Why ‘Openly Gay’ Is An Offensive Term 1

Why ‘Openly Gay’ Is An Offensive Term


Richie Jackson, author of, “Gay Like Me,” explains why he considers the term ‘out’ preferable to ‘openly gay.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why ‘Openly Gay’ Is An Offensive Term


    1. In a larger reality, terms like “cancel culture” are laughed at as a stupidly-vapid holdover of four years of intellectual rot where ignorance was elevated to virtue. In this post-Trump reality, it’s no longer acceptable to regurgitate catch phrases as substitute for meaningful discourse.

    1. Fits nice with a u.
      Works as transliteration of Arabic guttural sound.
      Place the midrear tongue on the soft palate to successfully differentiate it from K.

  1. Whats up with these overly woke videos? Yesterday was that lady ‘dishing’ it to Bill Maher for his “sensitive ‘remarks on, I think it was racism or culture or something along the line… Can’t remember the topic but her point was absurd tbh… And Im a democrat in CA!

    1. As a Mexican American (and former democrat), I see CRT as a political tool used by the establishment to divide and conquer. The same goes for this “woke” BS. I don’t care for, nor do I participate with this racist/sexist agenda, and yes, the “Bad Orange Man” is my President!

    2. @sam-online crying?? Oh, you must be one of those “so woke, you can’t sleep” types of ppl that cant see my point without thinking Im complaining about the topic at hand… i respect the LGBTQ community and as long as they dont flaunt their personal life in our face.

  2. I have been waiting forever for that to STOP being a descriptor, for it to stop being noteworthy or newsworthy. WTF difference does it make anyway? Its like the 60’s when we ran through the first African American, you name it, Astronaut, Nobel Prize Winner, Mayor, Congressman, President of the Shriners. Enough already!

    1. @DAVID
      I imagine that’s definitely true😂👍
      And not all of the cultures will be for the greater good… or show acceptance/ tolerance… which to me needs to be the end game… people accepting each other as they find them

  3. Can we step back from pidgeon labels……….there is only one that matters… we are human beings….. one species. We have families, we love our families just like everyone else. We bleed the same red blood. Any further category is irrelevant. We are all human. Let’s end it all there

  4. I’m straight and metrosexual as a man can be, but why should it bother me if someone likes men or woman? It’s not affecting me in anyway nor is it causing harm to me. As for parents who say it’s a bad example to kids, then you need to be a better parent.

  5. Agreed. I’ve been saying for ages that “openly” implies there is otherwise something that should stay hidden. 🌈

  6. “There’s nothing smart about you Joe, you’ve done nothing in 47 years. Don’t ever use the word smart with me. There’s nothing smart about you.” Donald Trump

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