‘We feel suffocated’: Afghan women open up about life under the Taliban

CNN's Christiane Amanpour talks to women and girls in Afghanistan who once held dreams of becoming doctors and soccer players about the Taliban's ban on girls' education. They tell her how their lives have changed since the Taliban took over the country, and how they are finding ways to cope.

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    1. This is not India,Israel,France,Srilanka . When women protest in Afghanistan then Taliban sheltered them. But media didn’t watch it.

    2. Give then their money you stole from them and froze in your bank accounts and leave them alone
      Shame on you hypocrite

    3. Probably! But that won’t stop America woman from standing on their soapbox and screaming how oppressed they are!

  1. Had the Afghans fought the Taliban how the Ukrainians are fighting the Russians they might have kept their freedoms.

    1. @courierton – it had less to do with the Taliban than it does the Afghan army that immediately surrendered or ran.

    2. @Gavin Louden Good point, northern tribes were weakened in the last twenty years by the government they stood up and asked for weapons but the government refused to provide weapons they still fought and they are fighting against them right now in Panjshir

  2. We spent 1.2 T over 20 yrs in that country and we decided to pull out.The men were clinging to the landing gear trying to leave,and on top of that we left well over 70 B dollars worth of military equipment behind!,…sorry ladies no more my tax dollars should come you’ll way until y’all stand up and handle businesses!.

  3. I wish we could do more for them but the Middle East views on radicalism are different from our western views there’s no way we can save a country when it sabotages our efforts And then tell us we should be doing more

  4. The Taliban should never receive outside help for what they do to their country and their women

  5. It is interesting to see a comparison off how the Ukrainians and Afghanis responded to a threat to their freedoms. Every Afghan woman knew this was coming.

    1. The Taliban didn’t sat back and wait. They booted out the invading pigs from Soviet Union and Usa

    2. @Drew Tremble The war is young yet. I want ukraine to win but its going to be a long slug

      Give then their money stole from them and froze in your bank accounts and leave them alone

  6. I’m tired of hearing about how unhappy the poor Afghan people are under Taliban rule. From 2001-2021 over 2000 American soldiers gave their lives to try to keep the Afghan people free. Over the same 20 year period the American people spent over 2.3 Trillion dollars trying to create a self-governing democracy in Afghanistan. When US forces finally left last year, 80,000 Taliban were able to quickly subjugate an Afghan Army of over 300,000 and an Afghan population of over 39 million people. Had the Afghan people resisted, they could easily have destroyed the Taliban. Now the Afghans have exactly the government that they deserve.

    1. LOL a dude who’s never fought a life or death battle in a war, is judging to people of Afghanistan for not “fighting hard enough”

    2. @Hannah Dyson because they lost confidence because their biggest ally abandoned them. Also many Afghans did lose their lives. The American military didn’t really suffer any casualties for an entire year

    1. @Richard Gonzales You do realize trump signed the withdrawl treaty with the afghan government and immediately reduced troop numbers.

  7. it’s sad, but it really makes you wonder what Afghans were doing for 20 years with the US on their side. Maybe they took US security for granted idk

  8. Freedom is never free.
    Your side surrendered to the Taliban despite decades of foreign help.
    These women should stop complaining to foreigners.
    Your people decided to accept Taliban rule.
    The victors set the rules.
    The losers obey.
    Always been like that.
    Every country sets its own rules. That is called independence.
    The West should not judge.
    They lost the Afghan project so they should butt out.

  9. Thank you thank you for keeping Afghan women and girls in your news coverage so that the world cannot forget them. These amazing sisters are true heroes, true warriors, heart wrenchingly strong. I stand in AWE of these amazing women. Let them go to school so that they can become doctors and help their country to heal. Let them work so they can buy food and feed their children. Stay awesome, stay sorry!

  10. If I was a girl in Afgahnistan right now, I would keep my mouth shut and do what I was told to do with a smile.

  11. The US is not returning their money on the grounds that they do not recognize the Taliban Govt. This is nonsense. First, give them back their money. Second, leave them alone to live their lives the way they want to!!! Third, the western media should stay away from Afghanistan. Lastly, IFF you do not agree with their philosophies, views and method of doing business, do not engage with them. But give them back their money and let them sort their problems out the way they want, not the way you want.

  12. Roads are open for who ever want to leave Afghanistan.
    Stop the double standard….it’s disgusting.

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