Wearing Masks Helps Protect Others Around You, Says Doctor

Dr. Paul Offit weighs in on new CDC guidelines on mask wearing and when he believes the FDA will grant full approval for coronavirus vaccines.

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Wearing Masks Helps Protect Others Around You, Says Doctor


    1. I’m being aggressively treated for tuberculosis right now. I don’t HAVE tuberculosis – in fact, I’m perfectly health and feel great – but I’m doing it to protect others.

    2. @Paul Callas mathematically there is only a .03% difference from Alpha. If it gets to Gamma, it still won’t be that much worse

    1. omg..can’t make this up can you..You all just don’t pay attention. Too much fox huh? HUM/???Use your brain..My God people just can’t get they’re common sense to kick in………smh………………………No wonder why AMERICA & AMERICANS Can’t HEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAH

    2. @86 45 even the box the masks come in specifically say does not protect from viruses so who’s not thinking?

  1. So, a pediatrics specialist to tell us about Covid and masks. Well that makes sense, hearing from a children’s doctor when children haven’t really been affected.

    1. But children have been affected by Covid infections. Its called Multisystem inflammatory syndrome(This is also what kills adults with Covid when on respirators or intubated patients). It can present with fever lasting more than a few days, Rash, blood shot eyes then a crash of the heart, kidneys, brain and GI system. But the concern is not that the child will die, the concern is that the child can pass the virus on to other unvaccinated people who may die. You may now ask, “Since when did we stop caring about children?” It was when 150million Americans though that their Freedom was more important than anyone else’s freedom. Of course this only applies to men, and not a Woman’s choice.

    2. @bill duble whopper Yep, I figured that out when he said that he was “fortunate enough to be involved” in the licensing of another drug.

    3. @gibbles pascack there has not been a single child under age 18 who has died without a comorbidities. 335 child deaths under 18 all had preexisting severe illnesses. Your argument is invalid.

  2. If immunization is the ultimate goal creating antibodies, what’s the use of re-masking again?

    1. @Sugar Shy Wow, and I bet the resulting ban from all social media platforms for spreading disinformation, really hurt CNN.

    2. @Don Clayton You realize the virus is 99.9% survival rate right ? Unless you are a fatty or have some other medical condition it’s the flu.

    1. Mass transportation as well. If a business requires it . I don’t wanna wear a mask , I’m fully vaccinated but a business can require it and if I don’t like it, I have to go somewhere else, which I will now unless it’s horribly inconvenient. Fully vaccinated people shouldn’t be required to wear a mask in most circumstances. It’s not our job to protect the anti-vaccine morons, it’s their job to get vaccinated or reach herd immunity the other way, that’s on them now. No more living in fear and no more catering to the idiots.

    2. @Gary LeBlanc No i plan on going inside anyway for example Walmart, grocery store Let’s be honest all the big stores will require it…. Highly doubt they’re going to be able to enforce it.

    3. @Slingshot Chicken I think a “vaxxer only” venue does not require masks. The chances of a fully vaccinated person catching COVID and dying is the same chances as being hit by lightning.

    4. @Keith Brown I need a COVID passport to dock my sailboat anywhere in the Caribbean. It’s a done deal. Eventually you’ll come around. I think pro sports might require it since so many people in such a small space. Our mayor has done an awesome job of controlling COVID. That’s tough to do when 78% of New Orleans revenue is tourism. Our new cases are setting records in a bad way. You may live in an area where there isnt much to do. New Orleans parties 24/7

  3. Not being fat helps lower the cost of health insurance for everyone. You don’t ever hear doctors bring that up.

    1. @Caesar Finkelstein sorry Caesar you are overweight because of your diet and lack of exercise…80 percent of all our weight issues is what we eat…..case in point…have someone drop you on an island with no food, only water for 30 days…guarantee because of caloric deficit you will lose weight….so eat less, workout more, drink water, 7-8hrs of sleep…do it for 6 months, you will be in great shape.

    2. Getting the jab helps stockholders make more profit. And who are those stockholders? A lot of elites in Washington DC.

    3. @Adam Taylor Stop. The doctors they interview NOW about Covid never bring that up. They only bring up masks and the shot.

    1. Gavin Newsom just pulled his kids from summer camp because they were photographed not wearing masks. Pretty much every week they show us they don’t follow what they tell us to do.

  4. I’ll get the vaccine under ONE condition: Lock up every Democrat who spit on their own rules.

    1. Actually, we would rather not vaccinate the idiots. We need to reduce your numbers and the virus is a great way to do it. No showing up at the hospital when you get sick and can’t breathe, either. You should have consequences.

    2. @Crabby Old Man you do realize that the one’s doing whatever the government tells them to do are the idiots, don’t you?

    3. I don’t care if you get a vaccine or not but I’m not wearing a mask for you. Get the vaccine or reach herd immunity the other way, that’s your choice. You’re ignorant to take that risk and the suffering , wow, why would you do that to yourself?

  5. If masks work that well then why did any Chinese get covid??they have been wearing masks in Beijing for at least 45 years that I know of.

    1. @Jonesy k so doctors and medical professionals only wear masks to spread germs. Got it. Genius thought

    2. I wore a mask worked from home and still got Covid. I’m done with this crap. Let me take care of my own health.

    3. Because it’s all a lie. It’s all about control. Why doesn’t China and a Russia push the vaccine to their population?

  6. Got to hand it to you people. You can dig up the most outrageous liars (pretending to be experts) that exist. Paul Offit, really?

  7. Get the vaccine but still wear a mask because you can still contract and transmit the virus. But get the vaccine it helps even though it doesn’t

    1. The vaccine reduces your chance of ending up on a ventilator in the hospital, or ending up in a coffin. I’m sure that counts, too.

    2. @Maryse Flore you know what reduces it much more, a healthy lifestyle. The people who end up in the hospital and on ventilator were people who already had preexisting conditions. Why aren’t they talking about that

    3. If you don’t want to be forced to wear a mask or be told what to do by the government, vote for the Republican Party 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. He’s a doctor of the media you tool bags. Look at your ratio of likes / dislikes ..LOOK! Everyday it’s the same.

  9. The science I heard is that the largest virus cell is three times smaller than the smallest mask hole.

    1. Ok Ill give this one ago
      First – the virus is not a cell it attaches itself to a cell and infects it
      Generally the infected cells are transmitted via particles or droplets of mucous or saliva suspended in the air  
      These particles are larger than the holes in the mask so thus blocked
      infected people exhale or expel those infected particles into the air which then is breathed in by the person or people about to be infected.
      The mask (depending on what type) filters the expulsion of those mucous particles  and filters the air breathed in by others.
      ask yourself this – why do surgeons and theatre staff wear masks and scrub up before and during surgery- to protect you from airborne pathogens.
      If you don’t wear mask you are breathing everyone elses snot — yuck!!

  10. These so-called experts like Fauci and other bureaucrats/doctors along with MSDNC have about as much credibility as Joe Biden’s functioning brain cells……..NONE!

  11. I’m not about to take politicized medical advice from a man who sounds like he’s speaking with a mouthful of broccoli.

    1. exactly. i dont think most people are anti-vax. most people dont trust these government eunichs constantly pushing it. weve seen already how the biden admin uses organisations such as fb, fbi,education system, corperate america, cia and cdc to push their agenda. people have loss confidence in these institutions.

    2. @craig clermond Given that most people are already vaccinated as children and have obviously had the benefit of that I think its very strange to politicise the current effort to protect the population.
      I mean if we were invaded by some foreign power the we would expect the Government to respond Dem or Rep right?
      So when we are invaded by a pandemic then I expect the Government to respond and protect
      its citizens
      This is what they are doing to the best of their ability in a very short time frame and personally Im bloody sick of this pandemic and want to move on. If we all took various vaccines as children to create herd immunity then whats the problem now.
      I am so sick of all this BS around vaccines 
      If some folk don’t want to vaccinate and get covid thats fine, their choice. But they should not spread it around and allow it to keep mutating or we will really be in trouble.

  12. I think this Doctors rationale why we need to wear a mask is unconvincing at the least…He seems to not understand how these vaccines work, they prevent human cells from becoming infected…if the cell doesn’t permit the virus entry …how will the virus replicate itself to the point in its growth cycle to repropagate itself?

  13. Remember when they told us to get an experimental vaccine so we don’t have to wear masks anymore? I do.

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