Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 22nd | MSNBC 1

Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 22nd | MSNBC


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  1. “You literally can’t believe the facts that Tucker Carlson tells you.” – actual defense used in court by Tucker Carlson.

    1. @Ebaneezer Scourge The Delta variant is surging in red states. How’s that owning the Libs working for you?

    1. @thegreen iguana Then can you agree to not have the police called to scrape you off the windshield/road or notify your next of kin? Also, stay at home if you get Covid. You have the right not to infect doctors and nurses. Deal?

    2. @Sheila Goos If Im dead I wont call them, its up to them if they want to scrape me off the winshield.

  2. If they decide Not to buckle up and smash their face on their own steering wheel. That’s fine with me.. But I prefer that they don’t come flying through “My” windshield.

  3. We already require vaccines for some jobs and for schools and in military. “Don’t shove the vaccine down my throat”… but make sure I have expensive medications and a hospital room with special equipment to save my life when I get the virus.

    1. The epitome of ignorance and entitlement, the maga tools should be denied medical treatment

  4. “People have a right to decide their own healthcare”. They do, but do they have the right to cause other people to die, albeit unwittingly perhaps, through their negligence? If unvaccinated person A infects person B who ultimately dies, person A may be completely unaware they caused person B’s death and oblivious to their role in that death. Person A, nonetheless, is not blameless. This is not just about personal responsibility, this is also about social consciousness and conscientiousness. Are we a country of only ‘me’ or a country of ‘me and we’?

  5. Anyone who dies of Covid-19 listening to Tucker Carlson, meanwhile Tucker is vaccinated should sue Fox and Tucker liar Carlson

    1. @Terry Mammone I wasn’t talking to you because you are drawn into the black hole of Trumpism. Tucker Carlson rhetoric about the vaccine is absurd meanwhile he took it. You just said is more about you and your doctor, but when people like you who are trumpified can think for themselves, Tucker Carlson fill in the blanks.

    2. @Terry Mammone My doctor said to get the vaccine. MOST doctors would tell you to get the vaccine. Stop pretending you listen to ANY experts. You’re just looking for excuses for your ignorant stubbornness.

    3. @Terry Mammone Millions of people listen to Fox News. I know people who won’t take the vaccine based on what they have heard on Fox News and social media. They don’t trust what their doctors say either or any other scientists. But you just think you’re being cute with your little statements.

  6. Fox Entertainment has a completely different View on covid-19 than they did on Ebola…strange how they see things.

  7. Ari, quit springing Tucker on us…geez, def not for the faint of heart…he should go to space and stay there!!!

  8. That guy at 6:35 : Yeah perhaps you should have supported not for profit universal healthcare… the jab may be free but hospitalization can cost you your house.

  9. Te information by Tucker should be considered criminal- putting children’s life at stake. Isn’t that neglect and impacts other children?

  10. Tucker Carlson is an intellectually and morally dishonest individual. His insistence against vaccines makes him a dangerous to society. He is a disgrace to journalism ! Kudos to Mr. Ruddy of Newsmax for telling the truth.

  11. Can’t wait until that guy sees his medical bills. I guess being stubborn and spending tens of thousands of dollars is worth it for freedumb.

  12. That’s an example of the many yokels who’d rather over stretch hospital’s resources than keep all around safe. They don’t care if those around them, family, friends & neighbors, get sick. Heartless.

  13. So Carlson needs to spent two months with polio patients who weren’t given polio drops as an infant, or learn history of small pox….

  14. Love Biden…” that’s good, that’s good”. Yes, it is! GET VACCINATED!. Do as Fox hosts do ( get vaccinated) not what they say ( don’t get vaccinated)

  15. Its people like him that are the reason we are going back to wearing masks and people DYING.. Stupidity sometimes is never realized by the originator…This guy is a perfect example of this bizarre fact..

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