WHO Raises Questions Over Asymptomatic Spread | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. If the infection is in droplets…it doesn’t matter if they have symptoms or not. I agree with Harvard!

    1. Wasn’t that an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies when Jethro thinks he’s going to your Harvard?…..Yeah,it was funny,too! lol!

    2. @Anita Reason to Believe Too young at the time,but your “mindset” rings vividly with that episode! Go Harvard! lol!

  2. I never herd anyone say that was the #1 way to spread or contract it, but WTF, it’s so easy to just put a mask on & keep ppl safe, better safe than sorry, just show a little respect & compassion for your fellow human being, Be Safe Be Healthy my friends

    1. @NoCoincidences M 5 Doctors in my family, get your facts straight, NO they don’t, and yes they do, you breath deeper, exhale through mouth, and yes the virus can be contained if you wear your mask. Stop telling trump lies, think for yourself

    2. @Cool Hand Mark first mr cool, you should leafn to spell, and your post makes no sense

    3. @Bernard Johnson “leafn” to spell? And also all you do is write ,long run on sentences, maybe go back to the 3rd grade and take some English classes. Then again that seems over you limited abilities…

      Also, liking your own posts?😂😂😂

    4. Lol this dude still even after hearing this still wants everybody in masks 😂😂😂 it’s insanity. Some people are so cowardly no matter what they will always be terrified I guess 😕

  3. Oh wow. Imagine changing your stance dependent on the new facts being received. Smarten up, people.

    1. @Anthony Ha “so that folks don’t start rushing out and hugging each other into another pandemic wave.” slow clap

  4. Yeah, but, the symptoms vary so much. We don’t even know what they all are yet. Err on the side of caution for sure

    1. @SeedPlanter I agree with your conclusions based on my most recent review of the best information now Publicly available.

    2. @Crystal Giddens Agitators showed up with Bricks and Molitov Cocktails singing “Burn Baby Burn”, then the Police with Roman Legion type Shields. it’s like being in a true Science Fiction Movie Crystal.

    3. @Joseph James Well, belligerent ignorance isn’t working for ya, is it? Let us know when you get over your “flu”

  5. Where’s Dr Fauci? These guys just sound confused too. Bottom line? Just wear a mask when you’re around others.

    1. @Dave Schultz I remember where that notion originated. There’s nothing valid about the assertion. The position Dr. Fauci holds is not an elected position, nor does it need to be. Most government positions are not elected positions. That doesn’t detract from the credibility of the person holding them in any way.

      To the other statement you made, how has Dr. Fauci been wrong? Why do you say that? Please explain.

  6. If asymptotic spread can occur, it sounds like they want to justify only testing the sickest.

    1. @Joseph James only in some states, sewerage monitoring of the virus isn’t fully operational yet 😛
      Why do you object to contact tracing though?

    2. ​@Joseph James no you’re not a number & contact tracing isn’t about being a number, it’s about turning you from a number to a person. Contact tracing here is a team of 1000 people per state. When someone tests positive, they call them up & chat with them about it, answer any questions they have, explain the need for them to stay home to stop the spread & check if they’re able to do that & if not, they organise all resources needed for them to be able to, from grocery deliveries to toiletpaper to government payments for them to do their new “job”, which is to stay at home for the next 2 weeks or so, until symptoms have passed. If staying home isn’t something they’re comfortable with, due to other people in the home, they organise for them or the other people in the family to move into a 5 star hotel, at the government’s expense for the next 2 weeks, with all food etc provided from local restaurants (government’s expense).

      Once the person understands how this is going to work, then the contact tracer asks them for details of who they’ve been in contact with from that point back to 24-48 hours before they got symptoms & of course, now that they understand how it works, they’re more than happy to dob in anyone they’ve been in contact with for the same VIP treatment :). Once they have a list of names, the team of contact tracers get to work tracking them down & calling them all up & repeating the above, giving them any information they want on the virus, but then asking them to stay at home for 2 weeks to stop the spread & again, giving them all resources they need to do that comfortably.

      The next day, they will get another call from their contact tracer to see if there’s any other contacts they’ve thought of since the first phone call & to follow up how they’re going with groceries etc & just to generally check if everything’s ok, if they have any more questions, if they’re having any stress from the diagnoses etc & to see if there’s anything they can do to help. If we get a large number of cases, follow up gets diverted to the red cross “telecross” service, but for now, there’s 1000 people sitting around with nothing else to do but to support the people with the virus. The contact tracers are all nurses too, so they also continue with future follow up calls to make sure the person’s medically ok & organise transfers to hospital if needed or home visits from doctors if that’s a better option. Anything they need, they have their personal contact tracer they can call & who will call them regularly to check they’re ok. We found that without this personal connection, people weren’t staying home & so the virus was spreading. People need support to be able to stay home in the way they’re being asked to.

      This is how contact tracing works.

    3. ​@Joseph James _”Do you think they’ll just stop using that application after covid is gone. Privacy brother or sister thats why”_
      apps for contact tracing are a completely different thing. They are a good short cut to reduce the workload on humans, but lets be realistic here, there’s currently a pandemic taking away massive numbers of jobs, so not like there’s a shortage of humans to do the work is it! It’s more sensible to have humans as contact tracers than to have apps do it.

      Apps might work in some Asian countries that are conditioned to do exactly as the government tells them at all times, but they’re not going to work as the first line response to contact tracing in the west are they! Contact tracing is as old as diseases effecting humans are & the techniques that work best today are still the same as the ones that worked best in the black plague (except for using a phone instead of in person visits).

      We do actually have an app as well now, tens of thousands of people contact traced by humans, 1 person to date contact traced by an app. Our app is a downloadable bluetooth app that needs a phone number, name (or fake name) & age group & permission from the user to try to connect via bluetooth with any other “covidsafe app” within bluetooth distance (around 2 metres). If it makes contact & retains contact for over 15 minutes, it logs the contact on each of the users phones (encrypted). The user can delete the app & all contact data anytime they like, so that is what stops it being used after the pandemic is over. If not deleted, it stores the data for 21 days on the users phone & if the person tests positive, they can choose to give their human contact tracer permission to access their phone’s app data (or not, up to them).

      6 million people in Australia have chosen to download the app. The government has no way of knowing how many of those are currently running or have been deleted. The hope is that for events like the protests, that people chose to make sure they had the app & had it running during the event (with fake names if they like). If they did, that means that if anyone tests positive, all people who were within 2 metres of them for more than 15 minutes can be contacted quickly, before they become infectious & start spreading it. The age range collection data on the app is so that in the case of a mass spread, elderly people can be prioritised & called by the human contact tracers first, both for their own welfare & also because they are the people most likely to be seeing other elderly & so high risk people & need to be contacted as the top priority to stop the spread quickest there. There is no intention of using robo-calls to contact people or anything like that, that would be useless as people would just ignore the messages. The app just helps get phone numbers of strangers in contact with a confirmed case. No other details are revealed, even the location of the contact isn’t revealed & the limited data collected isn’t accessible to anyone other than medical people either, new laws were written to create jail time for anyone who breached the app’s security, cause it was the only way any of us would download it.

      So yeh, apps are a TINY part of contact tracing, but even if used, they’re still really not scary, not in the case of purpose built apps anyway. If I was in South Korea or China or Taiwan, I would be VERY uncomfortable with the forced surveillance of every detail of the person’s life!

    4. @Joseph James summary of what I said, contact tracing is about people caring about other people NOT about apps tracking people!

    5. @Lilac Lizard there is a bigger picture heading towards (mandatory) vaccination. I’ve listened to Dr. Buttar and it’s NOT a conspiracy when these things are unfolding right before our eyes

  7. People need to understand and pre-symptomatic vs A-symptomatic. And healthcare professional need to articulate it much better.

  8. Communications calamity. You got to be crystal clear when you put out information like that. Its still a fact that between contracting the disease and the symptoms to breaking out you are contagious. To me, very little changed because of that when being near strangers.

  9. These agencies forget that they are talking to masses of uneducated, busy, preoccupied people who won’t do anything unless sanitation and masks are plentiful and free, and the government says they must wear a mask or get a ticket from a cop. Please make it simple and assume that the average person isn’t listening or only listened to the first info they got and not updates. And don’t assume that logic and science is more powerful than human nature of idiotic pig-headed stubbornness and rebellion.
    Plus, many people in the USA have allowed themselves to be hypnotized and brainwashed for decades by rightwing a.m. radio and TV. They don’t have an independent thought anymore.

    1. Brainwashed by right wing radio and tv!? If anything it’s the complete opposite! 🤣🤣

  10. It ill-behoves medical ‘experts’ to criticise the WHO changes its recommendations in line with new information. COVID19 is a novel disease so any advice can only be based on the best information available so by the very nature of the situation advice will change as new information is found. So it makes things complicated and the ‘experts’ need to deal with it. Only real criticisism of the statement is that ‘cases of asymptomatic patients passing COVID19 is very rare’ should have been prefixed with proven.

    1. Has there been enough testing AND tracing throughout different regions in the US to know that?!

  11. Then it seems simple: Always behave as if you were contagious. Keep your distance and/or wear your mask. Wash your hands and go out and do your work and life.

    1. I know a couple people who have tested positive for almost 90 days after symptoms disappeared, meaning they are asymptomatic superspreaders. They have the active virus, but their body isn’t attacking it.

    2. Yes, I once told someone I had Hermes. They said don’t you mean herpes? I said, no I am just a carrier.

  12. Okay. I’ll ask the 113+k unsuspecting people who have caught the virus. yeah,,,right there dead.

    1. 150,000 thousand people have already died from suicide and drug abuse in america alone because of these shut down. Exponential more people are going to die form the shut downs than the virus,

    1. @James Lade & here’s a quote from that link for you _”Inappropriate use of masks is associated with risk
      •they provide a false sense of security and may result in neglect of more important measures
      •touching the mask during use or when removing it can contaminate the hands risks are compounded if masks are pulled down or removed to consume food or drink”_
      hence why our restaurants are closed instead of doing stupid crap like wearing masks to them, then touching them all over & eating & pretending we didn’t just massively expose ourselves to the virus

    2. @Lilac Lizard Plenty of people wore masks here in NZ and we also had a pretty strict lockdown.

      My son attended a demonstration (BLM) in Wellington last Monday and he said he didn’t see a single person without a mask where he was. Although he did say the use of masks wasn’t widespread generally in the city.

      Personally, I think the masks are effective in preventing droplets reach nearby people though I have noticed many people around the world are constantly touching them (and even wearing them below their noses!!!!!) which negates their value in protecting the wearer.

    3. @Lilac Lizard You still have 450 odd cases lingering so you aren’t out of the bush yet.Get those cases cleaned up and you might be able to join out bubble.

  13. Good Questions. Until we get a wide Scale Accurate Test, our information on Covid 19 is poor.
    CDC now says Covid 19 is similar to Flu.
    WHO is changing Advice based on new Studies. People wishing to wear Masks to Protect themselves should do so. Those who do not wish to wear a Mask, should not. In this way, everyone can manage their own Risks as they see fit. Until most Testing is more accurate than a Coin Flip, all assumptions about Covid 19 are as accurate as a Coin Flip. I shall not be wearing a Mask because I deem the Risk of me catching it similar to Flu per latest CDC information. Prepare yourself as you see fit.

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