What’s Next After Manchin ‘No’ On Voting Bill | MSNBC

In an op-ed, Manchin made clear he would not support Democrats’ sweeping voting bill nor would he support ending the filibuster. Ira Shapiro, a former Senate staffer to Robert Byrd whose legacy Manchin cites in preserving the filibuster, tells Lawrence O’Donnell that eliminating the filibuster would empower “the bipartisan dealmakers” instead of allowing Mitch McConnell to obstruct President Biden’s agenda: “The 60-vote supermajority is an unacceptable burden.”
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    1. @Ash Roskell phishing links from employees being baited, that part of the hack isn’t really complicated

    2. Google user Just in case you’re confused, your orange god, Fatty Krueger, colluded with Russia (along with his dozens of other crimes) and he WILL be going to prison.

    1. @Christine King Nobody watches Joy Reid. In fact, nobody watches MSNBC. The ratings just came out and MSNBC lost BIGLY

    2. @Christine King I did a search and found his bread and butter is corporate donations to the tune of millions. Now I need to find out who those corporations are.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Please do not speak for me. I watch her and find her informative. You may not watch her, but I do. That’s my choice.

    4. Yes, I wondered that too. Must be money that’s motivating him. It’s certainly not respect for voters or integrity.

    5. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson – well clearly somebody watches her, if they are able to quote from her program. I suspect it’s people who like to be challenged, who are informed, who prefer fact to made up stories. That’s never going to be a large group in USA. The people are mostly gullible, ill informed and stupid. So it’s never going to win the ratings war.

  1. Why can’t the Dems use Reconciliation to get the 1-9-21 commission going or have Biden do a Presidential commission? Get some balls dems?

    1. Democrats will probably launch an inquiry, but without Republican participation it will obviously not be “bi-partisan,” so cue cries of “partisan witch hunt” from the Republicans for the next couple of years

    2. some still didn’t learn from the loss in ’16. Some still think Reagan is still a live. aka centrists neolibs.

    3. @Greg Bors The response to the wotch hunt cry should be, “You’re right. And you’re making it very easy. There really isn’t a need to hunt. Thanks for making this so easy.”

  2. Is it just me, or do Manchin’s votes, seem self serving. What ever he and Sinema vote on, they always personally Profit on it. But don’t take my word, check it out for yourself.

  3. Manchin needs to stop the ridiculous charade and just call himself a republican. DJT was quoted as saying that Manchin is doing the right thing. That alone tells all you need to know about this tool.

    1. He very well may switch parties and then Biden will truly be done. Didn’t even make it a year.

    2. NO!! Do not do that. If he does, McConnell becomes majority leader and all these legislations WONT EVEN BE UP FOR DEBATE.

    1. Funny you should say that the voting bill should be vote down of course, it enables corruption and we all know this as does Manchin. What the democrats dont know is that they will begin to lose control of the house if they attack and eat themselves, as they have been doing to the US, when Manchin and others gets tired of marxist democrats crying and actually switch to becoming republican. Democrats, they have never been smarter than the best of cows.

    2. I suspect this will be Manchin’s last term in Congress (in spite of Mr. Rey’s lies).

    3. Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court. You’re just another low-information TV head.

  4. Joe Manchin should just turn in his democratic card and switch it to a Republican card, he’s a Republican pretending to be a Democrat.

    1. exactly, I’ve been saying this all along, there are you tube videos out there that can confirm this

  5. Joe Manchin: “I don’t want to destroy my government.”
    Joe Manchin: “I will destroy my democracy.”

    1. Does it make sense to speak in terms of ‘democracy’ when one person blocks the agenda of an administration? If the Democrats let this go, then they deserve to get a really good thrashing.

    1. I don’t believe he is Caucusing with the Republicans. I believe he’ll caucusing with our party. We have to also understand we have a communist caucusing in with our party also. Bernie is an admitted communist yet he caucuses with the Democrat majority.

    2. Campbell socialist not communist! Don’t they teach people how to use a dictionary nowadays?!

    3. @Rebecca Ainslie Thank you for the correction, I often dictate on this old iPad when I am flying and sometimes odd things happen to words once I press the send button.
      Bernie is an admitted communist. He has said that for years. He and his wife did their honeymoon in the old Soviet union prior to the collapse. Bernie is an admitted communist but really Socialism is the first step towards communism so it’s kind of six of 1/2 dozen of the other.
      I’m going to go over this post carefully before I hit enter. Hope you have a good day stay healthy, stay safe and be careful out there.

  6. Manchin has been bought off by the Republican party, so Biden can’t help the American people who really need help right now

    1. That’s the Achilles thing with democracy. If one does things that way, then it’s both a dictatorship and tyranny. Ironic, isn’t it? It’s precisely what the right supremacists want to do.

  7. Such a better tool to say “negotiate in good faith or we’ll remove the filibuster “ also you require 40 votes to hold it rather than 60 to stop it.

  8. The filibuster is one thing, but voting no on this bill exposes his right wing sympathies. Time to VOTE him OUT. 💙🇺🇸

    1. So you’re gonna vote out a democrat who holds a seat in possibly the reddest state in the country? If you think another Dem will win his seat you’re kidding yourself.

    2. Do you really think he is going to be voted out?

      He’s elected in a republican area. If he is voted out, it will be because the people elected a Republican instead. Joe Manchin is awesome!

  9. Manchin’s voters overwhelmingly WANT this bill! Including, “conservatives!” So, he’s refusing to support his party AND his voters? Who’s paying him to be THAT obtuse???

  10. “If Kevin McCarthy had been speaker on January 6, then Joe Biden wouldn’t be president now.”
    – Liz Cheney (R)

  11. I don’t know where i read/heard this, but so true: joe manchin is a D.I.N.O – a democrat in name only!!!!

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