Watch Derek Chauvin as judge reads his sentence 1

Watch Derek Chauvin as judge reads his sentence


Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is sentenced to 22 and a half years for the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin was convicted on April 20 of second-degree unintentional murder, second degree manslaughter and third-degree murder in the 2020 death of George Floyd.

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    1. They’re trying to make it every way possible to make it easy for him 270 months why didn’t they just say years?

    2. Yeah it’s terrible to see him still not have any care for the killing he committed. Imagine one of you on the street putting your knee cap on the throat of someone and putting all your weight on it and it be recorded and showed on national TV. You being arrested and still not having an understanding for what your there for. Good thing he dosent have a badge and a gun anymore. Hope the right keeps backing this murderer saying they always back the blue. And argue against the capitol insurrectionist extremists killing an officer on Jan 6th.

    1. Just a reminder guys… The man that he so called “murdered” was George Floyd. A drug addict who never respected anyone or any rules in his life. He was a danger to the society and to women. He robbed a pregnant woman at gun point and on top of that.. He never cared once about his children. So I think you guys should stop following the trend and think for yourself a little bit. Oh… and he didn’t “murder” him.. The man was high on drugs and resisted arrest… The only term you can use here is negligence… So 22 years is enough for an ex cop who served his country to protect others from criminals.

    2. George floyd pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s stomach while his friend robbed her. PH U K GEORG FLOYD

  1. I used to work for the Courts and the Department of Corrections. I can tell from the look on his face he is numb. it hasn’t quite hit him that he’s really going to spend 15 to 22 years in a cell. That disbelief will disappear just about the time he steps off the bus.

    1. Excuses for chauvin
      1. It was bad training
      2. George really OD’d despite 3 medical examiners all concluding asphyxiation
      3. The judge was funded by George sorros
      4. The crowd outside (BLM) intimidated the jury
      5. The jury was really (BLM) who somehow was intimidated by the crowd outside who was also guess who…(BLM) …Conclusion? Irrationally ignorant Confederate boot licking morons defend this coward maybe we should go with chauvin lawyer and the “what a reasonable police officer would do” or “how to make chocolate chip cookies” pathetic

    2. Not enough time. He purposefully took a life. He murdered that man and only will serve 15 years in jail of that 22.

  2. Chauvin could find himself behind closed doors with angry people of color, serving 15 years for being caught with some weed.

    1. @Finnfsf thats what everyone says until they need the cops. Yes there are racist police but to say all police are racist is really stupid. The same as
      saying all Biden supporters are pedos.

    2. @Eric Cartman sorry, but he has to face Federal Court for violations of Mr Floyd civil rights in addition to a teenage that he violently beat …so he’s done.

    3. L Vega how do you know that? All white people think there better black and brow people. That is the reality. Just ask yourself if u would want to be black?

    1. This is not a broken system. It is a a system that was designed for one group of people’s benefit and not the rest.

    2. @Kira
      large amounts of what?
      ….weapons dealing?
      …human traffiking?
      Marijuana can be consumed without any injury to anyone. If someone behaves poorly at the same time they are under the influence of cannabis then there are laws on the books for that. Usually people mellow out when high. Who do you know or have you ever heard of anyone who over dosed and wasn’t fine the next day who didn’t have some kind of other health issues?
      Nobody should get life for selling cannabis.

    1. @Tony Montana I wasn’t sure if you were speaking about a specific person or someone in general. That is why I asked. It is not “bothering me.” Unless you are speaking about someone specific it seems like a strange thing to say.

    1. @Ice Blue that he looks like Tape face….got it ? It means if you put pictures of them side ny side, they would look almost the same.

    1. @Channelle James yeah it’s a real shame. The guy should have gone to court. Public defender’s can get you off anything. Unless he had priors.

    2. @Steve Young and this man should have been fired for the issues from his past and he would not be going to prison. And you might seek to change your thinking too so that you act in a way that is more humane. You have chosen to fight and be hurtful. There is something off about that

    3. @Channelle James No I’ve chosen to not act like George Floyd is some saint. If you want to act like a child and consider that fighting, go right ahead. But it does not matter WHO showed up. The guy died of the drugs in his system. This was to appease a mob, and the same city is now hiring 100k more cops and getting their budgets back. So you’re just being distracted, and nothing of consequence will come of this.

    1. Friendly reminder, if you met George at 3 am he would rob you, if you net Derek he would walk past you.

  3. This man will not last a minute if they put him with others inmates. He will be in a solitary confinement to the remaining of his prison time. This will drive him insane.

    1. I can’t even read this rn I’m so high off this Floyd pack. that Floyd Kush takes your “breath” away

    2. They’ll probably put him in one of the white-collar jails. Remember that the system that’s failed for so long is still the one putting him in jail.

  4. Thank you Judge Cahill for acknowledging the pain of all families especially the Floyd family.. something DC’s mother failed to acknowledge or accept!

    In peace I come and in peace I go

    1. @to_a_anustart what do u mean? George flayed was KILLED by the the police officer he had his knee on his neck. Pls- get ur facts straight before u look stupid.

    1. @Keeping Healthy Also the language you use is very peculiar. You avoid the word “murder”, the crime with which Chauvin has been convicted, and instead call it “abuse”. When you abuse someone to death, that’s murder. But yet you try to justify your refusal to call it murder by describing Floyd as a criminal drug addict.
      News flash: criminals and drug addicts do not deserve abuse as a punitive measure. They certainly don’t deserve death.

      You also keep referring to him, sarcastically, as “Prince George”. Please stop doing this. You don’t have to hold a high opinion of him, that’s your own business. But to mock him and the tidal wave of positive change that his death has brought about? That’s unnecessarily cruel. Please at least think about being a bit more respectful or neutral in your approach.

    2. @Cara G Daniel Shaver was murdered by police. No one cares because Daniel was white.
      Saint George was going to kill himself with an overdose of Fentanyl & meth.
      St. George also committed a crime and that was the reason he was stopped by police in the first place. Too bad it was a criminal cop that stopped him.
      Stop trying to make George Floyd into a saint because he isn’t.
      Yes, sadly, it took his death to bring about badly needed change.
      The murder of Daniel Shaver did nothing. The killer cop got to retire with full benefits. Research Daniel and let me know what you think.

  5. News anchor : I know people doing 15yrs for way less than this”
    Well then that is a problem with our justice system lol

    1. Whats the point of comparing everything? Not only is 22 years a LONG time especially in solitary, it was the number the judge arrived at from the sentencing guidelines. Judges don’t sentence based on how you feel about it. They sentence based on agrivating and mitigating circumstances.

    2. I know a guy who got 32 years for robbery.. Another guy i know got 15 for robbery. This is really light.

    3. @Red skull or perhaps do drop that soap again and again.. . No dis to consenting guy / bi guys intended in this comment im hertro and Mr C ain’t got some shawshank redemption goin on.

    1. Yeah I noticed that so the defense probably asked to handcuff him in the back but also last time he wasn’t in there custody, Time he was already in jail so they just put the suit on him in the back anyways

  6. Hearing about how his punishment includes recognition of the level of cruelty he showed to George Floyd didn’t bother him as much as hearing that he wouldn’t be able to possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives for the rest of his life.

  7. This dudes out the back door, no way hes in Prison. Firstly he arrives in a suit, no handcuffs around the ankles or hands. Was remanded into custody at the end and wasn’t even placed into cuffs.

  8. Anybody notice his mom got up there, and never apologize to the Floyd family. Only thinking of her son. This is where his crazy came from.

  9. Why didn’t he have to stand during his sentence and why wasn’t he handcuffed upon leaving? Entitlement at its finest. SMH

  10. That’s straight bs if any1 else would do this they would be looking at the death penalty and what about the other officers who were accomplises

  11. “22.5yrs is nothing he should’ve got 30”. Lol seriously have you ever set foot in a jail.

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