What Trump’s Return To Rallies Means For 2024 | MSNBC 1

What Trump’s Return To Rallies Means For 2024 | MSNBC


Former President Donald Trump is returning to the electoral battlefield by kicking off a summer tour of rallying his Republican base ahead of midterms, and continuing to press his beliefs about the 2020 election. NBC’s Josh Allen reports. 

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    1. Have to agree. His jet doesn’t even fly. He can’t even afford to repair the thing. His debt to many cities is massive. No free rides from the Presidential office.

  1. As soon as the 1st venue makes him pay in advance the low GQP tour will be over…

    He’s broke and afraid

    1. @ronronniemeyers I think most kind and decent people would never put themselves in the same ballpark as a thing like tRUMP.

    2. @einnoc rellaw Hello IRA employee. You russians are wasting your time and stealing your meager, by American standards, pay.

    3. @Country Hustle the last 6 presidents donated their entire presidential income. So that being said technically every president has less money then when they went in. If you become wealthy as a president, you’re a crook.

  2. To be a true leader u have to love compassion careing about the snail turtles the bottom up not just trump’s level

    1. Nicole Young: And just what level is that? That level is just what seems to be the problem here..

      If you had watched the first impeachment trial .. where a supreme court justice did not preside: But was presided over. Instead, by a Democrat career politician, congressman: An Impeachment hearings held in the “FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE,” NOT that of the “JUDICIARY COMMITTEE,” where crimes are heard. Where subpoenas were sent out, without Congressional knowledge, or approval vote. And ALL the Impeachment participants had ATTACHMENTs to NATO. And when the NATO Witness testified: And in the middle of the testimony, she went in to a TIRADE, about Trumps’ MINOR son: She clarified what “LEVEL,” TRUMPS’ STANDING WAS…. And the TIRADE had not one thing to do with impeachment hearing. And by ALL STANDARDS, the hearings should have been CALLED FOR “PREJUDICE!” …Is that the “Level,” you are speaking of?

    2. @Peggy Fleener we need ubi n free medical for all humans homeless n mental people n anybody needed help that dont qualify for gov assistant program because going to church can become mental illness.just weit short cause somebody keep dele my kind comment s

    3. @nicole young Really? Some years ago: Trump had built, in many places, in New York for the HOMELESS.. WARMING STATIONS. Where the homeless can go and get in out of the cold and have a shower. And it is over seen daily by people to give social care for the Homeless.

      Also, when Covid 19 first appeared in the USA: Trump called for the Oldest Hospital organization, in the World, for it’s doctors and Scientists, to come to America. And within HOURS they were here. Wasn’t you watching, or was you listening to the Liberal marxism.

      Trump and Melania spent their first Christmas in office, visiting our troops in foreign WARS.. Especially the hospitals of our Wounded.

      You obviously do not watch Trump, or what he physically does. It says volumes, of who he is! Trump is a DEVOUT Christian…. and he is NOT going to gloat on his philanthropy. Because it is a mortal sin, in “Christianity.” Trump is not going to let you know, what he does for the people.

      By NO MEANS! does JOE BIDEN…Measures up to Trumps “Level.” And Biden, by no means comprehends, or compares to the “Level,” of TRUMP. .You can’t see the forest for the trees.

      Yes Church with a Doctrine can become a mental illness. But to believe in the God, the “Deity,” of All CREATION is NOT! And it is your responsibilities to God, of all CREATION, to take care of all that he has created.

    4. @nicole young And the health care in the USA is a laughable joke. Because All medical care, in the USA is money making organizations for the ELITE. And has very little to do with physical health care, for the people. Pass the patient please. Same repeated testing, over and over and over…And nothing ever become of it. Then you shoved into drugs and hooked on them. That you can not get off of. And it keeps the chinese and India pharmaceutical companies in business.

    1. @Enjoin Life
      Peaceful trump rally
      Sure and kkk and neo Nazi’s like black people. Hey those groups are his biggest supporters right?

    2. @Enjoin Life That you choose that screen name is a tell. You russians so readily project your fears and anxieties.

    3. @Nestor Gonzalez Biden is showing clear signs of dementia, it’s obvious. HArris needs to take over. 25th amendment.

  3. The Freddy Krueger of the Republican party dreamscape has returned !!!!! Sweet dreams Kevin-Sweet dreams Mitch. If your both good little senators maybe Marjorie Taylor Greene will show up with a my pillow to muffle your screams of impending ruination.

    1. More Chucky than Freddy Kruger. I knew Freddy Kruger. Freddy Kruger was a friend of mine, You Sir are no Freddy Kruger.

  4. I don’t think it’s A or B. I’m going with C, a way to grift more money out of the red hats.

    1. Absolutely. The longer he spewed The Big Lie and needing help for his “defense fund” thats all he wants. However, he may want a Republican president in next cycle so he can get pardoned when he is found guilty of all his crimal dealings!

    2. @mike briganti I don’t hate Trump! He is what he is! What I don’t understand is how you are so gullible as to confuse allowing them man to grift you.

    3. @JM you people are too easy. You might want to think about who he meant as the uneducated again. Or are you that simple minded that you believe he meant the people who voted for him..yet you all go along with joe, the same man who started a coalition within his own party to oppose ballots in favor of bussing desegregation in schools circa civil rights and the same man who manufactured arguably, the most systemically unjust crime bill in this nations modern history next to jim crowe..That’s you all. Thats what you support. Yet you come on here and write yourselves you’re little messages about how the guy who spent absolutely zero time under a political moniker before taking office, accomplished getting legitimate criminal justice reform passed as well as getting legislation passed through for prison reform along with senator Tim Scott. Lol that’s what you are against. Again, I’ll say you might want to rethink just who he was talking about when he said he loved the uneducated and not just assume like a simple minded person would, that it is as easy as “he meant his voters” . You guys come on here and argue non truths and feelings yet speak absolute nil about domestic ergonomics, economics, foreign policy, where you’re tax dollars are going, or policies such as USMCA. You think NAFTA is a name brand for a clothing line.They say you guys killed comedy with cancel culture but i have to disagree. Coming into this comment thread is all the comedy I need. You’re The same one’s who support bill HR1 because you believe minority Americans are too geographically inept to find their ways to a local dmv and or too poor to afford a ten dollar piece of plastic to verify themselves. Comedy is alive and well.

    4. Get ready for the next coconut who claims I’m a Russian bot and continues to support a corrupt lifetime politician that can do no wrong. right on. Power to the peeps!

  5. Soon more fools with be parted (AGAIN) with their hard earned dollar by supporting trump

    1. How’s that? Wallstreet back Biden not trump. The swamp creatures just wanted trump out so they “had the most comprehensive voter fraud in history” Google it biden said it.

  6. As Max Boot, the Conservative Columnist put it: “Senate Democrats have to choose between saving the filibuster and saving democracy. They can’t do both.”

  7. The “All about Me” rallies. I say go for it. The guys like kryptonite to the Republican Party.

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