Why rapper Killer Mike is starting a Black bank 1

Why rapper Killer Mike is starting a Black bank


Grammy-award winning rapper Killer Mike is starting Greenwood. The bank is Black owned, almost completely digital, and hoping to support Black entrepreneurs and business owners.

Produced by Richa Naik, Tawanda Scott Sambou, Janelle Gonzalez


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    1. This will be the worst year in decades demleaders are starting stuff that’ll backfire watch from home it wont be safe out there plus we’ll probably all be locked down soon as well

  1. This is the actual change everyone needs. To be financially educated and given opportunity to change the system. Let’s keep building business and educate the future gen.

    Protesting to the politicians, who dont care, for a change has been useless. Great job Killer Mike!

    1. @Thyalwaysseek Is Red Bull ageist because their key demo is 20s? The drink is still available to everyone regardless of their target marketing.

      Mike saw fit to bring platform to the community that he understands well. It’s about race AND it’s about bringing support to the community he loves. Also the platform is still open banking to everyone, he just specified the target demo (Latino, Black, and Middleclass White). I dont understand your hate.

    2. @Thyalwaysseek
      You clearly didn’t pay attention to or comprehend any of what he intends for his project to achieve or who he intends for it to help.
      I’m guessing both.

    3. @S H What a stupid analogy, Red Bull do not target one race. They do not say, this drink is mainly for white people but black people and latinos can have it too if they want to.

    4. @S H There is no hate to understand, I am merely addressing that by making it about race he is causing more division.

    5. @Thyalwaysseek 0:58 in the interview, he literally fucking said black latino and middle class white. Tell me how that’s one race. You are selectively editing his message to support your limited philosophy.

    1. How can any Bank do anything much different from any other Bank since it’s the government that makes the rules involving money. Unless the bank is going to hand out free money from their own pocket.

    2. @Andrew they will not discriminate against qualifying African American, Latino and white working class communities who qualify for a mortgage or business loan. They will also offer services that help the black community directly such as financial literacy, and credit rebuilding programs.

    1. @felicia walker just look at wikipedia early life section most of Biden and Trumps cabinet from that small group

    1. Never heard of him, but I wish him luck. I wish ANYONE luck because most business owners see nothing but expensive dark clouds in the future

    2. @K MB look up, “RunTheJewels Ooh la la” and click on the one where he looks like Google Chrome. That is a good representation of Killer Mike and El-P.

    3. @K MB Killer Mike does for Black People what others only talk about doing!
      He is a very intelligent business man, a talented rapper, and a genuine good hearted person.

      He loves all people, but strives to help the black community, have resources needed, to better themselves.
      Something he has preached for a long time.

      Killer Mike- If black folk can’t access “Capital”, they can’t build “Wealth”. (Outcome= Greenwood Bank)

    1. Nothing new , Bank of Italy (now known as Bank Of America) was founded on same basis , “Normal” banks did not give service to Italian immigrants .

  2. I agree with you on the issue of check cashing places cuz over the years I’ve heard some of the schemes they’ve done

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