‘Weapons, weapons and weapons’: Top Zelensky aide on what Ukraine really needs

Igor Zhovkva, chief diplomatic adviser to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, tells CNN’s Christiane Amanpour his country is thankful to Western allies for providing support, but it needs more to defend Ukrainian territory and energy infrastructure. #CNN #News


  1. I live in Switzerland, since the beginning of the war we now have more than 70‘000 Ukrainian refugees. This war needs to stop. The Ukrainians need to go back and rebuild their country. 😢😢😢

  2. Give Ukraine what it needs to defend their land and protect their citizens. Ukranian military has already shown they can use western weapons responsibly and effectively. Give them what they need to finally push out the TerrorRussian troops.

    1. Na. If the USA government thinks it’s own citizens only need muskets and pistols to resist a tyrannical government then the Ukrainians deserve no more.

  3. We need to give the Ukrainians missiles capable of hitting targets deep inside Russia. We should enable them to hold Moscow at risk. Only such abilities will stop the Russian offensive against Ukrainian civilians.

    1. let s start with tanks and air defence and fighter jets… missiles capable of hitting targets deep inside Russia sounds good but it has a escalation potential right now…

    2. @cemyurdakul1128  Escalation! Escalation! This is fucking war. The object of war is to defeat the enemy by destroying his ability to resist. The tanks and air defence would have made a huge difference six months ago, but because of the fear of “escalation,” Ukraine initially received old outdated hand-held rocket launchers and howitzer cannons. It is AMAZING how effectively they used them. If our objective is to WIN this war and drive the Russians back to pre-2014 borders, then we are going to have to give the Ukrainian military the ability to strike at Russian forces far BEHIND those enemy lines. Otherwise, Russia will continue to terrorize the civilian population, and bomb Ukraine back into the stone age.

    3. @Indrid_Cold i also said fighter jets, Missiles has really a potatial to escalate because source can be shady and Russia can think it is an US or Nato attack…

  4. Its barbaric there is no reason in a world of laws to behave in this manner its up to all free thinkers to recognize this and fight against it

  5. When does the West’s reluctance to supply Ukraine with heavy offensive weapons become a criminal form of neglect?”Heavy sacrifices for Europe needed in the fight against Russia”.The grim words of the newly appointed commander about the army troops in the NATO Rapid Reaction Army Lieutenant General Nico Tak.“Heavy sacrifices are needed in Europe to stop Russia in its war against Ukraine. And negotiating Ukraine’s land in exchange for peace is an illusion.”Finally someone who takes his responsibility seriously and articulates the ugly reality. Apart from the well-received influx of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands, there is little evidence of the war, which is only three borders away from the Netherlands. There are many private and government initiatives to bring money and relief supplies to Ukraine that are very successful. The fact is, however, that Ukraine needs heavier offensive equipment in their fight against Russian fascist imperialism. our moral obligation to provide this material. The financing must be done through a tax levy for those who can also afford it. Although many households are struggling under the current circumstances and certainly deserve our attention, there are still plenty with a good standard of living. We could very well give some of this to help Ukraine. It’s just money…Ukraine pays with blood.https://www.telegraaf.nl/nieuws/638903080/zware-offers-europa-nodig-in-strijd-tegen-rusland. Putin beats West’s economic blitzkrieg, Russian economy doing much ‘better
    Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian economy is in better shape than expected. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Russia 1 TV channel on Sunday that all the major economic indicators point to further stabilization of the country’s economy. He flaunted the Russian economy’s performance as he mocked the ‘opponents’ bid to crush it with sanctions. Putin said that inflation is expected to slow from the current 11.9% to around 5% in the first quarter of 2023.

    German Social Democrats hesitant on tank deliveries to Ukraine, Ralf Stegner, parliamentary leader of the Social Democrats, talks about future military deliveries to Ukraine and why Germany continues to be cautious.War in Ukraine: Ukraine Provokes Putin: Russia foils drone attack bid near Sevastopol naval base,Russia thwarts another drone attack attempt inside its territory. The Russian air defence system shot down a drone over a harbor in Sevastopol, Governor Mikhail Razvozhayev said on his Telegram channel. The port city has been subjected to several UAV attacks by Ukraine over the past few months. The previous attempted “drone attack by Ukraine” in Sevastopol was reported, when the Russian President introduced a ceasefire in Ukraine’s battlefield. Importantly, Sevastopol is the port city where the Russian Black Sea Fleet is headquartered while Dnipro pummeled, hundreds without power with latest deadly strike,likely Large areas of eastern Ukraine were experiencing electricity cuts, Ukrainian officials said, across regions after attack by Russian troops. ‘Weapons, weapons and weapons’: Top Zelensky aide on what Ukraine really needs,Igor Zhovkva, chief diplomatic adviser to Ukraine’s sanctimonious beggar Zelensky, thankful to Western allies for providing support, but it needs more to defend Ukrainian territory and energy infrastructure..

    Soledar as expected may soon be concluded. All eyes now on Bakhmut – it may determine the fate of Donbas.Also wonder how all the new military hardware injects by NATO will shape the battles. And Kyiv says Ukraine is de facto NATO now ; )What happens if Russia takes over Soledar?They get to the next defensive line.The blue marks were the major defensive lines and bunker systems in the northern Donbas that were built up since 2015 and begun under Poroshenko with the help of the US.The orange lines are major roads, the yellow is train lines as well. Who has the upper hand in Ukraine after Soledar?Russian president Vladimir Putin told state TV that the war is going in the right direction. The comments follow a series of airstrikes across Ukraine on Saturday. The attacks targeted critical infrastructure. The energy minister has warned of difficult days ahead. Rescuers in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Dnipro say it’s unlikely they’ll find more survivors after a Russian missile strike on Saturday. The attack destroyed an apartment building..

    Ukrainian soldiers are surrounded in Soledar have either surrendered or been killed, Wagner Group founder Prigozhin claimed. Fighters with the private military company completely surrounded the Donbass town the day before and are now clearing the extensive tunnel network in the town’s salt mines.“I want to repeat that Soledar has been fully liberated and cleared of Ukrainian army units,” Prigozhin said in a statement yesterday. “The Ukrainian troops that refused to surrender have been destroyed.”why Putin publicly rebukes deputy Prime Minister..Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly rebuked the Russian Deputy Prime Minister. Russia has also replaced the commander in charge of the war in Ukraine as Prigozhin a top dog of Wagner estimated that around 500 Ukrainian troops have been killed after Wagner forces closed the encirclement of Soledar.“The entire town is littered with the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen,” he said.And in other news, the Ukrainian army is looking for teenagers to make them fight on the front, hence they have been hunting them in the bars and pubs all around.

    And Piles Of Dead Bodies Around Bakhmut..Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine was in Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, at the end of December where the fiercest battles are going on right now. What he saw shocked him. “Soldiers showed me a section where dead bodies are piled up like something you would see in a movie… There are hundreds of dead bodies just rotting away in the open field; in certain places, they are piled on top of other bodies like makeshift walls; when Russian troops attack on that field, they use those bodies for cover, like a shield…But it’s not working. There are actual fields of dead bodies there.”

    Which country is the biggest ally of Russia?Generally speaking, Russia does not really have any allies, only vassals… The best example is Belarus.Other countries of the post-Soviet space can be seen as allies, but it is mainly the fear of Russia that makes them obey Putin!As soon as Russia appears to be less powerful, as has been the case since the beginning of this war in Ukraine, we can see that these countries seek to regain their own voice and no longer hesitate to criticize Russia. They are therefore not real allies of Russia.

    Putin and Xi Jinping then wanted to make the world believe in February 2022 that they were unlimited friendship, but what followed since 2022 clearly shows that China is not ready to support Putin’s Russia without any limit with this war in Ukraine.China will above all defend its own interests ..Why don’t we make China a NATO member?NATO is an instrument of the United States. (Tools for training hunting dogs)For small countries in Europe, it is good to be the hound of the United States and avoid being eaten by Russian bears.China has the ability to protect its own security against whole of NATO.Maybe you think NATO is a good job. China tell you the truth, good dog doesn’t want to get this job??

    That leaves dictators like North Korea and Iran who become allies of Russia following the following proverb: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. All these countries are enemies of America, so they become de facto friends and support each other.You can see this as a common front of dictatorships against the free world. But the strength of these alliances will have to stand the test of time.

    The fall of Soledar is quite significant when you understand these defensive lines, as it stops or at least greatly hinders Ukrainian logistics on this second front. Currently Ukraine can send troops and supplies up an down that line, wherever its required. But losing Soledar means Russian control of the supply lanes north, and the eventual break down of that whole line as Bakhmut the last remaining position – which can then be surrounded.Once that happens Russia can move to the last defensive line in Donbas.

  6. What is going on?

    In the past few days Germany UK and US all agreed to send tanks… But does Germany still need to give the green light to Poland and others to send German made tanks? Send all

    1. Those tanks are licensed by Germany. Not sure of the details but they need a German green light before they can use them.

    2. @Kevin Kelly before they can resend to a 3rd party. They need approval, if Poland want to attack or defend themselves they don’t need any aprov

    1. Ima try claiming Zelensky as a dependant on my taxes this year. Wish me luck 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Set up a charity and see who sends money…. no one. Can we get a spreadsheet on where the billions we’ve sent actually went?

    2. the war needs to stop and both sides need to increase contacts in order to agree on a peace agreement but it was the Ukraine government that started the war , they refuse to recognize Crimea as part of Russia , Crimea is a region that borders Russia and the people voted 95% to join Russia , in any case there needs to be cease-fire , that is in the interest of NATO including us here in America because we are part of NATO

    3. @sinabagherisarvestani8924  we are saying Ukraine needs to fight to the last man for a reason. NATO has other interest and it’s not the well being of the Ukrainian people

    4. @Sina Bagheri Sarvestani
      You are spreading misinformation. The Russian army rolled in over Ukraine and attempted to overthrow the Ukrainian government but failed miserably. Ukrainians succeeded to stop Russia and limit the occupation to southern Ukraine. Ukraine has admitted to ceasefire once Russian forces leave Ukraine and end the occupation.

    5. @ctixbwi Russia started a military operations in Ukraine to push the west into a dialogue over it’s security concerns since NATO was already in Ukraine training the Ukrainian army for the past so many years. It was obviously too small a force to overthrow the Ukrainian govt. or take over the whole of Ukraine.
      Now we are witnessing the evolution of this military operation into a real war in Ukraine. It is better to take the path of dialogue then war mongering. If there is no change in approach to the conflict and madness then we are heading for a nuke strike in Ukraine. The US will never go for an all out nuke exchange with Russia over Ukraine.

  7. For God’s sake give the Ukrainians everything they need to defend themselves and their country from these evil Russian invaders. Give them any and all the weaponry they want without delay. This should have been done a long time ago. Do it now!!

  8. Now Ukraine needs peace through negotiations before the complete destruction. Weapons don’t change the current war rather negotiation is by far better.

  9. Weapons, weapons, weapons. And ammunition. And quickly. I hope Ukraine’s allies will send offensive and long-range defensive weapons and piles of ammunition as soon as possible. Glory to Ukraine!

    1. All the weapons in the world will not help this germ of a state like Ukraine. Ukraine will be defeated and pay for all the crimes they committed. The west is done. NATO is done. The e.u is done.

  10. “I like the structural path we’re on here,” Graham explained. “As long as we help Ukraine with the weapons they need and the economic support, they will fight to the last person.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham

  11. “The United States aides Ukraine and its people, so we can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here.” — Rep. Adam Schiff

  12. “Today, Ukraine is addressing that threat. We’re carrying out NATO’s mission today, without shedding their blood. We shed our blood, so we expect them to provide weapons.” — Aleksey Reznikov

    Reznikov also claimed that his NATO colleagues have told him, both in conversations and via text messages, that Ukraine is the “shield of civilization” and “defending the entire civilized world, the entire West.”

    1. If Ukraine falls then so will others in the future. According to Putins own words that`s the way it is going to be.

    2. They just pat him on the back like a good doggy. In reality they don’t care if Ukrainians as a nation will even cease to exist because this war, as long as Russia suffers too in the process.

  13. I just read an article in the telegraph Uk that Jordan recently retired 400 challenger 1 tanks. These could be bought by the West serviced and given to Ukraine. I am sure these are better than cheap Russian junk. 14 Challenger 2 tanks not going to do anything. I am sure Jordan could do with the extra cash.

  14. UA needs to be provided with whatever they need heavy, long range, etc. to teach barbarians a lesson so they’ll lack confidence in the future

    1. There’s no need of any long range, cos Ukraine 🇺🇦 are dying , Nato provides all this arms , but none of their citizens die , the only solution now is peace , my question to you now , is when America invaded Iraq does Russia send long range arms to Iraq to fight the Americans ?

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