Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 6th | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Monday's The Rachel Maddow Show where reports on a new effort by Wisconsin Republicans to "investigate" the 2020 election with an eye toward denying Donald Trump's loss and undermining faith in democracy in the United States. Rachel also talks with a cybersecurity reporter for the New York Times about ongoing ransomware attacks by Russia-based hackers. Watch the top news stories and highlights from The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.

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  1. The citizen’s of the states that the Republican’s are doing this recount, should sue the state for giving out their information illegally to unofficially people !

    1. @Joke Biden um, nope, not what happened. Can’t change history buddy. Just like you can’t fabricate fraud. Once a troll…

    2. @Bjorn Jorgenbjorgenhoogenboogen not only that, but her lawyers claimed the “Alex Jones” defense when she was sued by One America News. How can these sheep keep watching her?

    3. @Harold Ruiz Guess what? That reference ALSO describes MSNBC. Like two peas in a pod. My advice is stop watching both of them

    1. @Skyking67832 It takes a rational person to understand what you said, lower your expectations for the obstructionist illiterates,..LOL!

    2. @Ahmad Abdullah How many of those hearings did you watch? Or are you just repeating what you heard, like a good little sheeple?

    3. @Petro Snell how about comparing journalism’s awards between your three too cnn and or NBC

  2. Germany is taking their Afghan support with them, they know that these people will definitely be targeted by taliban criminals. Get the helpers out.

    1. @Lazarus Jones well that isn’t true, but having the first President in too long that didn’t begin a war was nice enough all alone. Ya know?

  3. Seems like many of our citizens are made up of Trump look-a-likes. You are who you follow.

    1. @William Haugem no, I don’t have enough volume in my hair to be Rachel Maddow unfortunately

    2. He woke them up and gave them permission to show their true selves. Nasty, aren’t they?

    1. @rob champ
      Oh how the orange one is suffering EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF THE DAY! His struggle is for you and your country; how is it like to share in his pain? After he riles you all up, for a brief moment he is satisfied, he sleeps better because of your suffering! You fuel him. Spread the hate far and wide across the country! Make others hate too! And watch others suffer then perhaps your leader will be satisfied; but no! His soul is far darker than that!
      Trumpkind cannot bear too much really! His actions are unredeemable as are his words; no amount of suffering in others can restore his balance or reinstate his false narrative! Trumpkind chooses unreality which he can control ; only he decides what you think; one thing today, something that has not yet occurred to you tomorrow will animate you with outrage and hate!

    2. @Rob Champ TRUMP university student. Major international foolishness. Minor underwater basket weaving. Very therapeutic.

  4. MAGA candidates are good for moderate Democratic challengers. Let them run these lunatics.

  5. Rachel
    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the Manchurian Candidate? In comparison to the current climate dictates.
    It is like being killed slowly by a sloth by the time you are dead it is too late.
    Manchurian Candidate would be my best guess what the demented Republican Party Leaders are doing.
    Ed Zammit

  6. The republican party is NO differs t now Tha. They were 40 years ago, they just don’t care about you enough to hide thier base beliefs of hate, racism, classism, and xenophobia anymore

    1. @cocomo you do know that the “made up term” has been used since 1837, right? I mean, dang… he’s pretty old, but he’s not THAT old.

    2. @JG2733 how? As more minorities vote for him than Bush? Were becoming racist because of critical race theory and black lives matter sacrificing a gross amount of black lives post movement in inner cities through anti police strategy.

    3. Correct AND so too the people who follow them because every so often one of them lets slip how the under belly is pure racism.

    4. @hew195050 I’ve run into like 5 racist democrats in my spree today. Give me a break. Democrat’s Critical race theory is racist. The End.

    1. Biden stayed home and took naps instead of doing campaign trail. The Democrats helped him to steal the election with “Voting w/o proof of ID”, “Bloated Voter Rolls”, “Ballots Harvesting” and “Voting by non-citizens”

    2. Exactly. Every district the Republicans are trying to oust their own the DNC needs to pounce and support a strong (D) nominee.

    3. @Joke Biden You mad, bro? Lots of claims, and no proof, not even evidence to back your claims. Not even Trump and his “elite strike force” of leaky and flatulent lawyers, could provide evidence for any of those claims in the courts.

      One might expect that your evidence would be paired with serious errors tied to a substantial and demonstrated set of illegal votes AND who those votes were for. Instead, all you’ve got is just a lot of “He said”, “She said”, “Hearsay” nonsense, and imaginary video claims.. They fall far short of any kind of compelling evidence and legal support undoubtedly needed to grant a court-ordered disenfranchisement of every voter in the states contested.

      Advice. try removing your head from the deep dark regions of Trumps capacious hoop before it becomes a permanent part of his anatomy. I mean really, move on. You cultists and your golden idol lost more than 7 months ago. Get over it.

    4. @NebTheWeb hes just trolling, dont bother ^^ That guy needs to don the adult pants and grow up, thats all ^^

    1. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….👈😳…

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….👈😳…

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..👈😳…..

    2. Yes. Republicans might have plausibly held on for another 15-20 years, but they decided to make their last, suicidal stand on Trump Hill.

    3. It’s not trump they’re pushing. Most GOP politicians hate him. It’s what he represents to his Disciples. #’s + $$.

  7. Because it really doesn’t matter who votes; only who counts the votes!
    Wake up Democrats!!!!

    1. @Linda Schreiber you don’t think Dems count the votes? At least feel secure about it silly. They can’t even run their primaries.

    2. Dem strategists have said illegal immigration plus no voter ID are their best chance for an unbeatable future. You should party if anything.

  8. Anyone remember when Trump derisively referred to these “sh*thole countries” …? How is this any different?

  9. Trump and his Magatts are like the Energizer bunny. The lies keep, going, and going, and going.

    1. We’d do far better to start trusting in honesty, education, facts and truth instead of myths.

    2. There is no god, so might as well say ‘In Santa we trust’. America does need help, especially from fanatics that want to grab power.

    3. The people causing all the trouble are very big on the whole trusting god nonsense, yet in all history I have never noted any gods helping anyone. One hand in action is infinitely more powerful than two clasped in prayer.

    4. @Charlotte Rowe truly Charlotte…your name means freedom. L’chaim from Jacoba born March 11…in Bethlehem 1962

  10. Seems like a whole lot of trouble, when the GQP could DO away with the whole voting system altogether like most dictatorships do.

    1. @maria schultz You guys remind me of a cat following the laser dot. Look here , no there, no here. led around like sheep.

    2. @OldManGhost May I suggest it is more like lemmings following the leader (you know, “dear leader”, the “very stable genius”) over the cliff ….

  11. Trump, the first African Dictator in the USA, was described by Trevor Noah. What Rachael is describing is the end of democracy and organized government.
    I am slack-jawed.

  12. The Republican party doesn’t deserve to be in power anymore. If they can’t respect the system, they have no place being in charge of it.

  13. “The insurrection was an existential crisis, a test of whether our democracy could survive,” President BIden says. “It did, but the struggle is far from over. The question of whether our democracy will endure is both ancient, and urgent.”

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