1. @mike brigs
      ANTIFA!!! Derp duhdurr!
      So tell me, Mr. Terrorism Expert…
      What exactly is ANTIFA!!!?

  1. Trump only looked about being reelected than solving countries issues, Biden does not using TV every minute he works every second to help the people.

  2. For 5 years the corporate media called good people evil, and now they have no words left to make Americans believe them about the Taliban.

  3. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

  4. Well if she sets a precedent with this, chances are there’s going to be a lot more of them sued into the Stone Age

  5. Even though the WS threatened a law official’s life and caused the deaths of capitol police, they still won’t spend much time behind bars.

  6. DeSatan wouldn’t have to use a football stadium to “treat” covid in children if he hadn’t intentionally put their lives in danger in the first place.

    Honestly he NEEDS to be sued by parents that wanted to protect their kids. As for the parents that agreed with and supported his “no mask” wearing kick rocks.

    1. Its the “miraculous” solution to the problem he created in the first place…
      But will magaheads think of it like that … nooooooooo!

  7. End Trumpism, end filibuster, voting rights, medicare for all, student loan forgiveness, climate change…that is what I voted for. None of that yet AND he is being damned for doing the right thing and getting us out of Afghanistan. Praying for my country.

  8. Did you see how everyone was hugging and kissing each other.? Did you see all of the love that was shared? You didnt? Why not? Wait. Could it be that what was said about the thugs that attacked the Capital was a lie? Wow it’s so unlike Mr. Trump to lie. Wait again. That’s all he does. LIE and LIE again.

  9. DeSanitis’ replicative behavior of Trump is a tell of how he would preside as president. Mini-Me Much? 🙈

    1. 😂
      Don’t think he’s going to run as one though… I saw a flag bearing Trump’s name and his name below (smaller letters than Trump’s)! So definite VP?

  10. Ari. Why is Maddox the only one reporting on Pompass Pompao secret deal with the Taliban. Start Reporting!

  11. Mr. Biden has standards and he will HOLD those standards as he has each and every day. 👍 Unlike the former Mob Boss / trump.

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