White House Communications Director Confirms Biden’s Strong Intent On $15 Minimum Wage | MSNBC 1

White House Communications Director Confirms Biden’s Strong Intent On $15 Minimum Wage | MSNBC


President Biden’s strong intent on passing a $15 minimum wage is confirmed by White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield in conversation with Jonathan Capehart. She also addresses the COVID relief bill, and recent airstrikes ordered in Syria by the president.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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White House Communications Director Confirms Biden’s Strong Intent On $15 Minimum Wage | MSNBC


  1. Harris should have overridden the Parliamentarian. that would have happened if they were serious. you can talk a good game, saying that you will be strong, but actions speak louder than words. when one side has what basically amounts to a propaganda network (Fox), the other side needs to at least take advantage of what opportunities it has, especially when so many people have sacrificed to give them those opportunities. Democrats will be judged at the mid-terms and Biden in four years – if people don’t turn out to vote because they feel like it doesn’t matter (it certainly does, given the authoritarian party across the aisle), then that will be because Democrats didn’t make their case and show the voters that the world they could create is a lot better for the average person.

  2. The fact is that people that just make minimum wage are working harder than most of the people that get paid so much so much

    1. It isn’t about how hard you work, it’s the value of that work and what someone is willing to pay for it. And do you mean physically harder , mentally harder?

  3. americans really want this minimum wage increase. hey it’ll always take time for +300 mill to realize they’re being railroaded by one thing more than any other. but that time has come, and biden should pursue this if he wants the unity he claims…

  4. Notice they spend more time attacking democrats than taking care of the nation , show republican voters this as best as you can.. Texas proves they care nothing about public service

    1. Yep, when was the last time the GOP actually offered solutions? Seriously, ask a conservative “OK; what’s your solution?” and you get crickets.

  5. Republicans: ” We want unity and bipartisanship now”!
    Democrats: “O K. Let’s sit down and talk”.
    Republicans: “No, we want it all our way”.

    1. @X2 GI which is why I do friendsgiving and don’t see extended family for anything. I’d rather enjoy a peaceful happy setting for a meal, not the debate stage…

    2. @X2 GI I never mention politics with anyone, however T**** sycophant family & friends constantly attempt to force feed the Big Lie + in my presence. I walk away & don’t accept future invitations. Kinda lonely but necessary for Mental Health.

    1. They already did, the 2017 tax scam was projected to add $10 trillion to the national debt in 10 years after passage. Add to that the trillions they spent the last 4 years to bailout farmers and Wall Street from terrible economics by the GOP…

    2. The last time reconciliation was used by the senate, it was to give you a little tax break, while giving the top 1% a huge tax break. This time it should be used for the people.

    1. I really want to believe this, but after listening to so many parents complain about being stuck with their children…It’s very hard to believe.

  6. Since the minimum wage was first established, adjusted for inflation it should be $22 now. It’s disgraceful that it is now $7.25 so corporations can cash in and the taxpayer can pick up the slack with government assistance programs.

  7. Do a little “concurrent action”, Kate:
    Joe’s got a lot of things he wants to pass. Introduce several bills at once, not one at a time.

  8. republicans: “But if you increase wages, it will lead to huge inflation.”
    The data: “But if you look at 1978 to 2015, a 10% average wage increase in the US accounted for only 0.38% in consumer prices.”
    republicans: “SHUT UP NERDS!”

  9. Yeah pay the Republicans $7 hour. The millionaires in Congress don’t want ordinary people to have more money or health care or affordable education

  10. An actual appropriate min wage would be $24/hr. That’s the rate that would remain consistent with inflation since min wage was established. Just goes to show how dedicated they are to keeping us, poor desperate and uneducated.

  11. I think everybody in America needs to sign a petition, so that everybody in the House and Senate only receives $8,400 per year. That’s what I live on, without receiving any food stamps at all. So we should all sign a petition, so they only receive $8,400 per year. And then, let’s see if they pass that $15 an hour pay raise for people, because that would include them as well.

  12. The women of the Biden administration are so much more attractive than the ones in the Trump adm. lol. Sorry. Kind of sexist I know. Can you tell how much more intelligent they are? I can.

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