What you need to know about the new mortgage stress test 1

What you need to know about the new mortgage stress test


Real estate agent Davelle Morrison explains what the new rules mean for first time homebuyers.

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  1. The free market cannot operate in the same system that government exists in. “Rules” are needed because the housing/financial market is corrupted.

  2. How come you won’t report on the underground cities that are built , only the privileged get into .
    End of days crap

  3. And why copy Australian model if it is not working. And why now it is blind bidding? Maybe we can make the bidding transparent and let you everybody know what is the highest price and give enough time to others to discuss with their mortgage brokers.
    Obviously blind bidding will serve real estate agents and for that reason they want to keep it this way.

    1. It doesn’t serve RE agents, it serves the sellers. You are speaking from the benefits of a buyers but if you were on the other side, would you rather sell your house in Toronto at a fair market value at $1.5M or $1.9M? And no, I’m not a RE agent, nor am I a seller. The problem and reason with everyone complaining is because they aren’t in the perspective/position of a buyer but when you are on the other side as a seller you would quickly strip away your principles and values and use the technique of a bidding war to get the higher price for your home. Don’t pick and choose, either buyers buy low and sell low or buy high and sell high, no such thing as buy low and sell high.

  4. Of course she would love the market to keep going the way it is she gets commission from selling houses, gtfo here lady.

  5. “I’m a real estate agent and I love it when prices go to the stratosphere thanks to people’s desperation to get out of condos due to covid lockdown, as my commissions are out of this world.”

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  6. Don’t ask a realtor whose livelihood depends on buy/sell transactions.

    It would help if you got an economist to explain why we are entering a phase of hyperinflation that will cause interest rates to skyrocket very very soon.

    This real estate agent is selling bitcoin.2

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