1. @# not my PEDO : They have to. If they deal with the group that just doesn’t want the democrat / liberal alternative ? they will have to deal with what THEY are doing. AND, why that list is growing every day.

    2. @srgreeniii time to post facts else where the Marxist bots are censoring and silencing free speech again

    3. @Gary Campbell I call you guys Normies. Non political affiliates
      But Normies are now even waking up now to the psychotic leftist agenda


  1. Florida yesterday reported 800 new covid deaths. HALF of yesterday’s US total daily covid death toll is FLORIDIAN.
    “Give me freedom or give me death!!” They say. Well now you have both, congratulations!!!

    1. @Kikeordaz Martinez yeah I totally get why Florida REPUBLICAN controlled health care system would manipulate datas in order to make REPUBLICAN governor Ron DeSantis look bad and gain political points

    1. @Censorship Is real Democrats agreed that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda had to pay for their sins and so they went to war. The occupation was part of the misguided thought that America could put a puppet in power. Afghans killed the British puppet in the nineteenth century along with 3000 others. No puppets are allowed there.

    1. Just watch Hannity head moving, you’ll know when he’s lying. If you believe like Hannity said the vaccine doesn’t work, please don’t get it, hopefully this wil prevent your genes to be carried in a future generation

    2. @Bruno Gauthier you’re talking about reporters lying? When this country under your illegitimate president has hostages in Afghanistan? When you’re president lied to the country saying Afghanistan will not fall to the taliban? It fell in a week! When he lied saying he wasn’t Warned! He left all the equipment there and handed it over to the taliban! Open borders and it’s not Mexicans that are coming in it’s the Chinese that are coming in!!!!!!!!! I live in arizona and I’ve seen the Chinese. Good thing a judge ordered Biden to go back to Trump policies when it comes to the border. Lies???? How many times has msnbc lied about trump? Russia scandal? Their not talking about it now! Don’t talk about lying this president is the epitome of lying.

  2. Afghanistan the “graveyard of Empires”. Ask the defunct Soviet Union how they did! And 1 yr from now, no one will care we are out except the Afghan’s who laid down their guns and walked away……😐 and all the Americans who will not be sent to….Afghanistan

    1. Afghanistan was JUST another republican lie, that there was weapons of mass destruction! Lies have consequence the war cost billions of dollars , countless lives, and destruction.

    2. The Mongols seemed to have conquered Afghanistan just fine.

      The Greeks too.
      Oh, and the Persians, Mughals as well.

      Ask the Soviet Union? You mean during their successful invasion in 1929 and again in 1930?

  3. Why would you criticize a man for trying to clean-up a 20 year debacle?
    And why would anyone think that cleaning up a 20 year debacle would be easy or pretty? Especially in a country like Afghanistan.

    1. @Lee, so who was it that negotiated the complete withdrawal of all US and alloed forces from Afghanistan by May of 2021 with the Taliban during negotiations that excluded the government of Afghanistan and made an agreement that largely relied on trusting that the Taliban would live up to their word, as if that was actually a possibility. So who was it that facilitated the release of the cofounder of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, from a Pakistani prison and acceded to the Taliban’s demand that the Afghanistan government be excluded from the negotiations and that 5,000 Taliban fighters who had been captured and who were being held by the Afghanistan government be released?

    1. Will he wear protective glasses, and be behind protective glass? Of course. He’ll even have security so he feels safe. Delta if you’re listening, get it done.

  4. The lady is there to repat anything those two cows are saying. Also when they was saying people not vaccinate.

  5. An MPP (government official like a Dem or Rep) in Canada won’t get the vaccination so he was kicked out of the Caucus. hmmm…..could be a good idea, right for us.

  6. Hannity viewers hear him contradicting himself. They hear him lying. Maybe they are truly not mentally stable enough to know how to react when someone they trust is caught lying to thier face.

    1. Done very well? 3 trillion in added debt in less then a year. Un vaccinated people coming in through our southern border. Afghanistan has American hostages. He left all the modern weapons in taliban hands, at least he could have destroyed them. He lied and said Afghanistan wouldn’t fall. It fell in a week. He has opened the doors to China and Russia to enter Afghanistan. Our allies condemned his decision and don’t trust in the alliance anymore. Mmmm you support that huh? Hes trying to expand healthcare for non citizens. Hey why don’t you pay for a non citizens healthcare if you’re so much for it? Put them on your healthcare plan.

  7. I don’t like this news Ari but I’m glad that you and your colleagues can and are reporting it. Thank you, you are making the world a safer place 🙂

  8. I do believe that he should have gotten Americans and those that helped us out before the troops left, but as far as I’m concerned President Biden is still good in my book!

    1. Wow, Lynette! You really are brainwashed by the left wing media. You need to get out and see what is happening in the world an how your brain dead “president” is actually performing.

  9. When 9/11 happened and we were telling Senators that wasn’t a rap that we didn’t want to go to a war with Iraq that oh it’s Biden’s fault if I’m not mistaken wasn’t George W bush the person who started the Iraq War so we should be calling this two Republicans 20-year long War

  10. 90% effective still means 10% ineffective. Which is why it’s still important to try to reduce the amount of virus still floating around out there.

  11. Everybody will forget about this Afghan mess in a couple of months and find something else to deride Biden on.

  12. Here’s a song Clive Davis knows well: “IT’S MONEY THE MATTERS, IN THE USA! IT’S MONEY THAT MATTERS, THAT’S WHAT I SAY!”.

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