'We Did it': Biden Announces U.S. Has Reached Goal Of 200 Million Covid Vaccinations | MSNBC 1

‘We Did it’: Biden Announces U.S. Has Reached Goal Of 200 Million Covid Vaccinations | MSNBC


President Biden announced that the U.S. has reached his administration's goal of 200 million Covid-19 vaccine shots administered within his first 100 days in office. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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'We Did it': Biden Announces U.S. Has Reached Goal Of 200 Million Covid Vaccinations | MSNBC


    1. @Lakumba King Right, he did more his first 100 days in office than Trump was able to during his final year in office.

      This is the difference between a Talker and a Doer. Trump is a good talker, but he’s not a Doer. Biden is a Doer.


    2. Kudos from a German to the American fellas. For once the United States in fact do something better in healthcare than we in Europe. Simply ignore those people who still don’t get over it that the orange Hitl… I mean Trump lost the election. You have a president you can be proud of.

    3. instead of some treasonous orange assclown golfing and tweeting about celebrities he doesn’t like

    4. @J. Karpinski well, if you don’t want to be brainwashed then stay away from QAnon, Fox, Breitbart, Newsmaxx and OAN

    1. @J. Karpinski Turn Ted Nugent back up and go back to silent ignorance, we’re trying to save lives. Even the selfish, worthless ones.

    2. @J. Karpinski Tough talk from a guy living under a bridge. My arm is a little sore, but I can still type OK. Back to OAN with you Bud, enjoy your symptoms.

  1. Your Canadian neighbors are really really hurting…the USA is sitting on the AstraZeneca vaccine…but Canada has approved the use of AstraZeneca, and are quickly running out of other vaccines. Please help!

    1. I don’t understand? The AstraZeneca Vaccine, is made at Oxford, in the UK..The J&J Vaccine, is made in NETHERLANDS…We have never used AstraZeneca Vaccine in USA…Only one million of J&J used in USA, before stopped…USA uses the Moderna, and Pfizer Vaccines…..Moderna made in Boston Mass. is the most used by USA..Thanks to President Biden, USA has 200 million Vaccinated….President Biden and Administration is doing everything possible to help other Countries…from what I hear, the ONE Foundation is helping other countries, mostly under priviledged countries….All Countries need to work together to Vaccinate the World…No one is safe till then…GOD BLESS ALL PEOPLE

    2. @J. Karpinski I am not a medication person..Will not take flu or Pneumonia shots….I was vaccinated as a child, I have taken whooping caugh vaccine, and now the Covid vaccine…That is the extent, of all medication taken in my life…I am 67 years old, and in perfect health…Take the Covid vaccine, but take Moderna, only one I found safe to take….Made in USA….God Bless All People….

    1. @Shane Kasper I dont remember Joe making any promises about the border.. that was the other guy… the big orange crybaby loser guy.
      Why dont you ask him about the border?
      Oh because he’s utterly powerless and irrelevant! LOL!

    1. @FortNGrant 02 Not a big Trump fan, but do believe in credit where credit is due. These people just have so much hate, that they’re unwilling to even give Trump’s administration, ( not him personally ), the credit for getting this vaccine in record time. And for Biden to take and be given complete credit for the whole show? ( ie: Zack Snyder made the movie, but it didn’t become box office hit until the theaters, etc. sold the tickets to it. In any other real thinking time, Snyder’s the hero who made the movie. People don’t compliment the theaters for it. Biden can lay some claim to the roll out, only because the vax was ready in record time and the roll out happened during his turn. )

  2. congrats america for this feat, amazing what you can accomplish with competent people running your country

    1. Thanks. Things will be fixed. We are going to fix all the wrong trump has done to the World. We are not fake baby bone spur teddy bear holder. We are American. Trumpers are KKK the kuckoo kuckoo kuckoos.
      Sad so sad love.

    2. @Clemons Kunkel All the wrongs in the world like lower taxes, no pointless wars, getting us a vaccine in under a year, multiple peace deals, peace with NK, better trade deals, record high economy. But im sure crime bill Biden has all the answers right?

    3. if you think Biden is competent then you must be blind as a bat. The man can’t even read properly anymore other then holding up a whole country. Which he is doing VERY poorly right now. America is gone.

  3. Lives saved AND I can listen to the US president again without needing anger management (and losing brain cells).

    WIN – WIN!

    1. @J. Karpinski actually over 560,000 confirmed dead by covid in the US alone. Now please lose the tinfoil hat, and get off the right wing disinformation train

    2. @David Miceli

      Actually, given recent history – the attempted coup/insurrection, the second impeachment, and the horrific body count thanks to his utter failure to respond to Covid – TDS is very well-founded. We can all sleep much better now that he’s gone and shouting at clouds from a golf course somewhere.

  4. Thank God All Mighty we have a true leader in office!!! You are saving so many lives. I hope the deniers see it and get on board. We all want to get back to normal but, still work to do. Continue to mask up and stay safe. God bless America!!!

    1. True leader? You mean like Trump who got us the vaccine within a year and laid out the plan that Biden is still using?

    2. @FortNGrant 02 tRump had no plan for distributing the vaccine! He tried to profit from this, and tried buying the German company. 45 downplayed it (his words) up until he left office!

    3. @Tammy Truth out LMAO you sound like a typical left wing moron completely unhinged from reality. Take your TDS meds and go take a nap.

    1. Part of the reason you are still waiting in Ontario is that Biden is letting us die up here while they sit on AZ vaccines they won’t even use – they are not our friends. We need to remember that the next time their endless wars create a need for their planes to land in Canada. KEEP THE BORDER CLOSED. This is a toxic nation. We’ve all been so relieved to be rid of Trump that we haven’t listened carefully to Biden’s rhetoric of placing USA back “at the head of the table.” Well, we don’t want them at the head of the table – half their population is bat sh-t crazy and the other half is selfish and self-aggrandizing.

    1. @Fiona Bologna I’m guessing you are an angry 12 year old who upset because your momma won’t let you out of the house during the pandemic

    2. @Dave Bowles 99.9% survival rate vs. an experimental vaccine being pushed by the government…. I’ll take my life into my own hands and pass on the shots…

    1. @Xavier Xavier I wouldn’t really consider Biden as a man in general right now. He has such bad dementia he couldn’t even run his own life other then the whole country. Who was it again that produces the vaccine in record time? The same man that came up with a great distribution plan that bidens piggy backing off of right now?

    2. How many steps you can fall up is a definite plus to measure. Child abuse at the border and ship them to our schools in a pandemic? Brilliant! Never a let down on tax and spend that’s for sure! Great reset right on schedule! China is so happy!

  5. 6 months ago, I was terrified for the American people. This shows what true leadership, and spending money in the right places can do.
    Even though this extra spending, is causing delivery delays for the rest of us. I’m happy for you guys.

    Hopefully your current administration will follow their current trend, and create positive change in other lifesaving aspects of your society. So that in time you can be an inspiration to the world, rather then a danger and a laughing stock, like it’s sadly been these past years.

    Greetings from Denmark.

    1. They are printing money for everyone. How smart! And stacking sick people across the nation. Brilliant!

  6. yeah all of us. I got my 2 shots and I am so happy, and look forward to a fall booster with my annual flu shot. let’s knock this thing out of the park.

  7. I got my second shot today! Thanks to all of the volunteers, the people in logistics, and the people in pharmaceuticals whom worked around the clock to bring about the most amazing medical feat I have witnessed, in my 52 years of life.

    Thank you to all and sundry involved. Thank you!

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