Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 24th | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: June 24th | MSNBC


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  1. How can so many people self indulge in these lies to help themselves emotionally feel better about the loss? It just seems emotionally weak. They had no evidence so their belief the election was stolen was not derived from evidence. They just decided it and it made them feel better and so that was good enough for them. Grown adults?

    1. @frutbum p lol ok but Im glad he can conjugate a sentence together, Im glad he is not dead inside like the former guy.

    2. @Shahnul Islam Even the liberal media is aware of the Biden situation. It’s all coming out and he ain’t getting any younger. Biden is falling apart.

      The Trump Presidential Library has burned down. Tragically, the fire consumed both books, and Trump hadn’t even finished coloring the second one.

    2. @Shawn Johnson The O.P. is correct about the MAGA sheep, and you are correct about the politician puppet masters, although “widely read” is not entirely accurate. They are not at all well rounded, however they are highly educated, and well read in a myopic sense.

    1. They won’t move forward until there voters show, there not behind them, this is just working out how to cheat, nothing to do eith running the country, for the people

    2. They’ve almost complete lost any recognition between governance and protecting a position. Under Trump especially, they had to both defend his divisiveness and character so aggressively? They lost their center, and in doing so lost it for themselves. (It has been like watching a slow poisoning in self destruction.)
      Craziest thing? They see victory in it all solely on their high rate of succeeding in ‘obstruction void of governance’……a fiddler will be paid.

    3. When are people going to quit voting these ignorant fools in office?” “When will they get rid of the “Gerrymandering?” The country don’t need people like most of them that is left, in the party, that keep causing problems, to be in any office! They need to ask them to step down because they are all mostly a conflict of interest to the country, also most are involved in setting up that riot they had at the capital and is why they are fighting hard to keep those investigations from happening so, why would anyone not want them to investigated, even other “so called “Republicans should want this investigation so they can weed out those sickos!!

    1. Giuliani is always his own worse enemy and definitely Trump’s, if you ever need someone to draw attention to your corruption, Giuliani your man.

    2. At least Trump can’t threaten to have him disbarred anymore. Now Donald has to seal Rudy’s fate. Just watch. He’ll claim that Rudy didn’t deserve to be paid. “See, that’s why he didn’t get the money”. I guess Hunter’s laptop is Rudy’s part of it too. That was clearly a lie.

    1. @cuki-Face You’re an open book, Junior. In fact, you’ve tipped your hand. And it takes a real man and a real patriot to accept the sins of our fathers, recognize and admit our mistakes as a nation with courage and humility and seek solutions in order to achieve the as yet unrealized American vision of freedom and justice for all. It takes a nutless coward to claim to be a patriot while glorifying racist hatred and treason while denying our history. Know what I’m saying, Buckaroo?

    2. @dreamervanroom MAGA consists of infantile bullies. And low self-esteem is the primary driving force in bullies. It is the inner fear that they will be discovered to be the frightened gutless miscreants that they are. A cornerstone of this insecurity is over-compensation with ludicrous childish bravado, comprised of homophobia, racism, & misogyny. Putting others down is the only way they can establish the illusion of self worth.  

      This is the root of all haters which manifests in the above ways. Hatred of Jews, blacks, women, it doesn’t matter as long as these miserable parasites can convince themselves they are better than someone, because if all they have is themselves, that is who they fear and hate the most. Inner fear becomes self hatred, and all hatred destroys the hater.

  2. I am still baffled by how Trump impresses and influences so many people. I don’t live in USA, in fact in Africa. We are deemed 3rd world and I do understand this label. But Trump is embarrassing to the world, recognised by us 3rd world people. I feel for you in USA. Just so glad he is out of office. Still a future threat

  3. What the lady pointed out is a good example of why people need to educate themselves – race is a social construct – that doesn’t mean it’s not real, it means it IS real.

  4. So, maybe a blessing in disguise: If we can convince the Republicans their votes are meaningless, fewer of them will bother. Great!

  5. I don’t know how you can expect schools to teach this when a lot of schools don’t even teach reading and writing, how will students be able to understand which is needed!

  6. Republicans admitting to the truth? What’s that? They are Pinocchio’s team their model is: if my wife asks I was with you. ps: I’m 100% Italian we could care lass for Dump and his Dumpsters

    1. I am sure they will snap right to it the very moment that fish learn to whistle and pigs sprout wings and fly.

  7. YES- As Gen. Milley says– be Open minded—- and Be widely read— meaning LEARN!!!!!!!!– NOT stop learning around the country— This is Graduate level thinking– NOW we are worried about it in the K-12 classroom—— Just Wow

    1. So true Deborah. What’s wrong with teaching our leaders to think critically as oppose to indoctrinating them? What’s wrong with teaching our children to think critically. They will make us great leaders one day.

  8. It was refreshing to here him speak in this manor with the passion he did hats off this man

  9. Yesterday, Andrew Yang publicly conceded in the NYC mayoral race. At least he was man enough to admit he lost!

  10. Love how Matt could only shake his. He didn’t understand a word that general said. He was like “na uh”. Loser.

    1. @sharon trujillo cuz that general can literally end him, and gaetz is only a coward. at all times.

  11. General Mark A, Miller is my hero. Republican party is Critical Race Theory as a wedge issue to take back power in 2022 midterm.

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