There will always be the blind and ignorant supporters, but their numbers will diminish over time leaving only people disgusted with the disrespect he has shown them after their undying support.
      Revenge is sweet but this is payback at another level, and the best part is – they did it to themselves.

    3. @David Hale And here you are crying about other people crying about your dumb boyfriend. We can do this all day

    1. Luckily, somebody who describes 74 million people who voted for the Republicans as fools has zero credibility.

    2. ​@TheDiamond2009 What’s credible is that the old orange duck lost by a land-slide, even after all his cheating (i.e. ripping up US postal boxes, intimidating voters at the polls, claiming mail-in ballots are fraudulent, intimating government officials directly to question the ballot counts, on and on and on with this low-life creep . We all know this to be true, choosing to not believe it doesn’t mean anything – it’s still true.

      Three Beautiful Words for America – TRUMP IS FINISHED. 🙂

    3. @TheDiamond2009 Why? Because 74 million people couldn’t be insanely wrong about something? Sorry that your political party became a cult of degenerates – it just DID, that’s all.

  4. trump to Weisselberg: Take the fall for me – I’ve got your back. I’ll pardon you as soon as I get back to the White house. Pinky promise.

    1. Can you imagine what his wife is thinking? All those years of living the high life, nose in the air, thinking their s%^t doesn’t stink! Many of Alan W’s family will lose everything. Assets will be cut – homes taken. They’re in for a hard time – it’s always the innocent ones who suffer.

    2. @time-to-shine I wouldnt say Allen Weisselberg is innocent. He also worked for Trump’s father, a long history.

    1. Yes the “ trumped up stop the steal “ BIG FAT LIE. 75% of the mental health crisis donations

  5. Bill Barr is now trying to rehabilitate himself. Oops! It really really hard to get that Trump Orange slime off once you’ve rolled in it!

    1. I hated Barr for many reasons. But that photo Op then gassing peaceful protesters was f***ing “Bloody Sunday” levels of oppression. That just crossed all kind of lines for me.

  6. Get him off the street! He’s a DANGER to our country!! I guess sending him to the poor house will do ALSO! Take his properties to pay back taxes!!!

  7. taxes and money is not what he needs to be charged with….it’s his abuse of women and his lies and his trying to bring down our nation for his profit

    1. huckster – True in some ways. But:
      1. abuse of women is personal. Not national.
      2. His lies are not relevant unless under oath. All people lie.
      3. Trying to bring down the nation is very vague.
      4. His profit is the American way.
      5. Taxes and money are quantifiable, include the IRS, FBI, DOJ.
      That’s why and how they got Al Capone.

  8. Trump’s about to stage another Online donors/supporters to help pay Weisselberg and his family to keep their mouth shut.

  9. If Allen is not cooperating now, and when indictments get handed down, Allen should have his rights forfeited at that point to flip and talk. With Allen, he has the opportunity now to talk, and he chooses not to!
    He needs to be indicted, and he needs to be given a mandatory prison sentence, and not allowed to talk at that point!

  10. If there was any justice left in this country, they will all go to prison for the rest of their lives!!

  11. You can bet that a lot people are anxious to see D.T. and all his cohorts procecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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