WATCH: Motorcyclist appears to punch off car mirror while driving on busy highway in Ontario 1

WATCH: Motorcyclist appears to punch off car mirror while driving on busy highway in Ontario


A motorcyclist appeared to punch off the mirror of a car on a busy highway in Ontario, police are investigating the incident.

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    1. @sharpy 345 ok… and you don’t think the motorcycle guy may have done something prior to that??

      Or do you just blindly take the side of the agressor?

    1. I ride, almost every time I go out 1 of these. 4 wheelers cut me off. My philosophy is that if you don’t use your mirrors then you won’t miss it!

  1. Like are you stupid? he was coming back to do something,,,and punching mirrors is trending,, with guys with anger issues. .

  2. If you don’t use your mirrors when driving, you won’t miss them when you don’t have them anymore!

    1. Murder happens and you go to jail. You can be tough as you want surrounded in your metal box you weak human being.

    2. @ScotianSouthy play stupid games win stupid prizes. You bikers act so tuff with your crouch rockets and then if gets threaten “you’re going to jail for murder”.

  3. I see these crotch rocket pilots on the roads all the time. You know why they get cut off? They drive at ridiculous speeds. I can cycle through my mirrors and see nothing, signal for a lane change and like a flash, crotch rocket. Most motorcycle accidents are speed related. You wanna drive fast, you’re gonna get cut off from time to time. Bunch of snowflakes on bikes.

  4. Bikers DON’T DO stuff like that Without REASON. $5 says the driver Cut Off the bike moments before in a manner that Threatened the Bikers Safety….but That part ISN’T Shown.
    Obviously the person who Posted this is playing the Victim here.

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