Wealthy Homeowners Are ‘Bargain-Hunting’ As Millions Face Eviction | MSNBC


    1. what happens when the poor realize there are more of them than there are rich people??? HHHhhhmmmmmm

    2. @the therorist it gets real nasty and the wealthy start pulling out the AR15s rifles to mow down the poor.
      So much for a fair democratic society when guns keep the corrupt in power.

  1. Trump and his Congressional buddies are throwing their rich donors a bone with plenty of fresh meat for them to profit-on.

  2. This is the American dream as we know it. While some die, lose their homes and their health… others become more powerful.

    1. And let’s not forget Joe is picking his VP based on race & gender. If that’s not racist then I don’t know what is.
      I thought employers weren’t allowed to discriminate based on race, gender or Creed.
      But Biden will. The Hypocrisy!!🇺🇸

    1. tRumpet troll Killer She is saying the actual truth. You on the other hand are vile and disgusting. Go away

    2. @Kenny Michael Alanya The further out into the woods you pitch your tent away from the rest of us the better. We’ve given enough time to the nuts, all that happened was we ended up with something as stupid/evil as a Trump.

    3. @thom wessels Because nature rewards the vicious, the greedy, the selfish and the brutal, right? Everyone else is just stupid for not joining the cult, right? After all you know what happens to peaceful and loving people, don’t you?

    4. @Michael Timely cities are gonna be a cesspool of crime and theft, violence. The worst is yet to come . Why do you think a bunch of millionaires from Norcal left to The woods, In Nevada , Utah, and Idaho.

    5. @Crystal Giddens The “free market” is a euphemism for corporate wellfare and monopolistic protections. The meek won’t inherit anything except the mantle of slavery because they refuse to oppose the abusive system forced upon them. Stand up, you’ll be glad

    1. housing in my area is still under water from 2008, but people haven’t moved, there’s no rentals. even though the Chinese money disappeared four years ago, prices went up, AND surrounding neighborhoods in the San Gabriel Valley are either MORE expensive OR “barrios” where you’d not want to live/rent at any price.

    2. That is why Kamala Harris should not be Joe Biden’s VP. She gave Mnuchin a free ride. He returned the favor by contributing to her Senate seat. We need SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN in that seat.

    1. The biggest transfer of wealth in U.S. history is well underway–thus it is a disincentive for the ruling elite class to solve the current housing crisis.

    2. Trump will jump on this. Where ever there is despair and cash he’ll be there. How he’s going to do it I do not know as I am not a property lawyer but no doubt Barr is flicking through those pages looking to protect Don the Con from being cut short on profiting from this tragedy.

    3. If “poor” people are too stupid not to save that’s their problem… People like to live above their means.

  3. This is the consequence of filling the government with anti-government extremists who are determined to sabotage every safety net in order to prove their ideology.

    1. Well, many of you voted for this incompetent, imbecile. Many of you voted for wars and invasion of other countries. No one challenges these and this administration. Many knew this fool was incompetent, a liar but you voted for this F___ing IMBECILE. We tried to you everyone, but no one was listening. Welcome to Amerikka.

    2. @w4fjhDU514I1
      “M4A is nice and all but what’s it done for real people lately?”
      do you have a learning disability?
      this isnt mean as an insult or as a rhetorical question.

    3. This is what happens when you get an incompetent government to handle a global pandemic. Its been 4 months since then first lockdown and we still don’t have proper n95 masks for Americans and misinformation as to how to move forward. Donny will go down as the worst president of all time and his followers as the biggest threat to the American regime.

  4. ‘They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” -George Carlin

    1. Yes sir. I just watched that one. But yes it’s funny at the same time. George Carlin lives on!

    1. @joan fortier see that Joan ? People are losing their minds already.. Imagine when hope seems completely lost.. madness everywhere..

    2. @Eric Pratt and that’s how the story of the dreadful American zombie apocalypse started kids.. They just started eating eachother once they couldn’t get a Starbucks and a McChicken sandwich..

  5. I do believe that is how Steven Mnuchin made his billions by throwing families out of their homes!

    1. The gentrification of OUR communities has led us to live in unaffordable housing. Now trump is giving us eviction notices. There is no affordable housing left to move to.

  6. I’ve warned of this in my of my previous posts. If they aren’t stealing through hedge funds, they find another way. I wonder how many that voted Republicon are now going to be homeless? How’s that working out for you?

    1. @FollowMeNov The reality is it is not as easy as just picking up and moving north. Canada has some pretty stringent immigration laws.

  7. Now we know what the rich will do with all their tax cuts. They do not invest in jobs, they wait for a crisis or create one and then buy up all houses, real estate and then become slum lords like Kushner. Trump knows his con business.

    1. A teacher I had in High School thought that what caused the stock crash back in 88/89, was that some rich folk got together and decided to screw with the market. According to the teacher, they started selling off their shares in companies in the morning, which caused others to panic, then after the prices where deflated they bough the stocks back at half price. Well, you get the idea. I’m not an economist, but this has never surprised me.

    2. Michael Kahr
      In the short term the first thing to do to save our nation is to remove the current snake oil salesman in the WH and the swamp in the Senate, who has enabled him.
      The second thing to do is to closely watch the other swamp on the hill. Both swamps stink. The only way to clean them is to take out the old waste that has been there for decades. Use your votes to sanitize them.

    3. @mas360 I agree. But there’s a third party that needs to renew itself too for real change to happen: the American people. American ‘values’ are at odds with the modern world in the 21st century. Our globe needs to come together, selfishness in foreign or domestic affairs doesn’t cut it anymore. We won’t make it with old-fashioned ideas. America has become an out-dated project. It lost its spirit of freedom and democracy and true capitalism and now admires the rich and criminals and calls for aristocratic oligarchy. That’s a far cry from rejecting the king of England. Now America calls for a king. Ridiculous. So, it’s not just Republicans and Democrats. It’s the American people too.

    4. Michael Kahr Very true. It is the product of ultra-materialism and consumerism. Cultural and social values are defined by the $ value of one’s home/car/bling bling/and body shape. Everything and every one else are negligible. I doubt I would live long enough to see the change for the better.

  8. Donald Trump: Home Foreclosures and rental evictions are a big opportunity for me and my fellow disaster crapitalists.

    1. @david paglia Really? Now Republican’s feel morally superior to the point of passing judgements on others? Get a grip, as you’re supporting the most vulgar, self centered, morally bankrupt President that has ever been and hopefully will ever be.

    2. @JackieBlue222 Yeah I Know today its a celebrated event but back in the day the girls parents would throw her things on the front lawn and throw her out

  9. Republican ideology is showing hostility to science and expertise and prioritising money markets over people.

  10. ” 12 million evictions over the next few months.”.
    — “End of American dream… Beginning of American nightmare…..

  11. “Americans always do the right thing, but only after they have tried everything else first.” – Winston Churchill.

    1. @Girl M.D. He was half American on his mother’s side. Besides, best friends are best positioned to tell you the truth and not just a load of sycophantic bs.

  12. Trump and Republicans have NO empathy. They are only interested in adding to their own wealth. Vote them out.

    1. @Elias Castillo The last deal was to buy time now time is up. It’s time for a long term solution. The Republicans want to keep on putting a band aide on the issue instead of solving it. Eviction, lost of businesses, jobs, increase food prices and medical bills will continue for years to come. The government need to start thinking about next yr and the year after that and the yr after that.

    2. Latoya Baker well I understand I just don’t think scorched earth is the way to go so I respectfully disagree. I’d rather have a billion short term fixes and get some of what I want than no help at all because I’m gambling for a long term plan.

    3. @Elias Castillo This is the wrong way to look at it. All of those short term deals will expire so the government will never move forward to deal with other issues. Short term deals only work if one party control both the House and Congress. During the 2008 recession, Obama fixed it with long term deals which is why Trump was handed a perfect economy

    4. Latoya Baker well you have a point and maybe if the circumstances weren’t so dire I’d agree with you . I just don’t think this is the hill to die on right now.

    5. @Elias Castillo The situation was horrible in March during the first shut down. The government passed a temporary bill thinking everything would gi back to normal in the summer. If it’s bad now think about the fall and winter. The government must pass a bill now that would cover an entire year.

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