1. This is a biased piece. Selfie taking blackface wearing Trudeau is is still an embarrassment and those images will foerever be burned onto the image of Canada.

    1. Yeah but those images was when he was in his early 20s, and clearly mistakes of a young priviledged pretty boy. As for being forever burned onto the image of Canada is a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

    2. @Speaking Moistly so you’re now saying that having blackface in the 90s is as bad as sexual crimes? I don’t see any parallels.

  2. Wow, can you tell these guys are 3 miles up trudeau’s behind? They are criticizing a pic of O’Toole as a “pin up”, but say nothing of trudeau’s constant magazine covers. Come on, if you are to be taken seriously as a political commentator, you need to get rid of your glaring liberal political bias.

  3. Trudeau and jagmet both want to shut down the oil industry but still want the money from that industry. You can’t have it both ways. With the massive debt we have how will they pay it off. Keep borrowing money won’t work

  4. He says the cover is over shadowing the contents in the book. Perhaps its experts like him that are at fault for not talking about those contexts instead… if he (political expert) doesn’t, then who will?

  5. Here to discuss the image of the 2021 election candidates we have two liberals and a journalist bought and paid for with tax payer dollars

  6. Well, O’Toole’s pose on the cover does remind me a bit of Mike Holmes. But why focus so much on public image?

  7. “A Schizophrenic start?” Was not aware a condition that cripples my entire life was a political buzzword. Your bias, and now complete ignorance is showing.

    1. Epsteins Island. I had over 200 memes on Instagram disappear over night with hash tag Epsteins island..

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