Why Covid Cases Are Rising In All 50 States 1

Why Covid Cases Are Rising In All 50 States

As the Delta variant drives a surge in infections among the unvaccinated, Covid hotspots are popping up across the country. MSNBC contributor Dr. Kavita Patel and Covid Tracking Project co-founder Robinson Meyer discuss how the current increase in cases compares to the peak of the pandemic.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why Covid Cases Are Rising In All 50 States


  1. Carl Sagan once stated, …”this is the dumbing down of America…a kind of celebration of ignorance.”

    1. I agree. I’ve been saying the years 2016-2020 will go down in history as, The Dumbing Down of America.

    2. @Bom Randers
      Don’t get a free that other people are far more educated, far more aware, and demonstrably more moral and ethical than you are.
      Just do better.

    3. @Eric Rowley you are aware that the correlation between higher education and a left political lean is directly proportional? Now go look up what that means, Cletus.

    1. @Conservative, Interrupted meanwhile Republican congressman/woman and senators voted no to the funding bill for the police. Hope you contact them to voice your dismay.

    2. @Conservative, Interrupted After their gun control laws were gutted by the NRA and its Republican base.

    3. @Doug Coombes Criminals dont care about gun control laws. Criminals are behind the majority of gun violence. Why can’t gunphobic Democrats understand this simple truth?

    4. Says the party that has allowed over a million illegals in during a pandemic. Does that sound like a smart thing to do?

    5. @Conservative, Interrupted Meanwhile, in Portland, gun homicides are way up, because Texas bussed all their gun touting homeless here.

    1. @Josh S. : A simple Google search will blow up with the information. It’s everywhere…

    2. @Donald Ducko 99.5 percent of all covid death in the mouth of June were unvaccinated people. That is very well documented, sport.

  2. Here in my little Texas town that I live in where I am fully vaccinated, I still wear a mask if I’m going to any of the three stores that I normally go to because of my little town of under 2000, everyone & their brother insist that they are fully vaccinated yet they for the most part have not worn masks through the pandemic and our funeral home has done a booming business. BTW, our little no-name pharmacy has not had one single dose of the vaccine to this point so I’m very grateful for a kindly pastor and access to the VA.

    1. If I were you, I’d move out of Texas period. My neighbor from Odessa just moved last year, we broke ground on her new house a year ago tomorrow. It’s been a very GOOD memorable year.
      There are plenty of vaccine places here if you want one. I see no need.

  3. So the majority of adults in Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Hawaii are relatively intelligent, and the majority of adults in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Alaska stamp their feet and act like petulant children. Got it. Feel for the adults in those thirty states that have to suffer the immature adults in their midst.

    1. @Delma Plain I think he’s referring to those who are refusing to get vaccinated. Not those (like yourself) who were wise enough to get vaccinated.

    2. @MeriLizzie We seem to have extra people to send to the boarder, call Kim Reynolds when you need anything. Doing better then South Dakota!

    3. @Br1gHtBVrN with the earth climate ready . is it freeze or burn us i cant remember this weeks talking points . who cares CHINA HAS biden by the short hairs . we will get polled into a war anyway after a bunch of nukes come in covid will look good

    1. @George Emil lmfao!! Yes, the left isn’t an enemy of the people..they aren’t self serving, work for the oligarchs and are corrupt free, right!?!?

    2. @J W Covid is real. Climate Change is real. Systemic Racism is real. The wealthgap and the top 1% is real. The Earth is not flat. Evolution is real. Trump lost.

    3. @George Emil lmfao!!! Vaccines are as slow as braindead Joe’s thoughts, climate change is a general phrase..let me ask you, did you know that scientists were also agreeing with global warming and global cooling too..So, when they couldn’t prove either one, they decided to play the “catch all,” phrase that every sheeple will jump on board with..
      There is gaps in wealth but, there is also an opportunity for someone to become that 1%..Tell me how that would work in socialist and communist ideologies..
      And I’m not concerned with President Trump losing if it was fair..
      What I am concerned with is..The massive inflation going on now, the exchange of power given away by this President to appease everyone for his corrupt plans..His destructive and separatist games to keep people against one another instead of united, like a leader would do..
      Braindead joe has lied and backpedaled on most of his promises but, you will support what you obviously are..

  4. Cracks me up like 4 months ago the pumkin headed yeti wanted the vaccines named after himself the simpletons, sad state of affairs!

    1. I guess you not aware that the country of India is now blaming dr. Anthony fauci and the Chinese Communist party for killing three and a half million people period at least in India they don’t have all this fake news bulshit

    2. I don’t know who you’re referring to but the facts are very clear that the Trumpster eliminated the bureaucratic roadblocks which allowed the pharmaceutical companies to speed vaccine development. He also put the military in charge of logistics and we all called breathless reports of news media filming trucks rolling out of the pharmaceutical companies heading to the airport. We then saw the FedEx airplanes delivering the vaccine to the states. None of this happened by accident, it was all well planned.
      Joe was given an excellent foundation upon which to stand to get America vaccinated. Joe failed in his pledge to help 70% of Americans vaccinated by the Fourth of July. All of the deaths now, all of the blood will be on Joe’s hands.
      As a Democrat I hate to give the Trumpster credit But the development and the delivery was record setting. We now see a terrible slow down.

    1. @420KinK it is! I exercise, eat good, drink a lot of water don’t take medicine besides Ganja. My ganja is organic lol don’t drink alcohol or soda

    2. @420KinK I got a cold through a gas mask this winter. Presumably though my eyes. Anyway, you’re kidding yourself if you think it’s the mask not lack of virus in circulation that’s stopped you catching anything

    3. Many i know would agree with you. I personally did not mind wearing it all seasons.i use train often and Mask really helps to stop itchy eyes, nose issues, i deal almost daily Because of strong smells like detergent, perfumes which i love so much but became issue and smokes. I am happy keeping others safe and control my issues.

    4. @Me Here hmm what could be resoposible for this “lack of virus in circulation”? Could it possible be that everyone was covering their face holes? Nah. Some guy on the internet says no,

    1. I agree, but what is in the mind of the people who support him and elect him, his followers. There would be no desantis, with out citizens who want to believe what he is saying, those are the people I can’t comprehend. My whole life, I’ve not understood how 6million jews got murdered, how could a whole country go insane and allow that, and all of a sudden I see that it is quite easy to have insanity take over your country, I’m starting to really see and understand how all that happened, buy watching trump, desantis, and there voters function and its really upsetting.

    1. Correct on all points. The same thing occurred during the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Denialism, anti-masking, and rank idiocy. Look how that turned out…mass graves.

      So, if they want to be in denial and suffer the consequences than I say let them. We don’t need these types running around breeding.

    2. @don s yeah but they are going to breed new variants, that may not be stopped by the vaccine, that is my issue. If they were only hurting themselves I would be less concerned, but variants grow from transmissions, so while they spread the virus around they may create a stronger variant that gets all of us.

    3. Since the vaccine does not stop infection or transmission, what’s the difference between a Vax Xed person and an unvaxxed person regarding the threat of transmission?

  5. I think it’s humorous that all of those senators who fled by plane to avoid voting and went to spend time with Harris instead. None wore masks on the plane and three have COVID now.

  6. Big signs outside hospitals : “WE WILL NOT TREAT UNVACCINATED INDIVIDUALS” .These folks WANT to die.

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