Watch Rep. Jordan clash with Rep. Plaskett on the credibility of FBI whistleblowers

Three self-described FBI whistleblowers, who are key to the Republican narrative that the FBI is weaponized against conservatives, testified at a House hearing Thursday. Republicans framed the whistleblowers as courageous for coming forward with their claims. Democrats, raised concerns about their access to information about some of those claims and questioned the credibility of the individuals testifying. CNN's Sara Murray reports. #CNN #News


  1. GYM’S star witnesses are duds. These guys didn’t lose their security clearances for urinating in public. If they broke the law, they deserved what they got. GYM doesn’t mind turning his head to unsavory happenings.

  2. “Toe the line they want.” Let me interpret that. That means following established rules and protocol for investigative proceedure. And rules and protocol for protection and security of those proceedures. They got suspened for violating those rules which could endanger innocent parties. These are not single violations. They would have had to do it twice to get clearences revoked

  3. Gym Jordan was that kid who didn’t do his homework and tried to pass the test with Cliffs Notes.

  4. Jordan’s mouth will be his downfall in the end. So sad we have had and have yet to endure his crap.

    1. I’ve noticed that 90% guitar lovers hate Trump.
      All they do is sit and doing music 24/7 no life. No wondering they don’t go out to see how much inflation. So you do not care about us all but your guitar.

    1. It’s owned by a Republican wouldn’t be surprised. Remember “alternative facts” from trump admin? Good times.

  5. I’d like to ask them their opinions on “Legalized Slavery” and the way young black men have been selectively policed for decades. Sounds like the FBI is just selectively investigating where alot of federal crimes are happening … Conservative, White America.

  6. Im surprised the FBI hasn’t cracked down on pedophiles from Ohio State University😂😂😂

    1. Prove to everyone again that you did not watch the whole hearing. Your comment is absured and out place given the seriousness of the information revealed in that hearing.

  7. Gym Jordan investigating weaponization is like Jeffrey Epstein investigating sexual misconduct.

  8. Jordan’s witnesses remind me of the time when tobacco companies were presenting “experts” who asserted that cigarette smoking did not cause lung cancer. Look hard enough and you can always come up with some clown to support your agenda. In such cases, ask how many disagree.

  9. These people have the guts to stand up to what they think is wrong Blinkey,something that you would never do.

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