Watch: Craig Melvin Fires Back At Georgia Democrat Who Supports Trump | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @ItsNando20 Democratic states have been bailing out welfare red States for decades. Keep talking and one day you’ll say something correct.

    2. Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones Trump was acquitted of Russian collusion so you’re speaking fake news right if u say anything else. However Joe Biden Took his son Hunter and his granddaughter on Air Force two to China andorchestrated a $1.5 billion loan for his son Hunter’s company. Biden is also named in Ukraine for a criminal case where he used Quid pro quote to get a DA fired who is investigating his son for improper practices. How come you don’t talk about those things?

    3. @ProudMary Trump makes Joe look like a choir boy. You sound really good at fooling yourself.

    4. @Pha Q This comment is the best yet. There are some liberals who act like Trump has supernatural power over a virus or that Trump created this virus. One congresswomen called it the Trump virus. It came from China and their were doctors in China who were silenced by the Chinese government so as to not make China look bad. This whole thing is China’s fault.

    5. @Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones How old are you, Do you realize how Vulgar and nasty your “Handle” is?

    1. @Classy Lady Did you see the exchange of money? Or listen to his phone calls? Or was it conversation caught on a bugging device?

    2. C D where did he lie he told the truth and that question whether he was a campaign surrogate was super dumb that’s why he was frustrated

    3. C D You sound like one of those black Americans who hates blacks who don’t think like you or, more importantly, support the president. Is that who you are?

    1. Obviously you haven’t been doing any of your own research for the last 4 years. I don’t like Trump but everything Vernon said is fact.

  1. the media is always “firing back” at anyone who says anything positive about Trump…but yes this is totally unbiased factual news only

    1. @Sam Smith oh right, most of you think he’s a good business man despite the bankruptcies. Not sure why a good businessman would feel the need to scam people with a fake university. but w.e.

    2. @Sam Smith He really got owned and I was here for it. In the end, his only strategy was to end the interview because he couldn’t argue with facts, logic and common sense.
      Infact, why are journalists arguing and firing back? What happened to good ol’ unbiased reporting and interviewing?
      They are desperate!

    3. @AllYourBase Why do people always expect people to be 100% perfect with no mistakes? Make one mistake and thats it, game over for you people. Look how you people cancel others for small stuff. What you children fail to understand is that when working towards a hard to get to target, you are going to fail quite a bit. But you get through it and keep moving on. You may learn something from that mentality

    1. @Nick Pride
      I thought you were a Troll.
      But looking at your comments and channel.
      You’re more a low level Intern.
      …its a job right…

  2. The Democrats are all hurrying to cover this up. LOL. Love it. Jones thinks for himself…how dare he? Well done Mr. Jones

  3. This guy isn’t a reporter! How is a reporter allowed to dismiss someone just because they’re not agreeing with their narrative??!

    1. A reporter has an obligation to call out a lie. Is his duty to stop anybody that goes on his show to spread misinformation. Kudos to Craig for not letting another sycophant and his talking points use his show for propaganda.

    2. Yolanda Mercado Jones wanted to bring in the facts and Craig immediately misdirects to saying he must be a paid surrogate after he offered. He’s not a reporter. He’s a puppet.

  4. Never heard of this host, but he just got roasted. Are all hosts on msmbc racist? Asking for a Karen.

    1. I’ll be crying tears of JOY in November when my president gets reelected. It wont be long after that, and these individuals toppling statues will be getting rounded up. And of course, Covid will suddenly disappear.

  5. This is America. The man has a right to vote for who he wants to. Period. Get a ladder and get over it, liberals.

    1. Ro G And BLM is a terrorist group. You must be as blind as a bat if you don’t see that. You’re brainwashed.

    2. @Ro G Trump cant control who supports him. Plus he disavowed duke’s endorsement

    1. all the guy did was keep talking. Not owned. HE asked him if he’s a paid surrogate because he insisted on repeating the campaign talking points rather than continuing with the questions.

  6. “It’s not about politics?” “It’s what I can do for this country!” 😳. ….wth? A democratic politician exuding unwavering character and integrity? And, doing so against mainstream media’s divisive agenda…😳. I’m amazed. I wasn’t expecting that. The raw honest conviction in his belief. I loved it.

    1. *** Vernon Jones is taking money from Wrap Technologies , Which is seeking support from the administration for a new product called Bola Wrap a non lethal device used by law enforcement to detain suspects , Which Vernon is helping to push, He’s Selling Georgia Out For a Few Bucks, He’s a disgusting Human Being . Research it yourself.

  7. You go Rep Vernon Jones. I love how this reporter got put in his place. You met your match. Lol The media twists everything!

  8. “Why are you rebelling against the plantation? the plantation loves, the plantation provides, stop fighting and accept it” – MSNBC

    1. They don’t seem to understand that they flat-out accused him of corruption just because he was a black man supporting Donald Trump.
      He has posted a video response on his Twitter.

    2. I LOVED it! And they have the audacity to claim ‘he fired back’. The opposite is true but nothing the left media says surprises me anymore

  9. Pretty misleading headline there MSNBC… looks like Rep. Jones did most of the firing back.

    1. Craig had no agenda he kept quiet and let the clown bury himself , everybody knows what trump is about and that’s why a lot of republicans are voting for Biden

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