White House Gives Update On SolarWinds Hack Investigation | MSNBC 1

White House Gives Update On SolarWinds Hack Investigation | MSNBC


Deputy National Security Adviser for Cyber and Technology Anne Neuberger gave an update on the investigation into the massive SolarWinds hack that compromised information in federal agencies and private companies. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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White House Gives Update On SolarWinds Hack Investigation | MSNBC


  1. This hack is continuing. 60 Minutes reported they haven’t been able to stop it. And it came from within the U.S.

  2. Trump and his ilk spent 4 years aiding the entrenchment of russian assets in america he served his master , Vladimir Putin well.

    When they start really digging into this the trail will lead back to a Trump / Putin alliance.

    1. @Matt Hyde Thats the thing though. Trump claimed it could be any of those but the intelligence agency said it was likely Russia. I for one prefer the experts. Going back to tedd lemmons comment, in a way, Trump is always trying to deflect anything aimed negatively at Russia.

    2. @Raymond Turpin he wasn’t necessarily deflecting Russia. But was saying others were involved. If you remember right when they hacked back when Obama was president Russia hacked then with China’s help.

    3. @Raymond Turpin I am more worried about what these countries got into and what hasn’t happened yet. Computer viruses can attack without warning

    4. @Matt Hyde No doubt we have likely been dealt a massive broadside and have yet to find the worse of the damage

  3. Trump let our guard down by viewing Putin as an equal and a friend, he may as well of given Vlad the nuke codes. The first meeting he had in the oval office was with the Russians ALONE.

    1. Trump never cared about any gaurd for anyone but himself. He was and has always pursued his own interests. Money Money Money Money all the time.

    2. @Zen the good thing is that this imbecile has no idea of what he knows. If there is no dollar sign behind it and it’s been longer than it takes to gulp a big Mac it over his head.

    3. That first meeting, with the Russian Ambassador, was to get his new orders from the Kremlin after they helped him win the 2016 election, so he made everyone leave the room. What other reason would he have for doing that? No other president has met with an adversary privately with no one else present. He can’t even trust his own aides that he just hired? Not even Ivanka or Jared? Why would he keep this first meeting private from them too?

  4. Hasn’t bills been sent over from the house years ago to address cyber security? Another obstruction project of the Republicans. Law and Order party, a JOKE.

    1. I learned long ago that the GOP does the exact opposite of whatever they are claiming at the time.

      You can see this in their Bills as well.

      For example, their ‘Right to work’ Bill, means an employer can fire you for any reason, or no reason at all. They wrap everything up in positive sounding names to convince our least educated into voting for them.

  5. My Lord! Its so refreshing to see a normal, intelligent person speaking again from the White House (former Red House)

    1. @Michael You mean when he said Putin was doing an “amazing job” or when he said he had a “great relationship” with him or when he gave Putin an “A” for leadership (on O’Reilly) or the various times he defended or excused the assassinations or when he said he believed Putin above American intelligence or one of those many other times?

    2. @Michael
      “People came to me. Dan Coats came to me and said it was Russia that attacked our election. I have Vladimir Putin, and he says it’s not Russia. I don’t se any reason why it would be.”

      -donny trump in Helsinki

  6. An informative update delivered in a straightforward manner by a knowledgeable, experienced person. What a novelty!

  7. The surprises just don’t stop! Now we even get experts in their field to explain the situation to us? So much respect for the Biden Admin!!!

    1. It’s amazing how just being capible is such a nice change. Trump would probably put the mypillow guy in charge of this instead of an expert

  8. What a difference.. & what a doll she is! So “pleasant”…& It’s a “pleasure” 2B “pleasantly” surprised to hear the truth.. calmly and sanely!

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