Why did the Conservatives take aim at Liberals over passport redesign? | CTV’s Question Period

Journalists respond to the heated exchange between Poilievre and Trudeau in the House over the passport redesign.

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  1. The opposition opposing…imagine that. It is in fact their duty to critique the government.

    1. Our defence industry is a disaster, and so are our security institutions, we couldn’t defend ourselves against anything. I think the Conservatives can find more relevant things to oppose.

    2. @Matt L sure, and this isnt one of those times. id argue the exact opposite, anyone supporting is doing it for the sake of supporting. there isnt any identifiable need to change passports. its a complete waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere, while increasing the cost of the passport itself. its change for the sake of change that doesnt improve anyones life.

  2. With all of the problems facing Canada today, our government wastes time arguing over pictures in a passport.

    1. I’d like to tweak your statement. “With all the problems facing Canada today, why was changing the passport design even needed?”

  3. “All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be best one”
    I’m 100% to vote ☑️ Poilievre!!

    Flush it
    Liberals NDP let it make skid marks on the way out.
    I’m 100% to vote ☑️ Poilievre!!

    1. @Dan Nowak an empty soup can would do a better job than Trudeau at this point.. so PP has my vote

    2. @Dan Nowak Success
      Secret to success is not repeating
      What liberals & NDP are doing.
      Occam’s razor vote ☑️ Perrier

    3. @Tom Cotter So you would rather repeat what Mulroney and Harper did? That did not work out so well either.

    1. Yes, and the Conservatives put Vimy Ridge on the passport at the same time they were fighting veterans in court on the basis that we owe nothing to our veterans.
      Empty Symbolism

  4. Yawn. This cpc government (snicker snicker, they aint yet, but it never hurts to stroke their ego) is out of touch with Canadians given their false belief that Canadians care about a adult coloring book.
    I’ll take a history book as a learning mechanism over a passport (Adult Coloring Book)
    6:41 PS. Can we stop cutting taxes which impacts the CAF? Super hard to hit that 2% for NATO when certain folks deliberately prevent that funding.

  5. Most of the legislation in Canada that has benefited most Canadians over the years have come from the NDP and the Liberals not the Conservatives. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. We should have a choice to buy the old passport .. I mean I don’t mind paying a little extra for the old passport. New passport is garbage

  7. Let me recall one statement” you are asking for more than we can give”. That was Trudeau backing our military.

  8. This is mostly a debate in English Canada. False debate over pages in a passport. Would be nice to have voices from both French and English Canada.

    1. french canada doesnt exist, battle of the plains of abraham and the treaty of paris solved that.

  9. I’m quite surprised the new passport design wasn’t one which showed Socks in all of his various costumes. Since that didn’t happen, I guess we can be happy with that much, at least.

    1. Don’t be surprised if Trudeau demands that we carry his portrait around on May 1st…

  10. With all the problems and debt we have, why would the passport be a focal point. I’m sure homelessness, opioid crisis, healthcare, senior care and debt reduction is much more important.

  11. Not every Canadian has a Canadian passport but we do have currency which celebrates our historic achievements and heroes.

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