1. @rramales1 I am not depressed but care about Ukraine people, but i don’t want them to be killed and what Zelensky is doing is nothing but stupidity. A blind bravery will only lead to disaster.

  1. He was an actor before being president of Ukraine. This man and his countrymen are fighting for their freedom against Russian military might. No one thought they could last this long but their bravery and will to fight are awe-inspiring. I stand with Ukraine and anyone who fights for freedom and democracy.

    1. And he is still an actor; a mere puppet of the US, a facade.

      This war is showing how really ignorant and naive the average western citizen really is.

    2. So was Ronald Reagan and Arnold but they both did fairly well. Actors are pretty intelligent. They make great public speakers and can hold strong characters.

    3. @vshah1010 This would be a good time to claw back that 1.3Trillion tax cut the rich got and use it to help people in need.

  2. A few months ago our school in Prague started to get larger with an influx of Ukrainian children, there was a morning I’ll never forget, I asked one boy a question and the teacher assistant said to me in English,”he doesn’t understand you he’s just come from Mariupol , his city is completely destroyed! His face was filled with pain and confusion but over time he’s become a real member of the school and our Czech community and so many other students and their parents have integrated so well here, Czechs are 100% backing Ukrainians and I look forward to be able to communicate more with our new friends

    1. @Ziva Radlovacki I’m assuming with your name, you’re one of Putin’s lab rats living either in fear of years doing hard labour or being spoon fed on a diet of pure garbage.
      But I’m glad you’re giving me the opportunity to let you know what I think of any russian scum that dare to promote such a horrible and criminal act on a sovereign nation that wants nothing to do with you, just like the rest of the world.
      You speak of Nazi like you have a clue….
      In case your state media have restricted reality for you, please let me fill you in … ZELENSKY IS A JEW… pretty much the polar opposite of a Nazi.
      Now don’t you forget this, you are currently in a world war…
      It’s the World against russia (won’t even grace your country with a capital letter..)
      Believe me, I only ever want peace, harmony and each human on the planet to prosper and flourish…

      Now you can either find out the facts, stand up for what is right or enjoy the consequences of what your idiotic leader has bought upon you….

      The world hates what your leader is doing, I stand with the world and I most definitely with Ukraine !!!
      ✊🏽🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦

    2. @Sonofabeach71 you mean like dosens of countries US invaded on false pretence? So you havent heard there are nazis in Israel? Wow. You are right about Zelensky though, he is Jewish Russian who is controled by Ukrainian nazis. And no I am not Russian nor I hate normal Americans or Ukrainians but people who call others rats just because they do not agree with them I do hate, doesnt matter nationality. Now take your nationalism and fascism and stick it up your arse.

    3. @Ziva Radlovacki if you don’t like it, stop sticking up for criminals, repeating their lies and trying to validate brutal slaughter of innocents …
      I can’t be happier that someone like you hates me… I really can’t.
      That means that I’ve done my very small part in standing up for and with Ukraine 🇺🇦
      And Guess what? I’m the vast majority of the world that I’m sorry to say you unfortunately inhabit…

    4. @Sonofabeach71 good, if you are majority Im glad I do not belong there. Like you are sticking up for US criminals that invaded hundred+ countries and killed millions of innocent, you mean? Now go follow your herd.

  3. It’s a thrill to see the overwhelming reception,well deserved . The best to all Ukraine’s people, you are lucky to have this man during this time.

    1. Congress isn’t capable of giving a heartfelt reception to a genuine and inspiring leader — It’s all performance and political strategy. What I do find encouraging is that the exuberant reception indicates that supporting Ukraine has been deemed so popular that no politician is willing to be seen giving less than 100% to Zelenskyy’s face. Maybe this means all the talk of “blank checks” from McCarthy is just a dog & pony show for his hyperpartisan base, and cutting support for Ukraine would be political suicide even for Republicans.

    2. I keep thinking that Trump and his insurrectionist troops tried to take this building by force just a few months ago.

  4. So much respect for this young president who Against all the odds he went head to head with Russia in the name of freedom. He went to the frontlines to be with those brave men of Ukraine 🇺🇦…God Bless America 🇺🇸 & God Bless Ukraine 🫡🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

    1. Yep with 107.5 billion in American taxpayers money… along with taking weapon systems and shorting our supply to defend ourselves. The United States is definitely heading for a big fat failure this year … and the government cheers it on how very sad … alot of self hating Americans.

    2. Slava Donbass, may God protect the brave people of the Donbass from terrorists like zelensky, Poroshenko, Timoshenko and NATO .

  5. This is far beyond exemplary of a true leader of a determined country that suffers and endures for freedom. Bless them each and everyone!

    1. @noyopacific “I say we should provide Ukraine with everything they can use to drive the Russians out.”
      Yes, US arms dealer and US politicians backed by arms dealer are more than happy to keep the conflict going (^_^)

    2. @Asahi Ogawa “As if Putin costing the global economy 3.5 trillion dollars wasn’t enough.”
      you forgot the people how made the sanctions (^_^)
      but US arms dealer and US arms dealer backed politicians are happy with $$$$ to keep the conflict going (^_^)

    3. @Mary Clarke The choice is different. Your choice is between money and the fact you are suffering to watch people being drastically killed. I understand you. But how do YOU feel if YOU and your family will be forced to go back to slavery? And not fighting Putin’s Russia is a direct ticket to slavery. Is your choice still between money and personally horrible feeling? If yes, try to learn, please, more about life in Russia out of Moskva and Petersburg.

    4. The hero Zelensky should be the next US president! Come on clap your hands, support Zelensky is support democracy and freedom! 🔥👍👏

    5. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

  6. I have watched President Zelensky’s speeches since earlier this year. His every speech has been moving and inspiring. In my 54 years, I have never seen or heard a better leader of men.

    1. That president has nothing to admire if he didn’t fight with Russia, many people would have been saved two don’t fight when one doesn’t want to fight

    2. Ya gramps? well soon you gon see the worst inflation and fked up economy in your 54 years. When both side of the congress backing something, you know we fked.

    3. FYI: He’s not the leader of Saudi Arabia, okay? There are women Ukrainian soldiers, medics, first responders and politicians. The freedoms and values we share in common include equality and freedom for ALL. So even if your comment was a figure of speech, just know it sounds antiquated and frankly offensive when you consider what Pres. Zelenskyy is fighting for.

    4. Yep. I’m Lithuanian, and so proud of Ukrainians. I’ve mentioned my nationality because in Soviet (USSR) times ruZZkies ruled then, and everyone ivan tried to make a ‘soviet. Plan failed. Occupied Baltic States, Ukraine and Georgia different views, and to this day we have closest brotherhood even carrying different heritage. Hard for me to explain shortly long history between us, but Ukrainians Georgians never let you down. And they’re bigger countries. But brotherhood achieved over the centuries IRREPLACEABLE.

  7. I’m from Brazil and I’ve seen Russia and China become a closer ally in the recent years but I have a huge respect for Zelensky and how he keeps trying to bring the world together on this issue and I hope Ukraine gets all its territory back, including Crimea and be free again.

    1. @R.U. Sure The only brownshirts in this conflict are the russian fascists who invaded their neighboring country just as Hitler did with his neighboring countries 90 years ago. Like Hitler invaded Poland, Putin did with Ukraine. Like Hitler sent Bombers and Troops to Spain, Putin did in Syria. Like Hitler annexed a Part of Czechoslovakia, Putin annexed a part of Georgia. If you don’t see who the brownshirts are in this conflicts you are brainwashed by kremlin’s propaganda.
      #standwithukraine #standwithdemocracy

    2. What I hope people can see from this, is that the issue is with the current terrorist state of Russia, not the Russian people as such. They can change, they can take responsibility for a better future, to rid themselves of their demons, like Germany did after their two failed world wars. After terrorist Russian state, there is a possibility of a more normal, less imperialist Russia. It will be easy to cooperate with such a state, for everyone. But the expansionist and imperialist, neonazi Russia must be defeated fully. It will be a cancer on the surface of the earth otherwise.

    3. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

    1. @Asahi Ogawawe didn’t have to get involved in the war you people glamorize war you think it’s a game . World war 3 is about to happen

  8. I’m not Ukrainian but I feel proud to be supporting such an determined passionate man who is trying very hard to kick Russia out of Ukraine

    1. It seems like usa is supporting both sides. Biden let Russia invade by giving them total control of the oil by lifting sanctions on their nord stream pipeline. Maybe that doesn’t matter to you.

    2. Why is he persecuting Christians in Ukraine? Why is he not allowing religious freedom in Ukraine? Why are we giving him money for the destruction caused by Russia. Zelenskyy should be asking Putin for money

    3. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

  9. That President Zelensky would give a battle flag to our government is deeply moving. May those standing to applaud remember what they’ve heard, and have the courage to send Ukraine what they need, including drones. They are giving their lives. We must give them what they need. I am concerned that our congressional leaders are often spineless. May the visible courage of Ukrainians inspire our leaders to stand firm in line with the support for Ukraine that our citizens express.

    1. @sue reed The will cause WW3 by letting Putin go, just like happend in the 1930 with Hitler.
      Take a look at Hitler-Stalin Pakt, and other treaties with European countries. Without that treaties, Hitler would have been stopped before he started the devastating Wars and failed so much power!

    2. @Maximiliane Musterfrau “If Ukraine stopps fighting, the existance of Ukraine and Ukrainean people will end immediately”
      i cant see the future, thats why i dont know what willl happend if Zelensky goes for peace talk (^_^)

    3. @Pla Yer “The hero Zelensky should be the next US president!”
      the US constitution needs to be changed (^_^)

    4. @Green Green Do some historical research, isolationism is never a good idea. Never has ended well and never will. And even if you think that America should come before everyone else then helping Ukraine defend themselves is the most cost effective way for the US to defeat Russia. Most of what we’re sending them is stuff we already had that would likely never be used and eventually retired never to see service. Now it’s doing its job of destroying Russian forces. The US isn’t suffering at all financially from this aid, we only have things to gain.

  10. Salute to president Zelensky , his army and all Ukrainians for the bravery and resilience shown in this war .
    May peace and freedom finally return ni Ukraine .
    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦💙💛🇰🇪

    1. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

    1. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

    2. @G M
      You are forgetting someone, does Putin ring a bell, you know the guy who is responsible for this war in Ukraine, the guy who started it. Let me hear you excuse him again. Common what excuses do you come up with this time. B/c I have heard them all.

    3. @R.U. Sure There is accounting of where the billions are going, US officials and Ukrainian officials have been working together on the ground in Ukraine to make sure the aid is used properly.

    4. @أعرابي There’s a genocide going on in Ukraine right now. and all of the money we’re giving to Ukraine wouldn’t be spent on our problems anyway, it’s all stuff we already have and stuff we’d likely never use. Nobody complained about the military budget until the War in Ukraine when it actually started doing it’s job. And just look at history, the last time the US didn’t intervene when Nazi Germany did the same stuff Russia is now, WW2 happened.

    1. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

  11. This was amazing to watch, so many tears. I pray for the Ukrainian people and thank President Zelensky for uniting our splintered Congress even if for only a brief time. This warmed my heart to see Americans coming together. Though the circumstances are unfortunate, like Zelensky mentioned we never expected this small country to defend itself so heroically in a true David and Goliath story. Now we know. May the Christmas spirit and humanitarian spirit in all help keep Ukraine a little warmer through these difficult times.

    1. only 3 years ago Juan Guaido was cheered just like this CLOWN, now that the OIL Prices are HIGH, Guaido has been left OUT TO DRY!!!

  12. We are Ukrainians proud to have such a president and such huge support from the US government and people. Thank you so much for that! You are always very welcome in Ukraine.

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