Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 25th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 25th | MSNBC


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  1. We’ve gone way too long not investing in the US’s worn out infrastructure. Trump had multiple infrastructure weeks but never got anything done just like his promise of a new healthcare plan that never materialized.

    1. @Barnabas Collins I’m curious what kind of response you were hoping to get out of acting like a child

  2. We’ll be able to move forward with infrastructure when Republicans stop running the country like slumlords. You need to spend money to make money otherwise you’re just running everything into the ground.

  3. Boy, I would rather watch paint peeling, than this mind numbing my line your line weirdness

  4. President Biden said he would only sign them when they came to his desk in tandem, he did not say he would veto any bill that came without the other.

  5. I believe the show Ben got the sentence that he deserved and I also watched his mother and I seen where some of his principles came from he was cold-blooded she did not care and I have nothing but pity for her and her son the man that he killed was a human being and he called out for his mother before he died rest in peace George Floyd and be with your mom and God

  6. As soon as the bipartisan commission sorts out who gets what pork, we’ll move to the implementation . . . that won’t take long because most of the money is being siphoned off leaving very little they can actually do on infrastructure. But don’t worry! Biden will hype it up to your satisfaction.

  7. Is MSNBC not going to address the fact that a court just found Rachel Maddow guilty of spreading lies? I feel like this is a huge story but has almost no coverage in the media.
    I’m absolutely disappointed in her as I have put my trust for so many years that she was speaking the truth. The Obama appointed judge ruled that her words should not be treated as fact but as entertaining. What a crazy tome for the news media.

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