White House ‘Not Going To Back Off’ $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Proposal | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @TheHopetown Use the Democrat Majority over Republicans that DID NOT even Acknowledge President Biden’s, Presidential Win!! Work for Americans, not Trump’s RepubliKKKan Party!

  1. Bottomline, after Covid they need to pass an infrastructure bill. As it’s structured, it will flow into local economies that desperately need it.

    1. I’m so over this cult, and all the lies. You know, I’m in Facebook jail right now, and I got kicked off Twitter last September. I know why tho. I was a retired nurse, over 40yrs under my belt. When the virus got worse, I went back to Colo, and went back to the hospital I worked at for 40yrs, and I seen more death, in those 8 mom., then I seen in 40yrs, and I made sure, all 4000 of my followers knew this…..js

    1. @treefiddytwo – Say that to the women who now how to compete against men who wear skirts in their own sport along with the pipeline workers who are without a job now!

    2. True, a lot of hopes are placed on him to take serious actions. Should he try to “compromise” in the name of a false “bipartisanship” the Republicans are not truly interested in, Biden will only lose the faith of those who voted for him. His call for unity was about uniting people’s common interests and concerns, not pandering to opposition party. Politicians be damned.

  2. Biden I knew you would do what is right and stick to your guns and not let us down! The republicans is trying to run a guilt trip on you! Oh but you said, Nah!!! The republicans said they had a better healthcare plan! Bipartisan on improving voters’ rights, how bout that! Oh its crickets now! lol

  3. *What an incredible mess that President Biden inherited from 4 years of no governance…..just grifting from trumputin and crew!*

    1. Wow i agree with you.its 1 big mess i hope. Fr all. Of. You over there biden can start healing your. Country

    2. Americans should be used to Democratic President cleaning up the mess of a Republican President. For Joe Biden, this is just a replay of what he and Obama did post-Bush. Back then, they also had to fix a country.

  4. *The repulsivecons tried to compromise with 600B are they out of their minds…..oh wait, I just answered my own question!*

  5. Biden: we need to save the country from economic collapse and hundreds of thousands from dying
    GOP: best I can do is a buck fifty

    1. Yeah, they are a bunch republican hypocrites. Remember “you can use my own words against me”? Hypocrisy to the max, they don’t care about the people, just their pockets 🤦🏽

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