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  1. How Americans wake up every morning with some kind of HOPE for their Country , is beyond me. 😔 sad

    1. @Zethical Conduct All out war fends off Autocracy. It depends how much freedom is wanted. All out war?

    2. @Beth D I think you should read all my comments. Laurie Huntley stated how we Americans can wake up every morning with some kind of hope. You stated “Who says we do”? I responded “Who says we don’t”? If we’re going to talk about all the people and how they feel, then there are two sides. I happen to believe you have to have some kind of hope and faith in the people to vote for Biden, otherwise there’s another four years of Trump. I have NEVER been a fan of Trump, having watched him and his actions from the 80’s to now, so I don’t know why you went on such a long comment?? I’m a political junkie who watches and listens to everything Trump says and does. I see what’s happening, I watch his speeches, not just listen to the media. Criticizing someone about how they sleep is kind of rude. Btw I didn’t vote for Trump either.

    3. @Donna Johnson
      You were not criticized for how you sleep. I wrote ‘if you can sleep.’ I’m a reader. What I’m reading about Trump is he is filled w/rage, gets hostile and constantly lies. Scary combination! Thank you for your kind reply, Donna. 🙂

    1. We need the horror movies to relax from reality. I hope the horror show ” Unteachable apprentice Trump” will be finally over in November of this year.

    1. @Leonie Romanes Trump wins in 2020.
      Soon is an undetermined amount of time & you just need to do the simple math to know the answer to when he will be out of the WH.
      I mean you can’t really believe that Joe Biden could win a debate with Trump do you?

    2. @Peter Bills Remember W. Barr saying – Their is NO Doubt that Spying did occur.
      He has also been or record as saying that the investigation will not be just a written report.
      Just recently he has stated that he does believe that indictments will be coming soon.
      That coupled to Hillary Clinton being ORDERED to Testify under oath about he Secret Email Server with all the Top Secret intelligence on it that Never was cleared to be OFF the SECURED Government system.
      Obama on record saying he never knew about it but actually always did & was using it to do work with Hillary threw it.
      Not saying its going to take down anyone so high up just sayin its not close to over yet.

    3. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever don’t hold your breath… PLEASE, I want you to keep commenting.

    4. @wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever So you come up with a list that you heard from someone else and that’s fact? Just because you typed a reply on a YouTube post doesn’t make it facts or proof… Now, can you explain why trump is the one. No other republican has the same beliefs that trump has? Are they all cowards?

  2. News flash that’s what they have been up to for the past 20yrs. That why voter suppression.

    1. You are very right. He can’t operate without Obama in his head. He is very obsessed with Obama.

    2. @Chris Morrison, I wonder what excuse he will use to cover up why he has lost to Biden? The dog ate my campaign propaganda?

    1. @Phoebe Graveyard And you are an expert? The stuff you refer to are stories. Not Dogma. Try reading the Sermon on The Mount.

  3. “Post Policy Party” is just another way to say WORTHLESS.


  4. Our Federal government hasn’t taken a firm grip on this covid-19 issue at all PERIOD!….. Its been the most hap hazard crisis response you could imagine. I don’t think I could have done a better job at intentionally coming up with a more disorganized response….. They have literally totally botched this up… I use the word botch for another word that starts with an F and ends with UCKED…… This administration is either totally clueless, or they are doing some shady business. Or both…. Please vote these imbeciles out of their unqualified positions in November……. Every day is a nitemare with them still screwing us……

    1. 🇺🇸✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿🙏🏻
      T R U M P 2 0 2 0 !
      See ya in NOVEMBER!!! 🥳

    1. @Uncle Ed There’s no evidence of it. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence of Trump being a sexual predator. He brags about it in the Access Hollywood tape.

  5. You got it right Rachel Maddow you hit the nail right on the head! Republicans only want money and power they don’t give a s*** about America! It started with Nixon Reagan help that along with capitalism and now Trump a tyrant!

    1. @Uncle Ed Affirmative. And to the OP about Trump being a tyrant, has Trump sent in troops to CHAZ yet? I hope the mayor of Seattle isn’t negotiating with this sovereign nation of 12 square blocks because that would be a violation of the Logan Act.

    1. @Mr Butters I’m so sorry you lost your cousin in such a terrible manner. No efforts were made to provide good care and protection.

    1. They’re going to have to sage, sterilize and preform an exorcism on the place when someone normal finally takes over.

    2. This is genius sir/madame. The Emerald City is Seattle. CHAZ. Communism.
      USA. Democratic Republic. Law and order residing in the White House.
      No tyranny to quash protests, some riots, letting the State Governors and those cities Mayors address their Federally granted responsibilities.

  6. Calling the Republicans a “post-policy party” – is confusing — better if author Steve Benen had used the phrase “Non-policy party” – driving home the sad reality – that as
    a party – it’s a pathetic nullity – a negative force that does not have the best interests of the American people as a whole – but is flagrantly self-interested,
    and sees its purpose solely in re-election – fattening itself in perpetuity.

    1. RJCHOICE really, u can only dumb something down so far before it carries no meaning at all. I think post policy is pretty clear, if the people you are trying to reach know what policies are.😐

    2. @Crystal Giddens
      Good lord no.
      Any place that could send Mitch McConnel to the senate, is probably not a good fit for a man like me.
      What about you?😎

    3. I agree. ‘post…’ suggests getting past something less good than this present ‘post…’ situation- as e.g. post-war, post-Katrina, post-colonial period..

  7. It seems a crime that anybody has to fight for the same rights and equal treatment as citizens (and tax paying citizens at that-unlike Trump) regardless of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation or transgender in a supposed ‘free’ country. US citizens take your country back from these fascists in Nov. Bring sanity, compassion and tolerance back.

    1. As someone who’s is looking at USA from across the pond we have our own version of bumbling buffoon , however yours is truly incompetent, I do hope that you that can find your way back

    2. Well said and agreed. Please America kick this orange clown and his butt kissing republican sycophants to the curb with the garbage.

  8. No accountability, the GOP especially since after 911.
    … everyone of them has broken their oath because of their profound dishonesty and corruption.

    1. We have 22 Republican Senate seats to flip blue. It will take decades for the Republican Party to ever be the majority party again. That will be our only salvation. Everyone must vote. United we stand. They have only themselves to thank.

    1. @Diane R. Christians who don’t like LGBTQ folks, obviously.
      So, basically ALL Christians.
      Belief without evidence allows anything. It is extremely dangerous.
      Religion causes otherwise good men to vote for very bad people.
      If you believe in magical gremlins you should probably stay out of politics, no?

    2. Please stop referring to those gutless, hate-filled Pharisees as such. Those of us who actually believe in Jesus’ messages of tolerance and brotherhood do not have anything to do with these hypocritical monsters in human-suits.

    3. Brain Jones Exactly! People hiding behind their “Christianity” like a shield, meanwhile espousing hatred.

    4. @Devin Smith I was a Pentecostal “Holy Roller” You could not be more WRONG!!! The FAKE Fundamentalist Jerry Falwell types DO NOT believe in the “gifts of the Spirit” and DENOUNCE them!

    5. @MeanGeneSanDiego I don’t see how there is any disagreement between us. I concur with everything you just said. What was I wrong about IYO?

  9. It will be pondered and studied by historians for years on how such a moron could actually be elected president. J

  10. It’s been my life time not the last decade the republicans have been horrible since Ronnie Rayguns

  11. “The GOP says: Government doesn’t work – put us in charge, and we’ll prove it.” Al Franken

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